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  1. mobricki

    REVIEW: 6615: Eagle Stunt Flyer

    Wow I remember this set when i was a kid I got this for Christmas one year. I think I still have all the pieces but might be missing some stickers. I should try rebuilding it. Great review by the way.
  2. mobricki

    My beautiful 12v trains

    Wow what a collection!! I'm drooling!
  3. mobricki


    Has a great classic feel to it.
  4. Hey I bought a box and was very happy that it had six cops in it. It was perfect to fill out my police force with. These cop figs are better than any other Lego cops they have made yet. The only ones that come close are the state troopers but they don't fit in with trying to build a Lego city. I do agree this time around the distribution is bad. Why do we need six mechanics or skydivers?
  5. mobricki

    Police Precinct 14 (LDD modular MOC)

    Great modular police station and I would love to see this done in bricks. It has the same classic look as the fire brigade.
  6. mobricki

    Red sports car

    Thanks for the comments. I was trying to get a sporty convertible type look with it. The black part is supposed to mimic a soft top. I couldn't find a good way to get a nice slope on the back so I just used a bunch of cheese slopes to get the right angle.
  7. mobricki

    MOC GODFATHER: Sonny’s death

    Perfect moc and I love the cars!
  8. Once again TLG has outdone themselves! Some great additions in this series. Lots of great new figs for all of us town builders. Also love the Roman commander and revolutionary war soldier. Their appears to be 9 figs that I can use in my town. Nice to see a new dog mold and the seagull is perfect. Only downside is the new gold fig. I'm not a fan of super rare figs and if I some how get the golden fig I really have no use for it so I will probably just sell it.
  9. mobricki

    MOC: "The GreenHouse" Modular

    This is a very good build for having limited pieces to work with. I like the use of the horns for germinating plants.
  10. mobricki

    HMS Surprise

    Nice moc but it's a little small to be the HMS Surprise.
  11. mobricki

    Winter Village: Bus Station

    Very simple but detailed build I like it and it's very easy to tell what it is.
  12. mobricki

    MOD: Sports cars - Minifig scale

    Great work I would like to do one of these in orange and black but I don't have enough orange pieces right now.
  13. mobricki

    Tour Perret from Auguste Perret (update in 1st post)

    Impressive so far but you're running out of time.
  14. mobricki

    American police car

    I'll be making a copy of this car and then make an SUV version for the k-9 unit. The SUV will probably be based on the black horse trailer vehicle. I love the new police minifigs. I hate the swat ones but the S9 CMF is perfect. Next step I need to make a modular police station.
  15. mobricki

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Okay here is my take on the new city sets. The vehicles are great but once again they failed to expand into newer subthemes. Yes,they did give us more unique versions of fire and police(swat and forest) but still no Zoo theme or different civilian buildings. Now fortunately the CMFs have provided us with a lot of the unique city figs that the city line has failed to give us. But I still think they should produce some more exotic buildings and vehicles for the main city line. Well enough of my ranting maybe some day we will see a Zoo theme.