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  1. Hey, If you wan isometric camera you can edit file and replace camera type pinhole by orthogonal and change fov to adjust zoom
  2. Sorry, actually I'm busy but thre is a solution. If you use the button "Convert to SC file" application does not launch the rendering. It's always possible edit generated SC file remove all before # START Ldraw color and all from camera. @msx80 I publish my code when I have more time :)
  3. @Dilvish The only documentation on Sunflow is the old wiki dump I have fixed bugs color on doors and barrier You can download the new version here
  4. I have udpate the last version you can redownload here. -Extract archive and move into the lib directory If you use a JDK : JDK_PATH\bin\java -Xmx1G -server -jar sunflow.jar If you use a JRE JDK_PATH\bin\java -Xmx1G -jar sunflow.jar -server option is faster than default -client
  5. New version of LDraw2Sunflow : Basic support of Darats files How to use : Download LGEO Library - Darats on Darats topics Extract archive. Create obj directory near LGEO Parts and STL Parts directory Use Poseray to convert all STL Parts in obj files Download primitives extract archive into obj/primitives directory You need to configure LGEO Darats directory in Ldraw tab Command line You can use command line to change logger level or clear saved preferences LOGGER=FINE -> more log LOGGER=INFO -> default log clearPref -> clear saved preferences I need to go, I hope you can use it with my very short explications
  6. @Dilvish I download Datsville, I make some test and I tell you where is the problem. Edit : INFO: Module API : Unable to find a suitable parser for: "D:\Datsville\datsville _sunflow\building_007_firecompany" Sunflow use the file extension to find a parser.You must had .sc to the output file. You can make Orthographic render with Sunflow but by default some parameters (fov, aspect ratio, focus) could not be change. I change this when I have some time. @Nickless Actually you can't configure source light in the application you need to open sc file. You can read bublible tutorial for Bluerender. In the preview direction arrows move the look-at point up down Y axe, left right X axe no Z axis in this version ...
  7. Darats do you know if I need to add a rotation step to your primitives ? I post some pictures of my work tomorrow
  8. I start to integrate them but I haven't a lot of time currently.
  9. I'm very interresting by .obj files for this LGEO primitives : lg_studs lg_tech_studs lg_tech_studs_logo lg_column lg_plate_column lg_cylinder lg_plate_cylinder Can you create them Darats ?
  10. I found a solution to read Povray 'for' loops, and imbricated for loops currently I'm able to generate baseplate. I substitute : - 'lg_tech_knob' -> stud2a.dat - 'lg_knob' -> stud.dat @Darats : Do you know if it's possible to convert a Povray prism into triangle ? I use this link to have logo on studs : http://jc-tchang.phi...studlogo_tchang Sunflow scene file 2.1 mo Sunflow scene 40.79 mo with Darats HQ files
  11. When I'm a little more advanced. I will publish all my sources under a free license.
  12. Darats, I have read your post above. Sorry for the late response, When I read it, I did not know how to do it. I use only your parts not others lgeo parts. I have convert all file in stl dir, to obj format with Poseray. When I parse LDraw model, for each part I look into directory where files start with lg_ In the lg file I search line start with 'object {'and contains partname I read the obj file associate and apply rotate and translate if the are specified. Currently I do nothing else. Binoculars don't have a lg_ file only stl this is why it does not appear.
  13. Two pictures First without Darats parts : Second with Darats parts (and no binoculars I don't know where they are) : Look arms, hands, shovel, motor grid. it's not yet available but soon