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  1. 4 minutes ago, RichardGoring said:

    That's fascinating. I wonder what the bottle neck in the process was? Because it clearly wasn't design, if they had a model. And it wasn't production or logistics, because they released a model. Was it testing? Marketing?! Or maybe the model wasn't as complete as this suggests.

    The next Winter Village set was the train, so I wonder if it was related to the specialised train pieces. It could be that they weren't due another production run for the tracks or wheels and couldn't fit one in before launch. I imagine they produce a large number of those parts only once or twice a year since they're used in so few sets. 

    The only set that isn't a train that includes those wheels is the Batmobile. 

  2. On 8/22/2021 at 1:08 AM, Arstotle said:

    I really think they're done with re-releases.  That Toy Shop re-release did not go over well.  If anything, they'll put out a bigger, better bakery or post office, and you know there will be more houses/cottages if this line continues over the years.  

    Wasn't the Toy Shop re-release only because there were some internal issues and the alternative was no set at all?

    From what I remember, it wasn't an active decision to re-release the set from the beginning, only once they determined there wasn't an alternative.

    Edit: I've found a source for the info: 


    Why was this set reissued? It’s a question Jamie Berard (the lead designer for LEGO Creator) gets asked a lot these days. I have a friend who recently took a trip to Denmark, and had a chance to ask Jamie this very question in person. The long and short of his response was rather surprising. The reissue had nothing to do with a lack of new design ideas. In fact, according to Jamie, they had a new model ready to go. However management was not ready to put resources into it just yet. So Jamie talked with the people in charge and it all boiled down to this; there would either be no new LEGO Winter Village set this year, or they could rerelease one of the previous sets. The end result is a revised version of the #10199 LEGO Winter Toy Shop from 2009. The next logical question is; what changes are there in the revised version?


  3. 4 hours ago, 0937Bricks said:

    Right?! That's why I was hoping that it was just a stand-in, and maybe they would show a new fig, maybe part of the said "embargo". 

    When they've used stand-ins before, they were just unprinted minifigures and there was a blocked out minifigure in their location on the box. There is no space for the skeleton on the box, so it is likely just a skeleton that Venomsaurus ate. 

  4. Just now, TOTDForever said:

    If we were getting sets based off the disney plus shows, wouldn't we have gotten info on them by now? I don't mean set descriptions or pictures I just mean to know of their existence in general

    The first show doesn't release for more than 6 months. We likely won't be seeing any related sets until after the next wave of sets. 

  5. Just now, ARC2149Nova said:

    I'm sorry but no. Don't mock my research. No one's counting that as it's clearly modified and has more to it than a standard model. (Housing compartments, landing pad, etc.)

    I repeat, no more than $100 for a real, standard issue, run of the mill AT-TE. And even counting that one, the Rebels line was as a whole overpriced. I'd like to think that LEGO won't make that mistake again.

    I think most people would accept Rex's AT-TE as an AT-TE. The extra parts for the upper deck don't account for such a significant change in price. The general increase in Star Wars sets, however, does. Nobody expected to see an X-Wing that costs £90, but we have one on the shelves right now.

  6. 39 minutes ago, Mizyaz said:

    Does anyone know about the baby yoda brickheads rumour. Is it legit? 

    I don't think they would release it before the actual figure. 

    Brickheadz don't need new moulds. A minifigure would.

    Since no toy company was producing Baby Yoda products before the show aired (since it was kept a surprise), it will take a long time to produce a minifigure mould for him. A Brickheadz is pretty easy to design and develop by comparison. 

  7. 1 hour ago, The Jersey Brick Guy said:

    I posted this on Instagram, figured I would post it here also. Did anyone else get discolored 1x1 LBG bricks with their set? All of ones in my set were closer to Light Gray than LBG.

    Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 10.24.32 AM.png

    Apparently a lot of people have received an additional bag of LBG 1x1 bricks. I assume there was a production error on a batch of 1x1 bricks that was caught and corrected, but some were still missed. 

  8. 5 hours ago, Bainter-ban said:

    Does anyone know when the car from the contest will be a promo at I want to buy the modular on January 1st, but also want that car...

    Likely not any time soon. They've now got the winner, but won't have modified the build to be suitable (if necessary) or designed instructions/packaging etc. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the GWP for next year's modular. 

    To give some context, the Lego Moments in Space contest was run in January/February of 2018, but the Space Rocket Ride GWP was not available until June 2019.

  9. Just now, Lego-Freak said:

    Correct, it's their ship. I think it's a pretty cool name :sweet: In a galaxy where names like Therm Scissorpunch, Whorm Loathsom and Savage Opress are a thing, "Night Buzzard" is pretty mundane :laugh_hard: Naming ships after birds is also quite common in Star Wars 

    It's an oddly "normal" name, like when Game of Thrones introduced a character called "Harry Strickland". It's so ordinary that it takes me out of the world for a moment. 

    It was a cool looking ship, though, so I'd like to see a set based on it at some point in the future. 

  10. 5 hours ago, El Garfio said:

    The denosted previous one:


    Plays with the 1x1 roof slope, has tiles used in vertical, uses hinches, what new construction thecniques has the new one?

    Double price, not double volumen.

    We don't know what techniques are used in the new set, and the Creator shops are always very shallow. The Book Shop may not be double the height, but it will be double the depth.

  11. Just now, Gnukan said:

    I remember hearing that the bird’s nest is a cleverly reused piece rather than a new one unfortunately 

    It's also not the first time it was used like this. The fur collar was also used as a bird's nest in the Fantastic Beats suitcase set. 

  12. 4 hours ago, Fuppylodders said:

    UCS falcon, system scale falcon out at the same time. No problems there :def_shrug:

    In fact, they frequently have both a UCS set and a system scale set available at the same time. The Y-Wing and TIE Fighter spring to mind. 

    In Marvel they had the large Hulkbuster and minifig scale Hulkbuster at the same time. 

    For the new UCS Batmobile, the GWP was literally a smaller version of the same set, while a very similar Batmobile is on sale in system scale. 

  13. 6 hours ago, meliander said:

    Does anyone know if the GWP mini version of batmobile going to be available later on its own? I don't plan to purchase the huge set, but I really love the minifig version...

    Officially, no. But a lot of the GWPs do make a reappearance if they don't sell out. For example, the Avengers Tower recently reemerged.

    36 minutes ago, Robert8 said:

    Im surprised the CMFs havent been revealed at this point. Not even a teaser. 

    Is the release date January or February ?

    I assume Lego is leaving all its big announcements for after the Black Friday sales. I'd expect to see the new Modular announced next week and the CMFs shortly after.