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    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    Same here, I haven't been following the HP news closely, so with all this discussion of Diagon Alley I thought there were at least some solid rumours (like the Star Destroyer). It seems it's just a lot of conjecture and wishlists. It could just as easily be any other theme, though. As far as we know it could be series 21, another Disney series or an entirely new licensed series. As far as anyone here knows, there could have been a renegotiation with Disney (since their contract with Hasbro is due for renewal) and we're now getting a Star Wars or Marvel CMF. There is currently no confirmed info on Harry Potter, just theorising and guess work.
  2. nikhkin

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    Do you have any logic for it being Harry Potter, or are you just hopeful?
  3. It looks perfect as an Obi Wan head.
  4. There are always variations in the colours of knockoffs. Have a look on eBay and you'll see a number of variations of all the Chinese knockoffs. The leg and hip printing is identical to that knockoff and Lego aren't exactly known for printing the toes and hips for Marvel minifigs.
  5. It doesn't look like it has scales to me. If it is the a real one and not custom, then it looks great. It's a shame not to get a scale suit, but the detail on it is awesome and we even get printed legs for it.
  6. No. The only info is 1 endgame set, then some more sets with the vague information of "bike", "truck", "Thanos mech". It seems they're comic sets rather than movie sets.
  7. I doubt we'll see a regular Fat Thor at all (unless he's a polybag / Bricktober / SDCC minifig). What I'm hoping for is a Viking Thor with a new braided beard piece. As much as I am not expecting any more MCU specific sets, I'd like the see a mix of comic and cinematic minifgures in the upcoming wave. Similar to the inclusion of Coulson in the Iron man set.
  8. I'm not sure why anyone is surprised that we're getting a lot of comic-based sets. We aren't due another MCU film until May next year. This is the perfect opportunity for us to get some comic sets.
  9. An Ideas set would not be listed under this new "Zebra" theme. They are always part of the Lego Ideas theme.
  10. Yeah, it wouldn't make sense for it to be a new theme in this case, unless they wanted to bring the UCS idea out as a separate theme, like a licensed version of Creator Expert. I'm going to keep assuming it's something simple and unexciting until there is more evidence. Not going to start getting my hopes up for a big new special theme.
  11. nikhkin

    LEGO Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    Never mind, just ignore my post.
  12. You're really over thinking this whole thing. The only information available is that it's a theme that crosses several licenses. The only other theme to do that (besides Dimensions) is the Brickheadz theme. Some kind of similarly display-based theme would make sense, but beyond that there's no hint. The word "zebra" is likely randomly chosen and has no meaning at all.
  13. There was a Harry Potter mosaic GWP available in (I think) Singapore. They were free if you spent quite a large amount (around the cost of the large Hogwarts Castle set).
  14. It's because that was the information provided the first time the list of "zebra" sets was leaked.
  15. nikhkin

    LEGO Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    Minecraft was only about a year after the game was released. Overwatch has only been around for 3 years or so.
  16. It's a gift with purchase It is the XLIII. The artwork on the box is generic Avengers, but this is Avengers Tower from Age of Ultron, not Stark Tower from Avengers Assemble. The Mark VII couldn't be worn as half a suit, it opened up and fully encompassed the body.
  17. I'm pretty sure that's just a reflection.
  18. The problem is that: 1) The leaks are often how the Chinese companies get hold of the information 2) It'll be Disney as much as Lego who are angry at the leaks 3) Going after the leakers is something that can actually be achieved. Trying to stop the Chinese companies costs a fortune, takes years and doesn't really do much good. It sucks, but that's the reality of the situation
  19. Yep, pretty much just us, Australia and possibly one or two EU countries that got unlucky with their Toys R Us stores. The one glimmer of hope is that with a full US release they should become cheaper in the second hand market. You'd think that if Lego produced enough of these for a world-wide Toys R Us promotion, they would be looking for an opportunity to release them in any country that was due to be part of the original deal.
  20. Someone posted what looks like the official Lego image for the set over on Reddit. It's pretty good quality.
  21. They can just use a transparent globe. They're designed to fit around a minifig head anyway, so it would work perfectly.
  22. I'm not a huge fan of the jetpack from the back, but it does bulk out the armour easily and looks alright from the front. Having said that, I wonder if they could have used the part from set 76048 with a print added for the details.
  23. Tbh I'm going to trust the people who have given us reliable information in the past. Plus, I can think of at least 5 Lego Movie 2 polybags off the top of my head. It wouldn't be unreasonable to see a large number for what is one of the biggest superhero films ever made.
  24. You're forgetting the other option 4. Tony Stark rebuilds his old suits to put on display / as a show of legacy It wouldn't be surprising since the Mk 2 was converted into the War Machine Mk1. The Mk3 was pretty much completely destroyed. The Mk5 was badly damaged by Whiplash. The Mk6 was damaged by both the Helicarrier and Loki's army. The Mk7 was pretty badly damaged during the battle for New York. All of these suits are shown on display in Iron Man 3, so it's quite clear that Tony has a tendency to rebuild his suits, even if it is just for display purposes. It seems collecting the suits became the hobby that replaced collecting cars.
  25. What makes you think Disney has any say in the budget? Lego pays for a license and they design all the sets. Disney get a final say on products, but they don't dictate whether or not Lego can use dual moulding etc. What Disney can likely be blamed for is how much they charge for the license. If they want a higher percentage of the set value, then there is less money available for printing / dual moulding, but they aren't directly responsible for the decision not to use it. The reason Disney IPs don't exist in Dimensions is because it was a competing product to their own game being developed by a rival company (WB).