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  1. It's understandable for people to still be in doubt. There's the Disney tax making Lego Star Wars sets overpriced, and then there's a 4700 part set costing $700. I'm sure this thing will look amazing and look like it's worth the money, but until the pictures are out, people are going to think it's a ripoff.
  2. Same here. I have very little display space, and something that big just won't fit. It would technically fit in the space below my TV but it would look absolutely ridiculous. I'd rather they went smaller but more refined. Something a bit larger than the Helicarrier would be perfect.
  3. After Episode IX there isn't another film due out for 3 years. We'll have Disney+ content (Mandalorian, Cassian Andor and Obi Wan), but those likely won't provide enough content to cover all the waves of sets.It's likely we'll see a return to Prequel sets at some stage during the next few years.
  4. Realistically this isn't on Lego. They're producing sets for the upcoming movie based on the concept art they've been given. If the new movie features A-Wings, Y-Wings and the Millennium Falcon then that's what we're going to get sets of. Based on what we saw in the trailer, there aren't exactly a lot of new ship designs to choose from. Just feel lucky we got an A-Wing set and not a third Po's X-Wing (which I'm certain will make an appearance in the next wave).
  5. Very true. There was a long period of denial over in the Harry Potter thread when people refused to accept there would be a micro-scale Hogwarts with only 4 regular minifigs up until just before release. It's certainly possible they'll go for the Hogwarts / Helicarrier system.
  6. I'd like to think they wouldn't, especially if the leaked price is true. If it really only has 2 minifigs then it needs something else to help sell it. If it's $700 with 2 minifigs and 4800 pieces then a lot of people won't be happy. I think Lego need a win after the mixed reception they had for Cloud City. Stud Shooters don't sound right for such a high end set. I don't remember there being any in the Falcon, and this should be of the same quality. They certainly wouldn't work for the turbolasers because the scale would be wrong. Someone is selling the 75055 ISD on Facebook near me. If this turns out to be a disappointment I may buy it to make me feel a bit better. Thanks for the info. Hopefully we'll get a bit more in the next few days.
  7. Tbh I can absolutely believe it only having 2 minifigs, assuming they'll flank the information plaque like the Snowspeeder and Y-Wing. In that case I would guess a couple of named Imperial Officers, depending on the specific movie they're basing it on. Did he add any information beyond the number of minifigs, such as how it looked / scale etc?
  8. I think the best case scenario would be a range like the UCS Falcon or the old UCS Star Destroyer. We'll get a couple of Stormtroopers, a couple of officers and potentially a Vader. We may also see a TIE pilot. I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers were as low as the UCS Slave I.
  9. The MOC is absolutely amazing. Looks like the guy posting on Instagram is deleting the comments that are calling him out for it being fake.
  10. I was fooled for a moment too, but the first comment on the Instagram image is someone calling it out as fake and identifying the MOC. That MOC is about 15,000 pieces. Edit: Actually, I think the one I've linked is only the mid-sized MOC. The fake box is the huge one shown in the same post.
  11. Looks like we've hit the point of people posting MOCs with box art and claiming them as leaks. Tbh I am still hoping that the price has been misreported and the $700 price is the CAD price, not USD. It's a fake. Edit: this is the one being passed off as the new UCS in the "leak"
  12. If there's a clear one on the next (or if there isn't) it should settle the discussion for good. For me it comes down to how easy it is to display. I could just barely fit something the size of the old one onto a unit I have. Any bigger and there's no chance it'll fit. A little bit smaller and it will fit perfectly. I understand why the Falcon is the size it is, since it makes it minifig scale (it's just a shame I can't put it anywhere). A Star Destroyer can be made in any size and I'd rather they reduce the size by 10%, but add a nice interior section and increase the structural integrity of it as a trade off.
  13. I have to agree. We had pages and pages of discussion about the silhouettes, even though there is absolutely no evidence it means anything. Sure, they had a Falcon silhouette on a box, but the ship was present in that battle. Sure, there was a Star Destroyer, but again it is a very common ship to see in the background. I was sure there was a Diagon Alley set coming out for Harry Potter simply because of how much discussion there was over in that thread. On the topic of the Star Destroyer, does anyone have any expectations about the size? Tbh I'm hoping it's a bit smaller than the previous one.
  14. This is a constant issue for me. I would definitely have bought the Falcon if I had somewhere to store it. An ISD will hopefully fit, but the space I have is a specific length. I really wish the size of the set had leaked so I could gauge whether there's any chance at all of it fitting in the gap I have.
  15. I don't remember there ever being a Y-Wing on the Falcon box. That was the next one to be released.
  16. £500 and I would be happy, but with the current currency fluctuations I can see us getting a bad deal and it being £600 at the cheapest. MF $800 : £650 (1.2:1 ratio) Star Destriyer ( in theory) $700 : £583.33 (1.2:2 ratio) I expect it to be rounded up. If they round down to £550 I'll have to think very hard. If they round down to £500 then I'll consider it a good price (provided I can actually display it anywhere).
  17. The box art matches the style on the Mandalorian set. It likely uses this box style because it isn't technically part of the 20th Anniversary wave.
  18. Somebody left the Venom head printing machine running overnight by mistake. They had to go somewhere
  19. That's fine if you have a job paid by the hour with overtime capacity. Those of us on a fixed salary don't really have a choice. My salary isn't bad, but dropping the better part of £1000 on a Lego set is still a big deal.
  20. There's already been a set number, price and piece count leaked. It was pretty definitive based on that.
  21. Tbh we all discussed it back when the rumours of the set (price, pieces etc) came out. There's no new information today.
  22. The recent set, the set with Nick Fury and there was a Juniors set.
  23. 3 sets and a polybag featuring the Venom symbiote.
  24. I guess that means leaked images are due any day now. I'm not sure there's ever been a reveal without a leak, although some made it to within a few hours of the official embargo.
  25. Based on articles released about the sets: Force Awakens sets were revealed around 4/9 Last Jedi sets were revealed around 1/9