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  1. thanks all this is just what I'm looking for.
  2. I am looking for this part on brick link , i was hoping to find it for less then a dollar {1.00}. but all i could find on brick link was 1 for 1.57, i think thats a little over priced. LEGO pick a brick dose not carry it. and eBay wants over 5 dollars for it +shipping/handling. Is there any sites i can buy it for less then a dollar? {no: 4525184}
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    Mad Max ElvenHorse

    This is truly EPIC . but i have just one thought. is it RC?
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    Hi i have just joined Eurobricks. and what I'm looking for,at the moment ,are ideas for building military tanks with power functions. and looking for inspiration for my next lego model. I am a lego builder that started at age 8 {i am now 14}. i have a shared collection of 90,000+ parts with 2 brothers and 1 sister. we have most of the old star wars sets from 2005-2007. all of the lord of the rings sets {except two}. and all the hobbit sets from 2012-1014. I hope i will fit into this community. until then. happy building.