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  1. runnybabbit223


    Where's Strider? Really nice MOC, I love that recreation of the ferry scene.
  2. runnybabbit223

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    They were mentioned just not really elaborated or embelished upon: Personally I intend to create a MOC of a castle besieged by an army of mages with those power blast things. Not that I'll ever finish it before I tear the half-built thing down due to lack of parts, but the intention is there.
  3. runnybabbit223

    [MOC] Mirkwood

    Very nice, I've always liked 8x8 or other small vignettes. Maybe because it makes me feel like one can actually do something with a brick collection as laughably small as mine... I really like that mushroom.
  4. runnybabbit223

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    As a new player coming in at this thing's end, is it possible I could make a character for myself and join in on this finale?
  5. runnybabbit223

    Heroica RPG Rules & FAQ

    Ah, that's disappointing. Oh well, thanks for the help. I'll keep my eye out for whatever may replace this.
  6. runnybabbit223

    [LDD MOC] The Emissary of Sepulchure

    I think I like the transparent ghostly-green coloured render best. The black ones look a smidge too shiny for my liking. Nitpickyness aside, the detail is quite impressive, I never could achieve that level of intricate detail with LDD, I always got annoyed at the aspects of the program that made it take ages to build anything. How much time did you spend fiddling around with placement of tiny pieces? Very spooky feel to it. First of a kind I've seen in my rather short experience with MOCS
  7. runnybabbit223

    A more elaborate Western House

    The white and brown is very unexpected but works well. The design itself looks simple but gets the job done just fine, I feel like any more detail would have subtracted from the feel of it. I'd very much like to see a town built in this style.
  8. runnybabbit223

    [MOC] Classical Theatre stage

    I was confused for a moment because in a few of the pictures the white hands of the minifigs disappear against the background. I guess I wasn't paying very close attention at the figs, instead the amazing build. Functional and full of awesome detail. I especially like the golden winged figures, a simple detail but very cool.
  9. runnybabbit223

    Heroica RPG Rules & FAQ

    Um, This may seem like a dumb question but I've already wasted a couple of hours or so searching the forums. I can't seem to find the rules for this game, there is the 'Index' thread with it's broken pictures and links and the FAQ and the Heroica Halls but nothing listing class types and abilities or basic rules of how to play. Like combat, character creation, turn order, etc. So, to my question; Am I completely stupid and have missed the rules somewhere? If so, would someone be so kind as to direct me to the thread? Cheers in advance.
  10. runnybabbit223

    MOC Romans VS Greece Hoplites

    Cheers, I see that's where you acquired the shields as well. Great build overall. If you wanted +1 points on historical accuracy, the Romans would be throwing their spears and then drawing their swords. But I dont want to be nitpicky.
  11. runnybabbit223

    Lego Re-releases - What would you like to see?

    Can we wish for a whole theme to be brought back? If so I would like the any and all of the Kingdoms/Castle/Knight's Kingdom/Any of the post-2002 Medieval sets. If I must list them... 8780 Citadel of Orlan 7187 Escape from Dragon's Prison 7189 Mill Village Raid
  12. runnybabbit223

    MOC Romans VS Greece Hoplites

    Is that gold-tipped spear some exclusive Minifigures piece? Its very cool.
  13. runnybabbit223

    The Dalton Brothers

    The sign on the store looks pretty cool, I will point out that the 'ORE' are one plate lower then the 'ST' but that's just my nitpicking shining through. Very nice overall, I read one or two of the comics a couple of years ago and I recon the Dalton Brothers are spot on!
  14. runnybabbit223

    G'day from downunder

    Greetings all, I hail from the Sunburnt Country. (Known as 'Australia' to all ye folks not stuck on this massive rock in the middle of the ocean ) I actually signed up to this forum a few years ago but never posted before. I love historical builds and minifigures, including medieval knights and some mild steampunk. I hope to be able to share some of my builds and commend others on theirs. I also have had my eye on that Heroica Roleplay game for some time now... Most of my previous Lego Building experience has been with very limited pieces, often aimed at a miniatures strategic combat game I like to use Lego for; which demanded very slim building ability, so I hope to improve my skills through seeing what others do! Looking forward to becoming part of an (obviously) awesome community!