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  1. I love how this integrates flick-fire into solid design.
  2. meowmachine

    [MOC] Yet another TIE Interceptor

    I like the design.
  3. meowmachine

    [MOC] T-70 X-Wing (Episode VII)

    I like it. The nose does look a bit awkward.
  4. meowmachine

    Texas Brick Railroad @ Texas City 2015

    Was the red building modular?
  5. meowmachine

    Amtrak GE B32-8WH /w Passenger Consist - WIP!

    I love this MOC. This looks like the closest possible MOC.
  6. meowmachine

    Star Wars Constraction 2016 Discussion

    They really stepped up their weapon game. The blasters look amazing. I'd like to see what MOCers do with the cross lightsaber piece.
  7. meowmachine

    MOD/revamp: lord of Skull Spiders

    I like this mod. I like the use of the Skull bones.
  8. meowmachine

    MOC: The Laird of Victory's Tooth

    I really like this MOC. It has an unusual refinement for the normally chunky constraction LEGO.
  9. meowmachine

    Review: 75107 Jango Fett

    I really like this set. It's very stable and solid. The joint gaps are not so prominent and he is movie-accurate.
  10. meowmachine

    Favorite Constraction boxart?

    I actually liked 2015 Tahu.
  11. meowmachine

    MOC: Shogun Tahu

    I really like the clean look of this MOC. It does look like it came from an Anime.
  12. meowmachine

    N°260 - Swampert

    The fingers are a bit awkward but I love the ice punch. The model itself looks solid too.
  13. meowmachine

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    The problem I had with Hero Factory was that there was no goal for the plot. No overarching villain. In Bionicle, Makuta is an omnipresent threat.
  14. meowmachine

    Tahu; Toa Mata; Ta Koro's Protector

    I will be blunt and say I do not like the arms. They look cluttered and lack articulation. I do like the simpler legs and the general body was quite creative.
  15. meowmachine

    Somewhere to park my T.I.E.

    As a star wars purist, I would have liked to see a TIE rack in a hangar bay.