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    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Has anyone seen the Fun in the Park City set in any stores in New Zealand? Feel like most stores I go into are waiting for a shipment of new stuff but they don't know when that's coming
  2. Brandysnaps92

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I thought the same thing when I first saw this set! Love the park set, such a great minifig pack. Will be great for people just getting into Lego City and for People that have an imbalance of police v citizens. I might have to get a couple of these. Cant wait to see some high res images
  3. Brandysnaps92

    [MOC] Her Majesty's Theatre, London

    Wow, wow, wow! So incredible, awesome job. The sense of achievement as you put all the sections together for the first time must have been fantastic! Well done!
  4. Brandysnaps92

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Agree! Thats what I thought when I first saw it down, it's minifig Optimus Prime as a modern knight! haha Im really liking the visors, they look sweet
  5. Brandysnaps92

    10251 Brick Bank

    Same price as the DO and most other modulars in New Zealand: $299.99 Can't wait for January 1st!
  6. Brandysnaps92

    10251 Brick Bank

    You read my mind! It's a great design to add to and modernise.
  7. Brandysnaps92

    Nexo Knights 2016

    I quite like Nexo Knights. Is it what we wanted with all the hype around fantasy era coming back, or even just a better quality castle them, no its not. But if you forget about all of that and look at this with a fresh viewpoint and be open to the idea of sci-fi mixed with knights and castles and stuff like that, and keep in mind the target audience. Its actually pretty cool! And as some people have said, the villains look pretty bad megablocks. When I look at Lego sets I think of stories and the possibilities that it has, so when I looked at the first Nexo Knight pictures, I saw the classic but reliable good vs evil, but also saw other dimensions such as different tribes or groups of people (Defined by the shield emblems) coming together to defeat a threat. And maybe these groups of knights are normally against each other - the whole the enemy of my enemy is my friend concept. Or maybe the 'good' guys have taken the 'bad' guys land and the bad guys are fighting back making the good guys the bad guys and the bad guys the good guys. Whatever it is I think it proves the point that this series, while it is not what a few AFOL's wanted, it will capture the minds and imaginations and as a result, purchases of a lot of kids and AFOL's. As for the design of the sets: I like them because each knight has their own colour and style to a point but there is an overall theme/motif for the good guys - the same goes for the baddies however less of their own colours, just their own bad megablocks style. And the 'sci-fi-modern-medieval' is growing on me. Can't wait for more details on the series! Also the new pieces in this series will be able to be used for heaps of things. Already the shield pieces have been used in next years Modular Brick Bank as floor tiles
  8. Brandysnaps92

    10251 Brick Bank

    Now that looks cool! I really like this modular, definitely not what I was thinking. I was thinking more of an imperial/grand style with pillars from the ground to roof however, I'm pleasantly surprised at this. I really like the ground floor facade. It reminds me of an old but small town type of building where a grand design was initially thought of but then reduced to match up with a smaller budget. Like an old established farming town like Feilding in New Zealand. As for the colours I'm still not fully sold on the green windows but they're growing on me
  9. Brandysnaps92

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Not sure about pricing around the world but 150 Euros is about $269New Zealand Dollars. The Palace Cinema was the same price as that here, where all the other modulars have been NZ$299 from what I can remember, and NZ$350 for Town Hall. Maybe a high ceiling ground floor with second floor offices, similar proportions to the Fire Brigade? However in saying that NZ prices are knocked up further to cover extra costs and taxes so may be closer to a NZ$299 set, just like all the other modulars Still could be a similar layout with 2 stories but more detailed inside with a cool vault etc.
  10. Awesome details to each building, love it! The little food market is great and the corner Parisian building is very nice! Your interiors are fantastic Nice job!
  11. Brandysnaps92

    [MOC] Detective's Office/Newsagent/Barber Shop modulars

    Love the window surround and small balcony
  12. Brandysnaps92

    [MOC] Detective's Office/Newsagent/Barber Shop modulars

    This just keeps on getting better and better, a very nice improvement on the whole alleyway from the original and makes the detectives entrance make way more sense. Also I like how ground floor finishes at a different height, it adds some variation. Very nice job! Can't wait to see the next floor!
  13. Brandysnaps92

    anyone having problems loggin in to lego?

    A couple of hours ago when I went on to ideas an error message came up saying about logins and that they were working on it. Just logged on now and it worked so I guess they have fixed the issue.
  14. Brandysnaps92

    [MOC] School, Flower's Shop, Iron Craftsman

    That's really nice! Even just the flower and craftsman as a stand along building is great. I love the detail you have put into the school, especially the ground floor classroom. Its also a good size, some MOC's of schools I've seen have been too squished but this is a really nice 2 classroom school. It would fit well in an old country village/township
  15. Brandysnaps92

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Book title! images must be coming soon. Also a modern medieval quest for power maybe?
  16. Brandysnaps92

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    It's the 1st in New Zealand
  17. Brandysnaps92

    Dark Castle

    So cool, I love all the hidden details like the dragon on the left side of the castle and Slizer arm on top of a tower. An awesome setting that oozes evil!
  18. Brandysnaps92

    Old fisherman's light-house

    Very cool, love the small buildings adding to the setting, I like the pier and the boat is at a nice scale, well everything is at a nice scale to each other. Nice work! Also your castles on flicker are sweet!
  19. Brandysnaps92

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Vladek was awesome! The ultimate dark lord of the medieval Lego world! If Nexo Knights end up being different colours I hope they follow Vladek's(With cape seen above) style of colour where he had one main neutral colour(Black) with another vibrant colour(Red) rather than the good guys in KK2 who were just the one colour (Blue, Green, Purple, etc.) I have high hopes for Jestro too, seems like he could be a DC comics Joker type of villain, someone who loves chaos and thinks it's hilarious.
  20. Brandysnaps92

    Your LEGO regrets

    Regret no more, its back! I regret buying so many helicopters, they were so cool and I wanted them but now I have no where to put them all. A small city can only have so many helicopters. I also regret Exo-Force, some of the pieces were cool and handy to have now but I'm left with some really chunky parts.
  21. Brandysnaps92

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Wall-E Ideas set is available at Toyworld $109 plus shipping if you can't get it in store
  22. Brandysnaps92

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    You won't get stung with GST at customs, GST is included in Lego Store Prices. When the parcel comes into New Zealand on the shipping label it will say the GST already paid, so it will get scanned then couriered to you.
  23. Brandysnaps92

    Information Central [Modular MOC]

    I like it! Nice and simple and makes me think of the Lego Island games as Murdoch17 said Are there stairs going up to the first floor from ground? Also the stairs from 1st floor up to the viewing deck are nice! EDIT: Typo
  24. Brandysnaps92

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Noooooooooooooo! So what we know and don't know about Nexo Knights, are we back to what we knew at page 68/69 where BrickJagger and SirBlake had their bet to change profile pictures? Logo, Set list, then Castle/steampunk/Sci-fi Knights Kingdom/Fantasy mix?