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    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC WIP

    @Midlife-crisis will you share the final instructions or LDD file for free then ? I have purchased the instructions from Richboyjhae, but still did not started the build, maybe i can the follow your instructions instead. I noticed right away that his build is a bit short on the back, but to his credit, he created that build long before the show completely started - think he was the first to presented a true UCS style version of that ship For your build: 1) Are u able to remove the tr-clear bricks that are holding the ship to help distribute the weight ? Will it stand just on the landing gear (without a transparent support) ? 2) will u try to do a glass cockpit ? On his solution there is no glass which irritates me a bit :) He mentioned someone created a kind of solution (have to ask him for the picture)

    Updating Your Minifigs

    On the FLicker - WOW, Some of the combinations are great. Usage of the bigfigs, dark Maleficant and other darksiders (i assume). Great inspiration for custom figs.

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    Figures on Falcon were a letdown for me. The only complain i had when purchasing it, but the model was so good that it out-weight the negative with figures. Agree with the UCS Falcon to be a better ship to display and with the reselling potential. There were people flipping them like crazy before christmas. I was just about 3h before opening to secure mine when at the official start of sale date. But they should be aware that when they want to sell something so expensive and so big (takes a lot of money and space thus the target audience/buyers is not that big), they should make it perfect - tossing some additional figs in there is a minimal cost increase i think.

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    Initially maybe yes, but later they added special/exclusive figs to increase the desirability of such costly sets. Minifigs when they dont have new molds are minimal price increase but can help boost sale of a set. Lego did produced Revan so why not, what hinders them ? Bad batch will be one of the highlight in Season 7 of CW and are very toyetic / suitable for toys. Im not interested in spending hundreds of euros for pile of brick that i already own. If they want to sell me a new product, it has to be NEW for me - so simple. I dont see such demand for the ISD as it was with the Falcon. Seems they did something wrong there. My apartment is now full of lego i still have money to spend, but i start to be very picky about my purchases. I assume im not the only one who already reached this point and with UCS i believe the collectors / AFOLS are the target demographic, not the general children. Exactly, when i give 400+ Eur for pile of bricks i already own, i expect a lot of extra things i dont have and are wroth the price. Else i can just download the instructions and build the model from own bricks. When u spend several thousand on Lego and accumulate a lot of bricks, you will probably start to looking differently on each set. That was the reason i skipped on the new ISD: 1) dont have a place to store it at this moment, maybe in the box if i sell some other MISB i have 2) it was not so super impressive, rather would purchase instructions for a better looking MOC 3) no good minifigs to justify the purchase of an overpriced set (even falcon which i purchased for 800 is now selling here for 600, and even less when opened and returned to an e-shop)

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    Voted for gunship. No interest in Nebulon B -> could build the one which is here from own parts. Tie Bomber is interesting, but the minifig selection would be small. For me minifigs are a must for UCS else i dont need to buy it, but build based on instructions from own bricks. I like to use UCS in scenes, thus purchasing mainly the minifig scaled one. Lately i skipped ISD because 1) its too big, i already have problem where to put Falcon 2) it was not that impressive improvement over the previous one - there are a lot of better ones as MOC with instructions 3) Overpriced 4) minifig selection was a JOKE for the money they are asking - at that pricepoint there should be all the interesting Imperial Officers and also from the Expanded Universe (Ysanne Isard with red uniform for example) My responses in the voting pool: I collect mostly minifig size UCS. Will consider purchase only if its detailed and really minifig scale (not oversized). It has to have new parts if needed to achieve perfect shape (cockpit mainly). It could also be modified to 2 variants - regular and special forces/ops with some printed elements and color swap here and there. It has to have a lot of minifigs, ones that were not released previously and usin all the neded armprints and doublemolds whenever needed. Bad Batch squad for the special ops version, different types of regular phase 1 clonetroopers for the regular version. Perhaps some unique jedis. New clone pilots helmet molds needed Minifigs should be the draw of this set - all other can be build with own bricks -> no need to buy. I already skipped many UCS sets.
  6. Yes it affects greatly my purchases. After TLJ im skipping on all Sequel Trilogy sets. Solo was not good, but at least the designs were good and figures very compatible with OT era so at discounts, i purchased the entire line. In case of TLJ sets, i purchased the small transport with Fin and Rose when it reached 75% discounts, i passed on many TLJ sets at 50% discounts - not even that was a reason to purchase. On the other hand purchased the Mando AT-ST on Triple Force Friday and will buy the Mando Battlepack for full price right after i see it anywhere. Skipping Ep9 sets, unless they are 75% or more discounted just for the bricks.

    Thoughts on TROS?

    I have to share this everywhere :D :D :D I dont like Collider as they are just Disney shills, but this video is spot on. A very good fake of George Lucas reaction to TRoS

    Thoughts on TROS?

    No please. We still dont have other significant animals like Banthas.
  9. Fully agree with you. I was not happy with Falcons minifigs back then, Han should have doublemolded and sideprinted legs like in the Cloud City already in that set. Bought Falcon anyway coz the ship is iconic and was a big improvement from the last one. But with the ISD, ou can custom build one, or possibly build one based on the instructions from the new one if you already have enough gray bricks. Its a missed opportunity to give collectors a set of Imperials special to hardcore fans (maybe even an Ysanne Isrd or similar unique character) and to make this set a must have and worth the money. This way it ends as something i could probably build from my own bricks. And as i learned my lesson with Falcon, i will not rush to buy this one on day one. Ill wait for a better deal if i even buy it as its starts to be more of a question of space then money at this moment, thinking about Transformers Unicron if they make it available in Europe, have Falcon twice, building Cavegods Sandcrawler - there is a limited space for big models/toys im my flat and there are more companies and minimum of 2 franchises to compete for that space and budget.
  10. I bought the Falcon directly from Lego for about 650Eur. Afol Days, Triple points ... Also other vendors sold Falcon for ~600 - 650 Eur. It was just needed to wait until the initial demand dropped after the first yer of release. So yes, it definitely will be possible to get a better deal on this one too, if you can wait and because its so big, waiting is not a problem as first we need to figure out where to put it.
  11. Im waiting for one with correct new front window which would be at least 2 brick high. The hat mold already exists since the scarecrow minifig from CMF, they just need to do it in white and print the goggles on. SO LAME.

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Im starting with the build. Few questions: 1) How much working hours did u guys spent on building this model ? 2) Is there any change/update in the instructions that is critical ? 3) Are those reddish brown panels needed because of the geometry or are those mainly used to save weight ? Can i just use bricks instead ? It seems to me that yes, i can use 1x4 bricks instead which i have lot more than needed according to the part list. BTW its really better to buy the instructions before starting to order all parts - many parts can be replaced by others, i try to use as much already owned material as possible.

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Its actually 8 tracks

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Currently dont have 7+ y girls in my family so cant tell what toys are nowdays for 7+ girls. Oldest, my sisters daughter is 6. My girls primary focus is now on barbies, fairies, mermaids. I need to modify some of the Elves sets (enlarge and strenghten) like for example the castle in 41179 has a great play feature a path through lava then through the doors and up but they always brake the model when trying to move with the dool trough the path. Luckily dragons are sturdy enough and easy to repair (in compare to the buildings). Maybe 4.5 is not the original target, but is the demographic that likes to play with the toys. I think older girls would 7-8 by more captured in fashion toys or something or live more online than playing with the toys (i will see 1st example in my nearest family in 1-2 years) - think 8-9 was the age i switched to PC gaming from LEGO and my dark age started. OR i can try to ask a group where i am (parents who buys legos for kids) what do their 7+ girls play with now days. And to the Boys/Girls toys. Girls can still play with boys toys, not sure the other way around. I have a collection of NERF guns and they like to play with them. They need to be extensively supervised and they are not strong enough to smoothly operate all the guns, but they are getting stronger .... cant wait to play full nerf wars in my flat with them - currious if they still will be that interested in nerfs as they are now when they grow up enough to be able to fully (and efectivelly) operate the toys.

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Exactly. Inhouse non-starwars not polluted by license fee space theme.