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  1. Im waiting for one with correct new front window which would be at least 2 brick high. The hat mold already exists since the scarecrow minifig from CMF, they just need to do it in white and print the goggles on. SO LAME.

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Im starting with the build. Few questions: 1) How much working hours did u guys spent on building this model ? 2) Is there any change/update in the instructions that is critical ? 3) Are those reddish brown panels needed because of the geometry or are those mainly used to save weight ? Can i just use bricks instead ? It seems to me that yes, i can use 1x4 bricks instead which i have lot more than needed according to the part list. BTW its really better to buy the instructions before starting to order all parts - many parts can be replaced by others, i try to use as much already owned material as possible.

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Its actually 8 tracks

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Currently dont have 7+ y girls in my family so cant tell what toys are nowdays for 7+ girls. Oldest, my sisters daughter is 6. My girls primary focus is now on barbies, fairies, mermaids. I need to modify some of the Elves sets (enlarge and strenghten) like for example the castle in 41179 has a great play feature a path through lava then through the doors and up but they always brake the model when trying to move with the dool trough the path. Luckily dragons are sturdy enough and easy to repair (in compare to the buildings). Maybe 4.5 is not the original target, but is the demographic that likes to play with the toys. I think older girls would 7-8 by more captured in fashion toys or something or live more online than playing with the toys (i will see 1st example in my nearest family in 1-2 years) - think 8-9 was the age i switched to PC gaming from LEGO and my dark age started. OR i can try to ask a group where i am (parents who buys legos for kids) what do their 7+ girls play with now days. And to the Boys/Girls toys. Girls can still play with boys toys, not sure the other way around. I have a collection of NERF guns and they like to play with them. They need to be extensively supervised and they are not strong enough to smoothly operate all the guns, but they are getting stronger .... cant wait to play full nerf wars in my flat with them - currious if they still will be that interested in nerfs as they are now when they grow up enough to be able to fully (and efectivelly) operate the toys.

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Exactly. Inhouse non-starwars not polluted by license fee space theme.

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Yes, currently there is no classic space - just Star Wars (which is overpriced due to license). Why experimenting again with boys themes and push it on girls ? It did not worked with the superhero girls theme, so why do the same mistake again ?

    LEGO Elves 2018

    For me the dragons got me mainly into this theme and luckily for me i bought some sets before the dragons when they were discounted for 50%. Now i have almost all the older before-dragon sets. I on the other hand have never enough dragons - therefore i created a dragon for Ragana (its posted here on EB) and also some small dragons (based on the water dragon build). Was sceptical when they introduced other animals instead of dragons, but think i will start to like them after i watch the complete TV show. Btw goblins Kings dragon Ashwing is the best design perhaps even usable outside of the Elves theme in a castle moc. That build is perfect. That green on buildings is not so pleasant but i got used to it. Little goblins are great as "villains" - my daughters like them. I have 3 or 4 goblin village sets (got them for 50% off) to build the village bigger and build that stage with all the goblins celebrating. I dnot like the bats as replacements for villains - stupid is to have a bat on a balloon (why ??). Im also tired of the same characters over and over - therefore i would be happy to get some generic elves that appeared in the show in some episodes and also some main characters like the original 5 sisters - they should bring more characters into sets before the theme ends.

    LEGO Elves 2018

    They will try to appeal to girls with a theme that is not really interesting for them at this age (i think, just exploring that with my 4.5y daughters). That superhero girls theme was horrible. They should not cancel a good theme which already has a fanbase among young and older to make room for another horrible mix like friends in space. Not to mention that there is no classic space theme.

    LEGO Elves 2018

    I hope such theme would die so quickly as the Friends superhero theme - not selling out even at 50% discounts here. I need one more run for Elves at least. Was not a fan of the animal line, but when i saw the TV series for it, i start to like it. But im still missing a set of the 5 elder sisters an some sets for regular elves live like it was in the episode when Ragana visited the village and after saving it, they started to like her - i need some more regular elves torso+legs and hairs. Yes there are some options to build custom elves with the LOTR hairs and some Friends torsos but they could mase dome generic really elves looking figs. Great inspiration. Like the idea of roofs with standard plates turned the other side. Also the boat is great - will have to build such similar boat from spear parts.

    Star Wars

    If i pay for gasoline, can i pour it into a river ? I dont think so. Yes i would expect a disclaimer that no lego was harmed during the shooting and it was given to a poor child with no instructions to avoid reconstruction of the TLJ abomination :) Just wanted to give an oppinion from a LEGO fan perspective but my lengthy comment is lost in the waste amount of coments under that video with minimum likes so it wont be seen be other viewers of the video - well the problem with comments under YT, if u dont get likes pretty fast then your comment is lost , no meter how good. I normally like all his other video reactions on SW shill sites. Only this one got me a bit triggered as lego has the advantage to be reused unlike the tons of Tiko toys which will end up as plastic garbage. Unfortunately yes, i dont have the ability to call on subscribers to back me up. Seems that the bast way to react to a YT vid is by making a YT reaction/followup vid, but im not a youtuber :) I just tried to ask at few places of fellow Lego collectors and it didnt worked.

    Star Wars

    Not sure where to post this, but maybe this section will be relevant as its STAR WARS related and LEGO related. I watch videos on YouTube from ComicArtistPro Secrets and usually i agree with uncle Ethan, but this one triggered me a bit. Its kind of a review for TLJ set 75200 Ach-to Island and hes complaining about the set for what it represents - which is absolutely fine as we all know that 50% of SW fandom dislikes the movie, but at the end of his "review" he throws the set into the garbage can, also the extra parts as to him its garbage - not a bonus free lego (as to all of us Lego fans) You can read my reaction as a Lego fan to this video when searching for "Ondrej M" comment beginning with " I see u are totally not a LEGO fan: ", if you agree with that comment , you can like it to make it visible for the video viewers/audience If you agree that lego should not be thrown into garbage bin when a set is not good because the source is bad, then please give that video a Dislike (it started at 1200 likes to 29 dislikes at 10 181 views). Im sharing this appeal to LEGO fan sites / forums i visit to see if we can correct the Like/Dislike ratio of this particular video to show our displease with wastefully trowing lego into garbage just because a movie was terrible and stealing the change of getting this set to a child for 50% or more discount (thats what is happening to a bad lego set) The video itself

    [MOC] WIP - Sandcrawler

    Great news. I always admired the model. Wanted to build a bigger Sandcrawler at some point and started to collect parts (tracks ordered via LugBULK some years ago :) ) Now i could put my 30+ Jawas to use with a Sandcrawler camp.
  13. Well, currently there is just one "bad" dragon. So there is no rule for it. I tried to leave the front arms, but then i needed to do the wing-arms more flexible and so on. I like it to have strong intimidating front arms :) And this is the mother, so maybe father was a wyvern (explanation above) and the result Ashwing is then after father. Btw which of the elves dragons are actually male ?

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    Yes this game was perfect. Remember playing it on my old 386 PC (if someone here remembers what it is :) ). Bought it then on GOG with the datadisc. As the Battlefront 2 blowed up on the promise of playing as an Imperial - this is still the only game to play as a proud Imperial. I should replay the game also (if there is time :/ ). I really wish for a remake or more just an upgrade - keep the story / mechanic, everything - just make it with today's graphic/sounds. Dot have much time now as im older (35). Wife, kids, work, multiple hobbies (Lego, Star Wars, collecting SW stuff, card games, transformers, nerf, gaming ....). But in some gaming time i play Battlefront 1 offline, online just the fighter squadron where only skill counts (and no equipment). Was playing SWTOR until the !@#$@-cked it up, but planing to finish the stories of each class (but only as free to play - newer pay again for it) and also need to finish Witcher 1 someday (stopped playing after SWTOR lunched)
  15. I also dont understand why the bonus VIP set with the small store part and brickbuild VIP card was not given from the 1. October, but instead from the 10. October. Te bonus was for purchase over 120Eur if i remember - unlike ussuall 55-60Eur, so like it was ment for the Falcon. Bu given the situation around i went to the store on Monday October 2nd (October 1st was not opened in Viena), waited in the line and secured my Falcon "only" with regular VIP points and a small ninjago polybag .... Well, daughters are sleeping, should go to building - currently at bags 7