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    [MOC] WIP - Sandcrawler

    Great news. I always admired the model. Wanted to build a bigger Sandcrawler at some point and started to collect parts (tracks ordered via LugBULK some years ago :) ) Now i could put my 30+ Jawas to use with a Sandcrawler camp.
  2. Well, currently there is just one "bad" dragon. So there is no rule for it. I tried to leave the front arms, but then i needed to do the wing-arms more flexible and so on. I like it to have strong intimidating front arms :) And this is the mother, so maybe father was a wyvern (explanation above) and the result Ashwing is then after father. Btw which of the elves dragons are actually male ?

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    Yes this game was perfect. Remember playing it on my old 386 PC (if someone here remembers what it is :) ). Bought it then on GOG with the datadisc. As the Battlefront 2 blowed up on the promise of playing as an Imperial - this is still the only game to play as a proud Imperial. I should replay the game also (if there is time :/ ). I really wish for a remake or more just an upgrade - keep the story / mechanic, everything - just make it with today's graphic/sounds. Dot have much time now as im older (35). Wife, kids, work, multiple hobbies (Lego, Star Wars, collecting SW stuff, card games, transformers, nerf, gaming ....). But in some gaming time i play Battlefront 1 offline, online just the fighter squadron where only skill counts (and no equipment). Was playing SWTOR until the !@#$@-cked it up, but planing to finish the stories of each class (but only as free to play - newer pay again for it) and also need to finish Witcher 1 someday (stopped playing after SWTOR lunched)
  4. I also dont understand why the bonus VIP set with the small store part and brickbuild VIP card was not given from the 1. October, but instead from the 10. October. Te bonus was for purchase over 120Eur if i remember - unlike ussuall 55-60Eur, so like it was ment for the Falcon. Bu given the situation around i went to the store on Monday October 2nd (October 1st was not opened in Viena), waited in the line and secured my Falcon "only" with regular VIP points and a small ninjago polybag .... Well, daughters are sleeping, should go to building - currently at bags 7
  5. Yes, flexible elbows was a must for this dragon as my idea was to make the front legs longer. Thus now he can do some more poses. On small dragons like the water/blue one this is absolutely ok, but the bigger dragons are totally suffering from the lack of elbows. I also plan to modify them (the bigger ones), just a couple of days ago i finally purchased Elandra and im not happy with her legs and also feet - too thick. I dont have all the dragons opened, currently missing only Fire dragon / Azari,i own now all the others but build is only Blue/Naida, Elandra, Ashwing and Saphire (since yesterday :) ) other are still in MISB. Black color was a necessary choice. Wanted to reflect Raganas color scheme. Originally thought about Black/purple but when then i decided for the magenta instead of purple as it suits Ragana better and there were parts available in this collor needed for the under bally. For the claws, i wanted to make a bad megablocks dragon like Ashwing (which is my favorite from all the set dragons) and i wanted also to have a gimick that he could hold something in his hand. With that claw configuration its possible to hold a minidool

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Great idea @Borex Ill have to keep that idea in mind when the sets will arive. Its only pity that there are not too much buildings or simply landscape (trees or anything) as it was with the previous waves - so i need to gather build material separately while with the older sets, there was enough bricks for a nice landscape.
  7. Just to let you know, folder is public now.

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I totally ignore them, and consider a buy only at 50% of AND only if there are some unique parts Boba would be the only BrickHead i would like to buy and it is an exclusive - "B E A UTIFUL" "well done TLG"

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Finally i can add my opinion on the new sets. In general - color scheme is strange - im OK that we move to something else than dragons, but still like that there is 1 new - bat villains are strange, why do small bats need winged machines to fly ??? With the goblins it was logical. Not sure if i will like the bats, but i will save judgement after the official pictures - new bat queen or what it is could be interesting - i dont like that there is too much action/violence in the entire new wave - no peaceful sets / buildings, just too much action What i like about the first wave is that there is less violence and more of an adventure with finding of the keys. If they switch to bad creatures fighting with the elves, then it will kill the theme for me. For each set 41190 - Emily & Bird - this set is nice and when its not too expensive for its size i would buy it right away 41191 - Naida & Turtle - the turtle looks strange, but maybe it will look batter in real life 41194 - Farran & Fox - fox seems to be a nice build, but the building itself look so cheap/without details (like with last wave of Pirates, the building were of poor design quality) 41192 - Azari & Lion - again Lion is OK, but the rest is like spare parts to me 41193 - Aira & Dragon - for me the best set of this wave, like the new dragon, except for the lightning wings - but i think it will be easy to replace them with those small white wings Also finally a building and the small balloon looks nice and its a good idea - will probably use them for goblins instead of bats. Hope also that the new elf is some completely new character, we really need more new elves. So i will probably buy 41191 from the start and look for some smaller discount for the 41193 possibly, but for the rest, i will wait for the 50% clearance discounts. (just a statement, i usually dont buy lego for its catalogue/list price)
  10. I just returned from Viena Lego store, so i can give a quick info: Was there from 6:30 (store opens at 9:00), there were already 3 guys sitting at the door, we spent 2.5h chatting together so the time passed quickly. there was another guy from Austria and then a mother with a small child waiting in the line about 2h before opening, then nothing until 8:00 when the line started to grow to about 15-20 people and then just before opening there was about 30 people. Store manager told us there are 15 Falcons available. So my 2h driving to the store and 2.5h waiting in the line + 2h driving back home paid off - i have the Falcon for my Birthday (and Namesday and Christmas .... :) )
  11. Sorry, forgot that i can only put 0.1MB of pictures here. Pictures loaded on BrickShelf so it will take some time for them to be published. Added at least one small pic. And it can be spotted also in this viedo (the moc diorama is not mine):
  12. Hi finally i can present my latest Elves MOC. As i felt that Ragana needs a dragon when all the other elves have one, i decided to build one matching her colors. Its a black/magenta color scheme with a mix of that strange green (am lazy to find the right name) Her name could be: Ashtari, mother of Ashwing Base of this build is the White Dragon body recolored in black and customized at the bottom, prolonged by 2 studs. Then rear legs are from Ashwing and front legs custom. Head of course Ashwing, the only thinkable head for an evil dragon currently. Instead of just a seat i have given Ragana a throne :) I had to open both Ashwing set i got in 50% discount to build this dragon (due to the black claws only from this set and there was no time for BrickLink order - dragon was built for exhibition) and as a side project i also built a little Ashwings brother or sister. Luckily there are small green wings from Farans dragon as i found out during build, that the original wings are too big for the Water dragon, but the green color is still fitting good. Funny thing with the build was that i found out that White dragons head mold is bigger that all others (i dont own this set yet), so the dragon looks a bit strange with the big body and smaller head, but someone told me that it looks more realistic in proportions for a dragon - anyway i cant do anything about it as there is no other color for the big head. Sorry for the low quality pictures, was photographed during night when kidz are sleeping :) BrickShelf galery

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Possibly, but the Raganas Dragon is just a prototype and its mine. But ill make sure that my friend who owns the diorama can build a copy of it (he already asked for that :) ) I at the other hand start to build similar diorama at my home.

    LEGO Elves 2018

    I finally started to use the red...unowhat and its still not there :( I was looking in the 4...ushouldnotsay but ended up surfing adult content after 30min of walking in the maze. For those who are not able to find it in the maze like me, enjoy this short video of a MOC (build by a friend) which was at the Brno 2017 - Czech Republic - exhibition last weekend. The black/magenta/lime Raganas Dragon "in the air" is mine and i will post some details later about it in a separate article.