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    Updating Your Minifigs

    Disney is pondering to Asian mainly China market so therefore a new movie with Asian theme. So far they failed, Mulan movie was a disaster in China. BTW the new production from lego for the Asian market is good - mainly the Chinese New Year sets - appealing to Asian market done right. As i see it, she will be possibly cancelled everywhere, its like KKs personal vendetta against Gina. How on earth will u cancel a figure which was on preorder and is in demand ? (talking bout Hasbros 6" actionfigure) Therefore im asking for suggestion on customs. I dont purchase customs but in mando, there are too many good figures not yet released and im disappointed on legos official production. I have tons of SW sets so i should concentrate now to get the best figs and Lego is not providing them or making them at a slow rate (purchased the new mando set right on release and 2pcs) Im still waiting on a good hairpiece for Jyn Erso without hat - that could be done in a Friends set still.

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I had to crop it because of the size restriction of only 10KB, i dont use a image sharing app to post it and link it. I dont care for the movie i remembered about the name Reia Raia Raja or wathever so didnt bothered to name it correctly. For foreign looking disney princess our top is Moana / Vaiana (in Europe) the one on the picture. side of the head shaved or even half of the head shaved and the rest longer hair. It does not look to much feminine to me. The only acceptable usage for me is in Cyberpunk.

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Because im not interested in this farytale and i was lazy to lookup the name i used the comparison to other Asian disney farytale i know - Mulan (the original one was great because of Mushu). Because its not good enough - it would look like shaved head, the hair on Cara has volume on the side and i want to see it on the hairpiece. But so far i did not saw any correct custom. Also i dont want to paint figures. It has to be a print if it should be a custom (im lame at painting anyway )

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I just saw the new hairpiece from the Mulan like new Disney farytale and unfortunately that hairpiece is not suitable for Cara Dune :( as its the SJW version haircut with half of the head shaved, Caras version is styled, the hair on one side is made into a bride. Here the minifig has printed the part of the shaved head so on Caras fig it would look even worse. Anyone can suggest a custom version with proper hair and armprint (ideally sold within EU)? Seems we will not get a correct Cara Dune fig and ill rather spend my money on a good custom.

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Suggestions for the best Cobb Vanth purist figure ? Reference picture on wookiepedia - have to find a way how to insert the link https:// Hair - the one from Merrick, would be nice to have it in gray color head - need to find out, should have gray beard cloth on the neck - Dk Red ninjago mouth cover jetpack from Boba torso - Boba (Ep5 version) arms - Dk Orange hands - Dk Tan Legs - from Indiana Jones Dk Tan with the pistol holster
  6. Brickbuild at a small model has always its limitations. I cant imagine a better rancor with brickbuild than we received in Jabbas Palace. And this set would get the most out of 30eur with 2 mando armors, Baby Yoda and a Bantha with a Tusken - easy multiple buys - but im afraid that they cant think that way anymore. BTW it still can be that V-35 (or similar model) which was used by the people of Mos Pelgo to get to the Krayt Dragon lair - it was only seen in the distance. If its the ITT, then i hope for a proper Cara with new hair piece and arm print tatoo and correct skin tone.
  7. that would be an insta buy for me, give it a new Bantha mold which is long overdue and ill buy it multiple times

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Purchased the instructions think 2years ago. Im somewhere in the middle of the work now. So with my speed of build it will be on time for me to finish the interior and power functions :)
  9. So far i would BL Garindan, Pona and Evazan and build the cantina from own bricks just for fun. Rest is lame and lazy. Lets wait for the Ninjago set if there will be any set i would buy day 1. If those 3 figs go for too much then i wait for the cantina to go to 250Eur the same way as the CC did.

    Updating Your Minifigs

    For Jango, Fins hair looks closest
  11. And whos the majority now ? It seems to me that todays kids are not really into SW. Not sure if in other countries but here the SW lego line gets less and less space in the shelves.
  12. Its because i would very much like to see a set where i will be just "shut up and take my money" meme, but seems like Lego is doing what they can to avoid it. Its hard for a long time collector to see what the 3rd parties and sculptors are able to produce for custom figs and there is a TON of figs we still dont have, yet we are running in circles with the same figs over and over. Also the price is getting ridiculous. Last time i was really excited to purchase a set day 1 was with UCS Slave 1 where the set did it right and clicked all the check boxes - full arm print Boba, extra CC Trooper, minifig scale vehicle, new bigger cockpit piece - all i wanted was fulfilled (unfortunately the set was sold out in the store on day 1 when i got there and btw its a 2h ride there and then 2h back - so i purchased the cockpit 2x and few special parts and build my own one in different paint scheme while waiting on the original to be restocked) No, its not a fact of life, i simply dont buy more SW lego until we have something really new - its legos problem to ignore the long term collectors needs - they will sell less products, ill spend the money elsewhere (transformers Earthrise has a strong line currently). In the past the evolution of figures was really rapid, a new version was far superior and the build as well, now we get a slightly different print for a figure whose print was already perfect. Instead of getting really new figures of characters we dont have (hello Aunt Beru). Check this one from 2015 So i really hope the ninjago city will be a set that i could pick up the day 1, If i were a bigger HP fan, i would pick Diagon Aley -> but that has to wait.
  13. Its good they get rid of the wrong X-34Lukes Landspeeder which has insufficient windshield which they were not able to fix even the last time. V-35 speeder is a nice change. Wondering if it was inspired by this The second speeder Ubrikkian 9000 is stupid - i dont have a problem with the "real" vehicle, but the way lego is doing the windows is bad. Dont understand why didnt they just picked up some half sphere transparent piece and printed it so that it would be possible to actually see inside/outside through the 4 window ? It would look better and save some piece count.
  14. My point is that an argument that its for kids and its a playset so they need to have the ability to replay the scenes does not hold. 350E is not a gift to a kid from a regular parent - i keep hearing that its starts to be difficult for a lot of people in US to have 400 at hand in case of unexpected situations (and i thought i live in a poor country). Sets with Luke and Obi are still on shelves. They could put more unique aliens to justify a purchase for long term collectors like me. Now i will have to wait on a min of 100e discount like with CC OR to BL just the figs i need. All the other things (dewbacks, bricks) i already own, so i could build the cantina right the moment they put the instructions for download "stop accepting its fine to pay the price of gold for still getting plastic" - a 1/4 OZ Gold coin is now like 440Eur so its start to be close Design is maybe OK, they were such designs already in the MOC community. Main selling point for every bigger set are minifigs - thats the reason i did not purchased UCS ISD for 450. Diagon Aley is a nice set and seems to me its really a better value for the money. Also have to wait on the Ninjago city expansion. Bo Shek would be an easy to make character - no new mold required just a pilot uniform in different color and a fitting face, even the old male hair piece could be fitting for him. Why couldnt this set have several more figs ? Maybe we really need SW CMF exactly for such obscure but easy to make characters. Well wake me up when we get there :)
  15. Not really the best possible selection for this set for a 350 Eur price point: 1. Kardue'sai'malloc/labria = devil guy - will depend on how they made the head, could be a good figure and also a question is if that headpiece will be an extra one as with the zabraks 2. Elis Helrot = next to devil guy - its probably the saurin, hope its not the same mold as for trandoshan 3. Dr Evazan - OK fig, easy to made - should already appear in a smaller set 4. Ponda Baba - nice headsculpt but missing armprint (similar to snowspeederpilot in UCS) and dualmold legs + print 5. Kabe = the bat - lazy reuse of the existing parts instead a new nice mold for a Chadra-fan 6. Momaw Nadon = Hammerhead - reused, easy job, but i understand that this is a important figure to be in the cantina 7. Garindan = The spy with elephant face - curious how the head will be made, could be a good fig and a needed one, could be then reused for Mando Ep1 scene with the other Kubaz 8. Het Nkik? = Jawa - have min 50 of them, hope it will be a really unique print 9. Wuher - was in previous set and actually missing in the 2014 cantina, so they milked uz again for another 40 just to get Wuher 10. -11. Stormtrooper - its Sandtrooper, hope its not a reused fig from previous set, i want to have some diversity in my 20fig sandtrooper squad 12. Greedo - lets see if its a different collor / style head to at least increase the diversity or Rodians, sad no armprint as the one from the original cantina - lazy move 13. Han - we should get one similar to the CC - doublemold legs but now in blue and a red stripe (which btw should have appeared already in the reissued Death Star) 14. Chewbacca - OK whatever, have tons of Chewies figs 15. Luke - was he really necessary in this set ? 16. Obi Wan - was he really necessary in this set ? 17. C3po - was he really necessary in this set ? 18. R2D2 - was he really necessary in this set ? 15-18 - we get those several times already, this set is for collectors and not children, they either have all those figs OR can buy sets which re still on the market with those figs -> those figs are taking slots for other interesting aliens 19. - 21. Bith - have 6, every true collector and fan of Tatooine purchased 2 cantinas in 2014, but seems its a mandatory fig for those who didnt purchased previous cantinas So is the fig selection really so good ? Wioslea is not that interesting looking alien as she was too covered - its only more interesting for those who have her action figure Muftak was a good choice, pity they did not make the mohawk piece on the previous Talz from clone wars removable. I named some of my wish aliens in previous comment. If not, then its 1less fig to BL for me. Need to wait for detailed pictures, but seems they were really cheap on arm print and dual molds as usual and i really don understand this policy for 100-600 Eur sets in compare to CMF bags where u get a full job for just 4Eur - arm/leg print , dualmolds even new hair molds in one bag ......