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  1. In my case, it was in my 25 when i finished University and got a decent paid job when is tarted to spend more. Now i have kids and too much lego with less room for it. I i have to spend less because there is no place to store it. I collect slowly since 1999 when i was a student and the SW line just started - it was about that time i started to care more about lego - kind of exiting the dark age. But seems its really depending on the country and economical habits. Here the study is almost free (was completely free when i studied at university), now there are some payments but u dont need a loan equal to a mortgage for a family house to study on university. Who is then purchasing the expensive custom figs and accessories from FireStar, BrickArms, BrickForge etc ? AFOLS like minifigs also. And when i pay a premium for a bunch of bricks i want also a lot of premium figs which would not get it into regular sets (so many cool imperials we could get with the ISD like Ysanne Issrd with her red uniform, other Grand Admirals etc...)
  2. Read the post above with explanation. Possibly the difference between US and Europe. I have two 6y girls. My wife did not worked until they were 4y - she was taking care of the kids full time. Seems really a difference in the whole social system. I assume in US you have a lot of expenses to take care of the toddler while you are working ? But if you are interested to know more, i can create a separate Off Topic thread here under the OT category to explain more.
  3. Time yes, money no - teenage is more expensive. Yes, that has to be a regional thing and a difference between US and Europe. Where i live, mother (or father) can take a maternal leave for up to 3years which is even paid by the government if you were employed before. Its not too much but batter then loose the second income at all. Toddlers then need just diapers, few toys not so much food, clothes which can be second hand or inherited from older kids in family etc. A teenager needs lot more and lot expensive toys (computer, smartphone, lots of legos), expensive brand clothes as he/she will refuse to war second hand because of the other kids, school is more expensive for them etc. I have 2 twins girls, i was purchasing a ton of legos when they were toddlers, now i have to start tighten my budget as they will grow older :) Now back on track. What hinders them to put more minifigs in all the UCS sets ? What is the production cost of a minifig when no new mold is needed, and even if its needed. CMF is 4Eur per fig which has new molds, doublemolded arms and legs. So isnt it smarter to put some decent amount of exclusive figs in the UCS set ? They could sell it to people who already have that set or wont be normally interested in that set because: If there is 1 exclusive minifig in a 400Eur set, u just BL it for 50 Eur and save the money and space and eventually u are able to build that set out of your own bricks so it does not bother u. But what if there are 6 exclusive figs ? Would u spend 300Eur on BL for all the figs or just purchase the entire set for 400Eur ?? So what is the production cost of including 6 exclusive minifigs in a 400E set compared to the benefit of increased sales of that set because also people who own the previous edition will buy it and also minifig collectors will buy it and sell the model or scrap it for parts. If cmf is 4Eur then 6 figs are 24Eur extra in fig for a set that will be difficult to sell for its full price and stores have to discount it.
  4. For the ISD, i have the previous UCS and that seems almost perfect for me, just need to build a landing platform for it and that exactly what i love on minifig scales UCS. U either display them alone or build a nice scenario with minifigs around them.So am again curious how will they handle this.
  5. I have the same opinion. Would like to see improved Gunship of similar size as the system one. A bigger one would be probably a pass for me unless there is a ton of perfect minifigs in it that would make to Bricklinking them separate unnecessary compared to the overall price of the set. So im also afraid based on the wing problem that it will be too oversized. If so, im curious if the idiots in the marketing really get it now, unlike with the ISD. Dam u want to sell a 300-400USD plastic toy, how big a problem it is to tose in some 10minifigs which are sold 3-4eur per piece and make the set irresistible for purchasing just because of the extra unique figs and not just one but 10. People would buy it a lot more just for the figs even if they had no room for the model itself as Bricklinking all the figs would be half of the model price. But Nooooooooo idiot marketing people are not able to understand this. Then the sets are heavily discounted like the ISD. They thought that after the Falcon, people would buy ISDs like hotcakes, but that was not the scenario. Falcon was sold out for an entire year - it was impossible to get it on the first christmas year it was released - scalpers got their for 800 and sold right away for 1000-1200 with 200-400 easy profit. With ISD there was no problem getting it on the release and the subsequent AFOL day, now its everywhere and its discounted minimum 100Eur from the original price to have even a chance to be sold.
  6. As @PreVizsla already mentioned you are somehow wrong with your math. The kids who saw PT in 1999-2005 are now 20-30 -> the best age for purchasing power i would say as u just got a job and dont have kids maybe yet or your kids dont need that much spendings yet (a toddler does not need that much as a teenager). All of a sudden you have your budget for thigs u wanted as a kid but parents did not purchased them for you for whatever reason. Plus the OT 30-40-50s already have a lot of older UCS sets and space starts to be a problem for them. They will be more pickie in what to purchase, especially if its expensive and/or too big. I have 2 UCS falcons but did not purchased ISD for ~450 EUR because the set is too big and not perfect - so no reason for me to really make space for it, i can later rebuild it from my own parts. Did anyone noted how always this presentation of a big set is in a room on a separate piece of furniture just for it in a big empty room ? This is how marketing guys think of us AFOLs obviously while the reality is that our flats and houses are filled up to the roof with legos and only few of us have the luxury of a really big room completely dedicated to Lego. I personally have only a small room dedicated to toys - my lair - but legos are stored in the entire flat. I personally would buy a Gunship which is just litle bit bigger than the system scale and with a lot of details. An army of clones that could not be found anywhere else and a possiblility to change the version of it with some extra bricks in different color and printed pieces with decorations (a twillek girl, even pinup Padme that was cut out of CW). If it will be oversized, i might give it a pas but many PT fans will not. I collect mainly minifig scale UCS. I dont understand the lack of PT sets especially with CW theme right now when its still fresh. CW era had a lot of sets compared to Rebels or Resistance, even Freemakers have more sets than Resistance :) -> those were for kids and failed. There is a big CW fanbase which is now waiting for good products and its overlooked greatly
  7. Sure we are going to get one. The price point points to a Microfighter set with mando. We will get it later - i assume after the lease and some sales of the big Razor Crest and retirement of the AT-ST with mando. Or maybe they will surprise me and release it simultanously or just shortly after if they keep the september release of the big Razor enable less rich kids to have Mando and it would be a nice combo with existing BP. I already purchased 7 or 8 mando battlepacks and they see this pattern (the set was sold out at one of our brick&mortar retailers which had the best price of 12.7 Eur - they now have only the Sith troopers BP Or maybe even surprise me and put a new beskar mando in to pump the Razor Crest owners for another 10 USD to get the fig that should be already in the original RC set :D :D Ill hold on with purchasing a second mando on secondary market - im sure we will get him in a cheaper set in some time. Then i get some to have more variability with my mandos in addition to the Maul mandos, old Death Watch BP, Bobas, Sabine + the new mando BP
  8. Why would we get an updated mold for a Varactyl with Obi and Codi when we can get a lazy remake of a ship we have already twice as the previous one did had a nice additional calamari jedi. As someone who has SW sets from 1999, this is another boring wave. So easy skip on almost all the sets. Only interesting set is that Ahsoka with AAT. AAT is not perfectly shaped, but the front piece is a new color i think (good for another color varian of Firespray / Slave 1 ship). Pity we dont have 2 Ahsokas troopers in that set. The price will be 40Eur ? If true, ill have to wait on at least 30% discounts. Other sets are not interesting as i have them already and they dont have anything special or i dont care about them - like ST stuff or that Galaxi Edge ship (hack even Freemakers were more known, but i understand they must do what Disney wants - promote GE when the attendance is not what they have predicted. Initially they proclaimed no advertisement for the park is need as people are eager to get there - did not worked as expected and then an add for the park was everywhere ....) Im a bit angry why still no new mandalorian sets. Well ill go and purchase 3rd party customs then, think even Chinese cloners already have several versions of Baby Yoda. On the other hand it leaves me money for Harry Potter line which is good and will be here only a limited time, then the sets will be super expensive. SW will be here for a long time, making the same ships over and over.
  9. So i did a recap of calendars for me, the first 2 were starters, but at least a christmas fig was there 75023 (8.5figs) - christmas Jango - young Boba - leg printed Scout Trooper - unique R-unit - Dookus pilot droid 75056 (9figs) - christmas Vader - General Riekan - christmas R-unit - not sure how expensive was that Luke at that time - useful armybuild figs from OT 75097 (6.5figs) - lazy christmas 3PO but still ok (somehow seems to be unique to this set - is that because of gold belt?) - Jawa in a cheaper set aster UCS - exclusive ewok - legprinted Rebel snowtrooper 75146 (8 + 0.5 + 0.5 figs) - the best one - exclusive christmas Chewie - expensive Bespin guard - exclusive protocol droid - not common Death Star guard - Jedi Luke from DS2 (no in cheap sets) - fun brickbuild gonk droid 75184 (8 figs) - here is when the lazynes started with bb-8 wit santa hut instead of red/green printed bb-8 - usefull imperial officer with new hat mould -> the only reason for me to purchase the set back then - Sabine was usefull - ST crap figures (no value for me as mentioned) 75213 (5 + 0.5 + 0.5 figs) - purchased at 20Eur (30Eur was MSRP) - Merrick was the reason for purchase - that red fig from ST was OK - even kid from Freemakers was good - Deathtrooper always welcome - 2 filler droids, wasnt IG-88 already in a BP at that time ? - fun rebel snowman 7545 (6.5 figs) - purchased at 50% only because of Cloud Car pilot - no christmas fig - new Rebel Soldier is good (second reason for purchase untill we get them in BP) - second minock good - thats it So it was 75184 when it went down the hill and since then there was no reason to pick up the set at full price and even at discount i had to think about it. What is good in the new one ? There were times when there was an expensive figure put in to give some value. I dont even see that now At least Harry Potter started good - i like it, my kids like it. So hope the HP one will be also good and we will get that one for opening along the barbie / princess ones of course. OK then i judge more when i see it high res. If i consider a 50% discount purchase or BL that specific fig.
  10. Out of curiosity i counted it. Do u agree with my math in the table ? I hope we agree mandalorian is OT (OT stormies, Imperial remnants, no resistence/first order, knights of ren, OT X-wings etc.) So then its 18% and it will go down after mando season 2, Obi-Wan and Cassian shows :)
  11. Could be interesting only if it has his life support thing on it also, if its a plain city torso not yet released in city than its not interesting in a SW set. I ignore ST, i purchased ST set only at 75% of its original price as a MISB :) just for the bricks and fig parts will be repurposed. Battledroids are 1eur on BL and there will be again a set with multiple with them. Minibuilds are fun the first day except when u are a minibuilder specifically. But for kids its the first day and then it ends on the bottom of a lego box. The figs are the important part of a SW set - u can build any minibuilds u want - there are many good one with instructions even here on EB. ST is not 1/3 of the franchise. U forget Rebels with many sets, 7 seasons of Clone Wars with even more sets, even games have their sets. Earnings of the ST was on a downward trajectory so there is a significant fan base which dont care about ST sets (hence we see a lot of OT and even CW sets and so far no ST UCS set ;) Funny is they have a new mold for the X-Wing/Rebel pilot helmet but keep using the old mold. New strormtrooper mold is the reason i passed on that DS 30Eur set, also did not purchased multiple anniversary BP sets while i already have 6 mando BPs, also not interested in sandtrooper set (although i ave a use for an army at my Tatooine imperial outpost and to guard through the entire city) But honestly im fine with that at the moment as my flat is filled up with lego boxes (currently lego is not stored only at toilet, bathroom and kitchen - all the other 5rooms have some boxes) Imagine the problems i would have when they would produce good lego sets :) for me it can lasts so until i move to a bigger house. Then they will use armprint all the time when needed and produce good sets for the relevant SW material out there (bad batch BP,, mandalorian sets, jedi fallen order, put enough exclusive good minfigs for an uber-expensive big set like ISD - passed on that for less than 500 Eur while i have 2 UCS Falcons etc)
  12. To me the Advent callendar is a pass so far. No interesting christmas figs (the last interesting one was white fur Chewie if i recall correctly. No interesting special figs like Merrick. or silver protocoll droid (lazy to lookup his name) No interesting harder to find figs (Jawas after sandcrawler release, cloud city guard after Slave 1 Do i see the mandatory useless standard battledroid to cheat that there is one more minifig ? I dont case about minibuilds as those are just one time build when i open it and then go to parts bins - so its only interesting for unique parts or new color parts. I dont care about any Sequel Trilogy figs. If there is a OT stormtrooper, then it will be with ugly new helmet. The only good calendar is for Harry Potter, hope all figs will be unique for his calendar - if we get main characters all the time, lets have them with unique prints). Am wondering who is still purchasing those at the high price. Only parents (who dont understand it) and young TFOLS perhaps who do not remember the times when calendars were cool actually.
  13. dont think so, looks to me just like a city torso with Vader head and legs Unlike the old times special christmas collored versions of SW torso.

    [MOC] Huge Rogue Shadow with full interior!

    WOW, this could be used in a crossection book - its that detailed. Love how much effort was put into the interior and all the inside details. Also like the fact that an EU ship has received this kind of love and attention. Big source of inspiration for anyone who will want to do a ship interior. At the moment im working only on a small interior like 8x12 studs, but when i start to work on something bigger, i should go back here.

    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC WIP

    @Midlife-crisis will you share the final instructions or LDD file for free then ? I have purchased the instructions from Richboyjhae, but still did not started the build, maybe i can the follow your instructions instead. I noticed right away that his build is a bit short on the back, but to his credit, he created that build long before the show completely started - think he was the first to presented a true UCS style version of that ship For your build: 1) Are u able to remove the tr-clear bricks that are holding the ship to help distribute the weight ? Will it stand just on the landing gear (without a transparent support) ? 2) will u try to do a glass cockpit ? On his solution there is no glass which irritates me a bit :) He mentioned someone created a kind of solution (have to ask him for the picture)