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  1. Monzonite

    Welcome to Luxembrick

    Great layout, really like the chef getting carried out the restaurant!
  2. Monzonite

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Very good, nice detail and fun. Do you use a macro lens?
  3. Monzonite

    Brownstones and Dinosaurs

    Love the detail from the used syringes to the beer can and discarded newspapers and pizza boxes. Makes the scene somewhat sinister.
  4. Monzonite

    Pillage the Village Contest: Islander Sacrifice

    Hi all apologies I'm new to brick shelf. Do I have to resize before uploading or is possible to do it within brick shelf?
  5. Deep in the jungle island is a little known tribe of cannibals with a fondness of all things gold. They worship the golden skull (an ancient artefact that some say comes from a galaxy far far away). Offerings of blood are made to the skull, drained from the captives alive and drunk by the chief of the islanders during midnight rituals. A trail of blood leads up to the steps, where the chief drinks from a golden helmet, a trophy from a former victim. A masked thief, makes off with some of the golden hoard at the back of the temple
  6. Monzonite

    MOC Fully Loaded Little Ship

    Great little ship, clever build uses ribs like a real boat!
  7. Monzonite

    Lego Minifigures Series 15 Guessing Game

    Here's my prediction... Movie director Kayaker Cactus suit guy Bandito Airline pilot Female barista Queen Soda suit guy Street cleaner/janitor Medieval trumpeter (with flag hanging from trumpet) Dentist (female) Greek hero (aka hercules) Rockabilly guy Space cowboy Phantom of the opera Orchestral conductor
  8. Hi there! I have been coxed out of my dark age (only to discover my childhood Lego was donated to my mom's school) I have been collecting the starwars Lego for a couple of months, but today I bought the detective agency and I am now a fully converted fan! Been messing around with some small scenes... and I can't wait to do more. Looking forward to building more scenes and expanding my Lego world.
  9. Monzonite

    Eskimo MOC (first build....)

    Thanks, I came out of my dark age because of the starwars Lego (I want the biggest storm trooper army) but I really like these mini scenes, especially with the challenge of limited bricks :-) I want to make more, this is addictive!
  10. Hi, This is my first MOC. Don't be to critical! All bricks courtesy of my wonderful girlfriend. M. Detail 1