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  1. Hi Everyone, I have been doing a lot of custom builds lately and thought I'd share them with you. Take a look :
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    Cheers for the advice.
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    Hi everyone. I am building some new models that would tie in with current lego sets. If anyone is interested in some custom builds in the style of the Lego Altra Agents set please hop over to my youtube channel. I have only just started this channel so please if your interested leave me a comment, like and subscribe. I am planning on making more different sets in the future which will tie in with other lego sets. cheers guys, hope you enjoy
  4. Hi, My name is Joe and I am a creator of custom lego builds. I have not built anything with lego for about a decade, but after a viewing the Lego movie and finding my old lego collection in my loft I decided to start building again. I have recently started a youtube channel with all my builds on: If you would like to check out some of these builds my channel is : Please feel free to subscribe and leave me comments. Thanks Joe