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  1. Cup Conveyor in Classic Space Colors Free instructions available: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-112867/Jude The Lego Dude/lego-gbc-cup-conveyor/ Simple modular Splitter Module Free instructions: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-122949/Jude The Lego Dude/montys-splitter/
  2. in preparation for Brickworld Chicago 2022 happening next week I modified the 2017 module to be fully complaint with the GBC standard. Minecraft themed version.
  3. Just finished Rimo Yaona's Ball Rolling Machine 16.
  4. A module to test the GBC standard "Batch of 30 balls"
  5. Finally finished the Double Basket Shooter after almost 1 year in progress.
  6. New week, new module. SWITCHBACK
  7. Made a new frame for Pinwheel's Reveal Ball Pump.
  8. Reveal Ball Pump by Pinwheel Free instructions available here -> https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-95467/Pinwheel/reveal-ball-pump/
  9. This is what I meant. The movement of line 30 is finished end then the pause happen.
  10. thanks @ord I changed the sequence and could use run_angle instead of run_stalled, which fixed my issue. Now I have a new one. I get a pause of exact 5 secs between line 30-31 and 38-39 but I don't know why. someone can tell me why?
  11. Hello again. I'm currently working on a GBC module controlled by Pybricks. I wanna start running motorC and motorA at the same, to save time, time but they will stop at different time. Original code: (which is working) motorC.run_until_stalled(speed=900, duty_limit=35) motorA.run_until_stalled(speed=-1000, duty_limit=30) motorB.run_angle(900, -3600) Workaround code motorC.control.limits(duty=35) motorC.run_time(300,2000, then=Stop.COAST, wait=False) motorA.run_until_stalled(speed=-1000, duty_limit=30) while not motorC.control.stalled(): wait(1) motorC.brake() motorB.run_angle(900, -3600) can someone tell me why motorB is not starting? thanks in advance Daniel