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  1. dunes

    GBC General Discussion

    My version of @Great Ball Pit's Greylime XL module.
  2. Lift triggered by a stuck ball v1.2 Based on instructions by @9v system Main mods: 1 stud shorter in width, new beams arrangement for the floor, floor 2 plates higher on input side
  3. dunes

    [GBC] Cardan Lift

    My Classic Space Style version.
  4. dunes

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    I bought one spool of 100m (shortest length they offer) https://www.kanirope.de/dyneema-seil-pro-1mm-100m-spule-silber-12-fach-geflochten-kanirope#product_info
  5. dunes

    GBC General Discussion

    Here now my copy of the improved version of Takanori's Stamp Module.
  6. dunes

    GBC General Discussion

    Hi I started reverse engineering the Stamp module by Takanori Hashimoto last weekend and finished it yesterday. Surprisingly he released an improved version today. So here is the old version in video. I'm going to start building his improved version today, cos I have to xD Next one is my version of NDL-GBC's Sawblade. It uses part 87745. And an optimized version of Greaballpit's Upslide v2. - motor inside the module - new pusharm design
  7. dunes

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    Here are some pictures of my current version. Taken at Hamburg Toyfair last October.
  8. dunes

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    You can buy the instructions here https://bauanleitungenmartin.de/epages/2b3a7d49-c69c-49a5-97ec-8445cb4182b7.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/2b3a7d49-c69c-49a5-97ec-8445cb4182b7/Products/10209
  9. Glad to hear @Doug72
  10. @Doug72 go to Settings -> Security & Privacy -> General and enable App Store and identified Developers. It worked for me.
  11. dunes

    GBC General Discussion

    actually I'm not in lockdown. I work every day.
  12. dunes

    GBC General Discussion

    Reverse engineered GBC Module 5 by Takanori Hashimoto.
  13. maybe a Slope 30 1 x 2 x 2/3. BL 85984 and what we see is the back side.
  14. dunes

    GBC General Discussion

    And here is my reversed engineered version of JK Brickworks - Robot Dreams. Did some modifications for reliability during this process. More pictures can be found here: https://bricksafe.com/pages/dunes/gbc/jks-robot-dreams
  15. dunes

    GBC General Discussion

    The is my version of Lasse Deleuran's Ring module Shishi Odoshi. I put the ring in an Akiyuki style frame and removed the recirculation option cos it don't use it. The idea for the frame design is from @9v system but I rebuilt the whole frame from scratch.