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  1. dunes

    Pybricks Q&A

    thanks, it worked well. PU XL motor max is around at 1000 deg/s. Now it's easy for me to set the limit for my application. 20% speed is around 200 deg/s.
  2. dunes

    Pybricks Q&A

    Just playing with pybricks recently and have a question. How do I set the max speed for motors? I know the speed (deg/s) command. But whats the max deg/s per motor? Haven't found anything in the docs. Is there any percentage command ? br
  3. Im currently working on 2 EV3 module. The V760 v2 GBC Robot Arm and the Fast Ball Sorting Robot. V760 v2: Physical build is done but the software part is hard for me. Never done anything with an EV3 before. Fast Ball Sorting Robot: I want to change the motors and the EV3 brick mount to the other side, so the audience can see the movement better.
  4. Excellent work. I have built the newer version of the OrangeApps robot arm to use it with the new RIS 51515 set.
  5. I have built it with 2x XL motors. runs really smooth.
  6. I played around with 3 different modules by Sam Friesen with shared power capabilities. Since the good old Power Functions motor are EOL, I try to save on motors even if I have enough now. Shared power only works with modules generating low load on the motor. Instructions for all modules available on rebrickable.com. Made some minor and major modifications to all modules. Ball Pump Pinwheel Batch 13 Shared Power setup
  7. My version of @Great Ball Pit 's Multipath module.
  8. I can confirm @RohanBeckett 's statement. really nice module.
  9. https://bricksafe.com/pages/FernandoQ/akiyuki-spiral-compact
  10. a short video of your issue would might help us identifying your problem.
  11. Love it. Wanna build one myself some time.
  12. Cheap alternative balls. https://www.amazon.de/Quercetti-2530-02530-100-Marbles-Spiel/dp/B00TWFXCEA They do work in 90+% of the modules like real ones
  13. the mechanism is not strong enough the handle that. when moving up U can hear the stress on the motor. maybe 2 motors can handle a container.
  14. My latest reverse engineering work. Module by Riku Katsumata.