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  1. Test run. Rotary Dumper and Loop still some minor issues. modified the train axles with 4L and 5L without stop.
  2. Had that too on my short test run. Looking forward to see your pics. btw LXF file done.
  3. Great Doug. I dont have space atm to built a test drive. But try to free some over the weekend. Added your mods to mine aswell PS: Is it time for a new LDD file ?
  4. My double crossover arrived today. and got a gift to my order. Building the double passing module with rubberbands instead of shocks. Not finished yet. waiting for parts.
  5. Excellent setup Tony. Great work. Hopefully mine is going to be look half as good as yours.
  6. dunes

    3D printed 7996 Double crossover track

    Thanks @Doug72 for pointing it out. Here is the direct link for order https://www.trixbrix.eu/en_US/p/Basic-Crossover/89
  7. Akiyuki used standard. Im going to use also standard tracks.
  8. Mine is ordered too. Shipping is mid next week. 37€ incl shipping to Germany. And thanks to us its back in their online shop for order.
  9. sounds great Doug. Ill go order one. My work from last night. not perfect but works most the time. some fine tuning necessary.
  10. I recently bought 2 PF Switch at my liocal Lego Store and got old style Switches with new lever which holds in 3 positions.
  11. Does the switch have resistance? I mean 3 fixed positions or runs it free?
  12. Nice idea. looking forward to see it in action. I myself still working on homemade double crossover. still need a saw xD
  13. your right Doug. 3 ways are fine but the 4th wont work. then back to diamond crossing.
  14. I think I found my double crossover solution. found here on the forum Needed parts: 4x switch tracks and a scroll saw or jigsaw. I got 4x new switch tracks for less 4,50€ each on BL . Its twice as long but much cheaper. Will try it over the weekend. need to get a saw xD
  15. https://bricksafe.com/pages/dunes/akiyuki-train/ldd its a subfolder within akiyuki train folder. the file with shock absorber isnt finished yet. still working on it.