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  1. dunes

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    I use 2 full battery boxes plus 700g copper as counterweight. The only problem I could say is that it does resonate quite a bit when you stop.
  2. dunes

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    so guys, Im close to finish this project., except the digital stuff. superstructure rotating is done by 2 XLs with worm gears. I was suprised that these two genearate enought force to move it. @Orinoko wrote he used 3 XLs to move it. and said four would be better.
  3. Yes, same size. Check out their website. They have many GBC C-Models.
  4. I can recommend these https://pv-productions.com/product/lego-gbc-balls/
  5. dunes

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    Yes. I plan to share the files. In which form is not decided yet. whether just the LDD files or PDF instructions. But I have to speak first with the original designer of this model. and short update
  6. I suggest we edit the first post. example: Module name picture original design picture(s) from our design(s) link to LXF and instructions
  7. Thanks to @MajklSpajkl providing me more pictures of his loader version I had a successful use of dark azure colored technic bricks from my stock, finally. Lowered by 2 studs, different ball pit and some minor changes to his version.
  8. I ordered generic steelballs from eBay in 18mm. same size as the Lego ones. Its just a try. if they not heavy enough I go with your option. Nobody looks inside the counterweights.
  9. this is a sumup model from @MajklSpajkl elevator design and @Doug72 worm gear elevator module. .. and Im waiting for the steelballs for the counterweights to arrive.
  10. Your elevator is higher than @Doug72's Mine is as high as yours. And I have the nearly same times on a 16:16 setup.
  11. This is an excellent idea. And very nice implemenation of an elevator counterweight.
  12. No. Already built it from the instruction.
  13. great @Courbet May I ask what program u used to create these instruction?