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  1. Gryphon Ink

    Big Farm

    This is a beautiful layout. I would like to see more closeup pictures of the individual sections and the vehicles. I'm a sucker for tractors.
  2. Gryphon Ink

    What did you buy today?

    I just put in an order for the T1 Camper Van. So excited. I hadn't realised it was still available until a couple of weeks ago.
  3. Gryphon Ink

    2016 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That's pretty much what I thought. I was thrown off because the first I heard of the F40 set was in a Lego Store display where I also got my first good look at Speed Champions, and the two things sort of blended together in my head.
  4. Gryphon Ink

    Your LEGO regrets

    I have to say I regret buying a lot of smaller sets instead of saving that money for a few bigger display-worthy sets. I'm not much of a MOCer, so when I dismantle a set it goes into "the tubs" and just takes up space. I have some nice big display sets like MMM, the Burrow and the Constitution, and I'm always conscious of how many more of those I could have had by now if I didn't fritter away the money on $20 sets that I eventually dismantled and will most likely never rebuild. This is on my mind right now because I've discovered I really, really want the T1 Camper and the other large-scale cars, and while I technically have the money for the camper, I really should have skipped some smaller sets to buy the one big one.
  5. Gryphon Ink

    2016 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I saw a few people talking about a $100 set. Do we expect that to be a big minfig-scale set of multiple cars, or are you talking about another large-scale car like the Mini and the F40? I was a bit confused this year with the big Ferrari sort of seeming like it goes with the Speed Champions theme but not being branded as such. Either way, I love the bigger cars and would be ecstatic if they turn into a yearly thing.I did like the "proper" Speed Champs cars for the $15 price point, and they have the bonus of being just about the only Lego sets that catch my wife's eye, but I wouldn't buy a $100 "car and a truck" set like the Ferrari trailer rig. Doesn't seem like enough for the money to me.
  6. Gryphon Ink

    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    My, my, aren't we dramatic. I think if TLG re-releasing a Winter Village set is the worst thing that happens to you this year, you're having a pretty good year. I mean, I understand being disappointed if you have the previous version, but to talk about how FURIOUS this makes you, and how this is a knife in the back/slap in the face/first harbinger of the Apocalypse is just a little excessive IMO. It works out well for me, since I never did get the Toy Shop. I do hope the Winter Village continues. Hopefully it comes back big nect year with something that amazes long-term fans and newcomers alike, and no one will feel like they've been slapped in the face with a knife in the back again.
  7. My wife bought me the Pickup Truck today, and I really loved building it. I haven't built any other really big Technic sets, so this was my first experience with some of these features. I laughed like a child when I built the engine. I can't wait to show the kids tomorrow!
  8. Gryphon Ink

    USS Enterprise from ST2009/Into Darkness

    I'm sure the rejection from Lego Ideas was due to licensing issues and not thematic objections. Unfortunately Hasbro would almost certainly defend their license with every bit of their legal firepower. And although it's never been declared officially, I suspect that TLG's Star Wars license comes with a "No Trek" clause forbidding thwm to pursue a license with Star Wars' biggest rival franchise. The MOC itself is very pretty, definitely more elegant than the Kre-O version. It bothers me a tiny bit to see those cheese slopes sticking out along the front arc of the saucer, but I know how hard it is to do the saucer right at this scale, and this version is as good as any I've seen. Keep on Trekking!
  9. Gryphon Ink

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Wow, this is so wonderful. I don't usually buy modulars, but I think I have to have this one. I love that TLG is moving the modulars to the low-rent side of town. Never would have expected to see a pool hall in an official Lego preoduct!
  10. Gryphon Ink

    Jurassic World 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    I'm very happy that they are using the Dino 2012 molds again. It will allow the sets to be significantly cheaper. Many of us didn't get all the dinos we wanted last time around (I only got a trike), and most importantly those molds are really good-looking dinosaurs. I'm hoping there are a couple of other sets that they are keeping tightly wrapped. It would suck if we never got a stegosaurus or ankylosaurus to go with these guys. They are classic dinos on a practical scale, and they would make our dino ecosystem much more complete.
  11. Gryphon Ink

    MOC: The Fawlty Towers Hotel

    Excellent tribute to one of the greatest sitcoms ever! I really love the tiled floor.
  12. Gryphon Ink

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I just want to say thanks, TLG, for making my life easier this year. Normally my Chanukah list is clogged with potential Lego sets including a Winter Village set. It's good to see I don't have to worry about that this year. Thanks for caring!
  13. Gryphon Ink

    Disney Princess 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    I bought Rapunzel's tower today, and I must say it's a nice little dollhouse. The minis, including Pascal, are very cool, even if it is a little odd that they have the generic minidoll faces. Pascal is also not exactly in line with his movie appearance, and I suspect there is going to be a Friends Animal set featuring a recolored Pascal somewhere down the line. The construction is not terribly interesting, but it's about on par with similarly sized Castle sets. The furnishings are nicely built, and there are a LOT of nifty parts here. My daughter had a blast building it with me and immediately launched a whole storyline only tangentially related to the movie Tangled. Overall it doesn't scream "licensed Disney product" and would make a cool addition to any generic fairy tale layout. it would even go with a regular Castle layout if you switched out the pink plates. I've got my eye on a couple of the other sets now. I'm just trying to convince myself that a pink rowboat could come in handy someday, because there are some really nice parts in that Enchanted Kiss set.
  14. Gryphon Ink

    REVIEW - 2014 LEGO City Set 60056 Tow Truck

    I actually didn't care for this set much. it wasn't a very interesting build to me, and as soon as I finished it I started to find its whole shape unattractive. I understand it's a realistic design, but it doesn't feel right next to any other Lego vehicle that I own.
  15. Gryphon Ink

    Disney Princess 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    They didn't "forget" the antagonists. The Disney Princesses license does not ALLOW antagonists. Once again, Disney Princesses is not an open license to make sets based on anything TLG want from these characters' movies. The sets have to follow the "standards" of the Princesses brand. Conflict is not a Princesses ideal. Disney are very strict about this. If you want to see Marduk, Shan Yu or Mother Gothel in Lego sets, you're going to have to wait until there are Brave, Mulan and Tangled themes, or at the very least a general Disney theme. It will not happen under the Disney Princesses brand name.