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  1. what will be the colour of her spinjitzu would it be blue or scarlet
  2. liked the overlord,keep up the good work :thumbup:
  3. kai looks nrg plus deepstone
  4. darthzane321

    Ninjago Sets Lego Missed

    clouse spell mech comes with clouse,shade,jay,skylor with hair
  5. darthzane321

    REVIEW: 75040 General Grievous’ Wheel Bike

    nice review really like the set for obi wan :classic: :thumbup:
  6. Awesome set highly recommended :thumbup:
  7. Awesome review! 100% recommended
  8. darthzane321

    REVIEW: 70753 Lava Falls

    awesome review 100% :thumbup:
  9. darthzane321

    REVIEW: 70755 Jungle Raider

    awesome review great work :thumbup: :thumbup:
  10. darthzane321

    REVIEW: 70754 ElectroMech

    awesome review WhiteFang :thumbup:
  11. darthzane321

    70751 Temple of Airjitzu

    same for me i was going to buy the lighthouse in the scooby doo theme but now i changed my mind
  12. nice review :thumbup: but lloyd face is the old one
  13. good work on building the bounty :thumbup:
  14. man i really like your reviews and clouse looks cool :thumbup: