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    White Wizard Hat

    ^ The Council of Wizards convene to determine the status of "Whitebeard"... Sorry for digging up such and old thread, but I have also stumbled across a white wizard's hat. I bought some minifigs loose at a market (Tasmania, Australia) - couple of old knights, a couple of fabuland figures, and a wizard. I got the wizard because just he looked cool. His hat has a hole in it (I thought he had probably been a keyring). The minifig itself seems to be made up of a number of random pieces (the torso is a young Boba Fett with swapped arms) - but I thought he looked pretty cool and had him sitting on my desk for a while so I wondered if I could replace his hat with a non-holed one. When I looked it up on Bricklink, I discovered the wizard's hat didn't come in white - and eventually I found my way here after some googling. I've compared him to the actual Lego wizards I have, and the mould is very similar, although the buckle is different. The classic blue wizard has a buckle where you can see the clasp (same as the Evil Wizard). On the other hand, Gandalf's hat doesn't have the clasp, but the buckle is otherwise the same size. Whitebeard (as I call him) has a buckle with a small clasp, but the entire buckle is slightly smaller (see the attached images). Brickset and Bricklink don't seem to differentiate between buckles styles in their databases - so I can't be sure if Lego has ever produced one like my white one. The actual Lego ones all seem to have something stamped inside the hat (I think it says '10') but Whitebeard doesn't. I'm assuming he's a clone brand - but the quality feels really good - if it had been a standard colour I wouldn't have even considered that it could be fake. Anyway - just thought I'd share... Higher Res version of the image: http://www.headlessmoron.com/images/blogged/whitebeard_coucil_large.jpg
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    Ancient topic (sorry) - but I'm looking for a Geocahcing AFOL in Europe to assist me :) I've got a TB from a cache here in Australia that's in a race back home to Europe and currently losing and I'd like to give it a jump :) If you know what TFTC means and you're in Europe, let me know :)
  3. This sounds like exactly the tool I've been looking for. Is it possible to get a copy? You can email me by using my username and #######@gmail.com