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  1. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    Agreed on window seating, was thinking of doing this myself
  2. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    True, guess I have no clue what it's like in Europe! So it appears US store doesn't have the sale preview that other nations have. That's too bad. Of course I wouldn't mind if Brick bank was for sale either. Looking to get back into modulars after a long lay-off (got the cafe corner when it came out and nothing since).
  3. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I wouldn't like first floor Post Office with apartments above because that's not very realistic. I've never seen that in the US from small towns to big cities post offices always seem to be a building unto themselves. Does anyone know the details of the discount on the Palace Cinema that is coming up?
  4. 8 wide modular City pizza (and classic F1 GP)

    Love it and your display, I'm working on something similar with a street race track. Yours is terrific.
  5. Lego Rock Band...Confirmed!

    The creators of Rock Band are the original creators of Guitar Hero. Rock Band is superior to Guitar Hero in pretty much every way, the creators pioneered the guitar game in the US and also the full band experience. The guy quoted in the article, Dan Teasdale, is a forum goer at another forum I post on and he has stated that Lego Rock Band is not just a cheap cash in, that it will be bringing a bunch of new things to the genre that will make it truly unique, and in some ways the best full band game on the market.
  6. Dwarves Mining set is out!!!!

    Nice, was it the Target on uh, elston near the high way and Diversey River bowl etc.?
  7. Dwarves Mining set is out!!!!

    Chicago, I'll post regarding whether the location has it or not.
  8. Dwarves Mining set is out!!!!

    I need to go to target for some cleaning junk anyway, looks like I'll be making a detour to the lego aisle.
  9. New Castle Sets Coming In 2008???

    I'm excited about the trolls and dwarfs. But I don't like the new Castle at all, it's too open and airy and doesn't have the solid feel of a castle. If they'd make a castle in the older vein, or in a modular construct like with Cafe Corner I'd be all over it. I'd love to have the option to buy a Keep, a bunch of wall segments, some towers, a smithy, a stable, maybe a guard house etc. and then put them how I want. I mean, that's what I usually do when I build a castle anyway.
  10. Mountain Village

    I really like this, I've been in the planning stages for a while on a island fort with a small town a bit similar to this, but I haven't had any time to actually start work on it. The mountain is very impressive. Makes me wish I had about 50 more rock pieces so I could do something similar. It also makes me want to hunt down my islanders and bring them back with a little island of their own.
  11. Why doesn't LEGO make skyscraper sets ???

    It looks like that the cafe corner is easily modded into a skyscraper since you can just buy additional sets and add floors into the middle. Modular buildings are a really smart way for lego to go, especially if they keep the same basic footprint. I was never really into town, but if they release a bunch of sets like this...
  12. Shop at home sets from 2007

    So beautiful that I was finally compelled to register. If this is the future of Lego then I'm going to need some more tables. The cafe should go great with a modified version of the newest creator house.