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  1. shouldn't the engine be placed a few studs forwards...? if you look up the details of the car the engine is placed between the front suspension
  2. mzzl88

    Semi dump truck

    nice design for this size, I really like the tipping bed and the clever design for operating it.
  3. @Milan, sorry I will look in to the bricksafe for the future.
  4. Thanks efferman, I will make new photos this afternoon and will make smaller versions of it so that I can post it in this thread. edit: -pics removed- Instead of the brickshelf link I thought I'd post them here it is.. the crane is a MOC so it is NOT finished...I'm waiting for a decent attachment for the Xerion..anyone a good advice...? (Sorry moderators if the pictures are to big...)
  5. hello, In the previous comments is mentioned a better arm for the Xerion, I just tried to build it on the existing gearbox...this is what I came up with in just a few hours... there are some similar bricks used as mentioned earlier. thanks for reading and please leave any comments...
  6. wow, really looking good guys...I have just a question, recently bought the Claas and loved to build it. However the turntable of the crane is still moving with the levers in neutral, do you experience this as well or did I just slip up with building this...?
  7. is this the first HOF (hall of fame) model for 2017....? wow really looking good...
  8. thanks for doing this waiting for the delivery guy to drop of the Claas Xerion, after the build I will look into the lights..
  9. how about the ferrari series, thinking about the enzo ferrari...?
  10. mzzl88

    [TC10] Backhoe

    that would be really cool, photo instructions will work very well i think
  11. mzzl88

    [TC10] Backhoe

    is there any chance you will build instructions for this monster of a backhoe...? I know i will build it with much pleasure
  12. first of all, everybody thanks for your good efforts...all the entry's are looking great but here are my favourite's: 1: 10 20: 6 11: 4 27: 3 25: 2 12: 1