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  1. Warlord Sieck


    Great Diorama! I have always been a fan of these. That's kinda one of the reasons why i loved the Lego Star Wars games so much because the levels looked realistic but had a touch of lego brillance in certain places.
  2. Warlord Sieck

    [MOD/MOC] Incom T-47 Snowspeeder

    Really nice. i like how it looks nice and smooth and not too blocky like LEGO's previous attempts.
  3. Warlord Sieck

    Large 10,000 pieces Millennium Falcon is minifig scale

    Oh my...What have we here? That is amazing looks like if the creator visted the Millenium Falcon set made by lucas film and made a scaled lego replica of it. I Love it!
  4. Warlord Sieck

    [LDD] AT-AT

    Very detailed! good work on the Endor setting.
  5. Warlord Sieck

    [WIP MOC] Another AT - AT

    Nice! I really like that the body actually has room to house minifigs.
  6. Warlord Sieck

    [MOC] UCS Hailfire Droid

    Nice job, Anio! I am a fan of your work. i'm really glad to see a hailfire droid that has this much detail and craftmenship and is not made out of just technic parts.
  7. Warlord Sieck

    [MOC - WIP] another AT-ST

    I have seen some pretty accurate custom-made AT-ST's in my time as a lego builder but this...is at least in my top 3 best AT-STs, period. Really the only impovement i can think of at the moment is that it would great to add a working hatch. Otherwise, I'm really impressed!
  8. I love it! I remember this from the 2nd Force Awakens trailer. Very detailed.
  9. Warlord Sieck

    [MOC] Echo Base

    I love the LED lighting! Really nice job.
  10. Warlord Sieck

    [MOC] UCS Arc Republic Gunship

    Oh how i loved the old cartoon...