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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Jordan. I'm an AFOL, but I've just returned after about ten years away from Lego. Then again, that's not really true. For about five years now, I've gone through a phase around my birthday when I really seek out the new Lego sets. Luckily, my birthday is roughly around the time that the year's new sets start to appear. I've been a reader of this forum for a few years now, but my sudden interest in the pirate sets has encourage me to take the plunge and join. I'm excited to be back!
  2. johe11214

    MOC: Scooby-Doo; 'Ruh Roh!'

    I agree with everyone else, you've really set the scene here. Your lighting is simply fantastic, as is the subject matter. As a child, I always wondered what would happen if Scooby and the gang made a bit of a mistake during one of their cases, and now I know!
  3. johe11214

    MOC - Big Box Hardware Store

    This is great! I particularly like the rack of toilet seats in the second picture (at least, I hope they're toilet seats).