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    LEGOOOO!! Running, history, making friends ;) Umm not doing these type of things xD lol


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  1. Pieter Dennison

    [COR - Ch1 Cat A] A morning swim

    Congrats on 1st! Great Build and definitely rewarding :)
  2. Pieter Dennison

    Brothers Grimm

    Most extraordinary! This just made my day
  3. Pieter Dennison

    [MOD] Double trouble, Blue Coat Fort

    Reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean IMO, it's looking good! Are all the minifigs from the same year of sets!? They look kinda different. I agree with the flat ground, you should elevate and maybe have all them all suited together, if you get me? But anyway great pirate build, don't see much of them nowadays :))
  4. Indiana Jones - The Original Trilogy. Played it on the PS2 and my god it was good!
  5. Pieter Dennison

    Frost Spear

    Serious amount of detail, especially loving those wooden plank pieces used. Very Nice man!
  6. Pieter Dennison

    Have you "come out" as an AFOL?

    Really sorry about your loss I'm 19 and I still find it hard to tell people, even my friends(some of them even make fun of me, just for fun tho ) But that should not discourage you from carrying on with the thing you love to do! So I say you shouldn't hide it, just let it out because there are so many of us out there
  7. Pieter Dennison

    18th Century Mansion

    Jeez for a new member you surely went in with a bang haha Also congrats on making it on the Frontpage!!
  8. Pieter Dennison

    75098 Assault on Hoth

    So many new/decent figs included in this set! With my love for Star Wars still high and mighty, this will definitely go with my coolection Lol
  9. Pieter Dennison

    [MOC] [Steampunk] Dr. Teslisons Airship

    Should be proud! Very nice work Got any more coming up??
  10. Pieter Dennison

    How do you dust between the studs on LEGO?

    Usually a toothbrush would work pretty well, but cotton buds could be used for specific touch-ups in some areas. Hope this helps.
  11. Pieter Dennison

    [MOC] Fall of Osgiliath

    Nice Work!
  12. Pieter Dennison

    HispaBrick Magazine 024 is out

    Haven't read through it all but definitely a great read so far!
  13. Pretty cool! Those brick separators though, good to see they're being used in a good way lol ;) Great to see more!!
  14. Pieter Dennison

    Minecraft servers?

    I just got into Minecraft, wanna set-up a server together or find a good one and play against each other?
  15. Pieter Dennison

    Hi from New Zealand

    Hi Eurobricks I'm Pieter from the deep South Country called New Zealand. I use to have another account but couldn't remember my username or password or the old email address I used (stupid I know) so I decided to make a new one. I'm an AFOL, 18 years old and builds mainly in dark fantasy, architectural and film, although you can usually catch me going out of my comfort zone. I have a MocPages account: http://www.mocpages.com/home.php/101914 and a Flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/120920417@N06/ My latest Moc I've been involved with: