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    Lego Marvel Superheroes, anything and every thing about the theme. I've been collecting them since the beginning in 2012. Marvel itself is a huge interest of mine, on page and on the big screen (not a fan of much of the new comic material, but the Lego output is great regardless of source material). You can usually find me hanging around in the Licensed forums...Super Heroes-related threads, of course.

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  1. I posed this question last year regarding Mighty Micros, and now I’ll ask it again with the 4+ tag. To my fellow completionist collectors, do you feel the need to get the 4+ sets for the minifgures in this wave? Since they’re no longer classified under a separate theme, it’s a bit of a debate for me. They’re essentially sets in the Marvel theme with exclusive variants of minifgures, despite being made for and marketed towards kids. Will you be getting the 4+ sets out of a sense of duty for your collection? Or is there really no harm done in passing on them, and you don’t count them as part of the core Marvel line. Thanks, I’m interested in hearing back.
  2. Lego used an over-the-neck armor piece for Iron Man Mk. 37 in the Red Skull Sub set, I’m hoping they can oblige for Rhodey too
  3. No, just a teaser of Spidey swinging between buildings. Just an announcement of the line apart from Lego Marvel Superheroes
  4. I think it’s made to look as if Doc Ock just jumped out of it
  5. It’s just speculation, as Carol Danvers is a pilot. That’s surprising. I’d hoped she’d have multiple expressions, given the character and the interchangeability that the hood allows for.
  6. Well, that usually makes it easier to pass on for me. Thanks.
  7. So is the Green Goblin set another Juniors set? Or more along the lines of "Spider-Trike vs Electro" from 2014?
  8. Thank God that Doc Ock is a Juniors minifigure. Interesting to hear about Carnage, those are larger pieces. I think a reuse of the vine pieces would’ve suited him better, but we’ll see. And yes! Spider-Man 2099 and that amazing Sandman are in the same set!
  9. Aegis2000

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Nothing official on the date, no. The venue is probably going to be right from the Lego shop. I’m hoping the November store calendar will reveal something in the next couple of days.
  10. The tentacles are an abominable excuse for “tentacles.” I’m assuming Doc Ock is a Juniors variant, because there’s no way that’s passable. It’d be a massive step back for the system sets.
  11. I like the sound of this, battle-damaged. Assuming Green Goblin will have a cape, the ringwraith/Hobgoblin cape sounds fitting.
  12. Would you say more or less intimidating? I quite liked the Summer 2016 variant
  13. Really? If that’s true, Winter 2019 could be very similar to Winter 2014; three Spidey sets ( $13-$50) and two Avengers Assemble sets ( rumored to be $20 and $60). However, there’s still an Avengers 4 wave to come. I don’t know how likely I find this, adding in the Captain Marvel set. That’s six sets followed by at least 3-4 sets from December to March, plus Spider-Man. We only got 9 wide release sets in 2018; this lineup would propose as many sets in the first quarter of 2019 alone.
  14. Aegis2000

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    The bricktober promo schedule for Canada is up, with the Infinity War pack coming out from October 19-25. The purchase threshold says $75 and it’s from ToysRUs, so I’d hope it’s closer to $50 from Lego Shop in the states. It was 40 euros across the pond, so $50 seems reasonable.
  15. This is true. It was a set more or less planned to test the waters again after 76022 X-Men vs the Sentinel