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  1. svede

    Building a LEGO bishop/clergy

    I've considered using this piece for a Bishop's hat before (haven't tried it so I am not 100% sure how it will look): https://www.bricklin...tem.asp?P=64797
  2. svede

    Ninjago 2012

    I have been lurking on this thread now for a while, but want to add to the conversation a bit. I am not really into the ninja aspects (only slight interest and that in a more historical way), but I love the series for what it brings - I am a castle guy myself. What I wanted to say that I love about some of the new ninja torsos/legs is that they look a little less pure ninja for me and can really be multipurposed for other stuff like castle more than past ninjas could. Does anybody else agree or have any ideas/thoughts on that? :) Thanks!
  3. svede

    Dino 2012

    Forgive me if this has already been said/answered, but are the tranquilizer guns (without the dart) 1 or 2 pieces? As in, is that a removable clip on the gun that holds the dart or part of the gun mold? Thanks!!
  4. svede

    Review: 6009 Black Knight

    I still love this set - I remember when it was the lone armored knight in my army when I was younger. :) Now I have like 6 of them. The funny thing is that while I like to mix and match to add variety with most of my army (giving dragon knights white & brown horses, etc), this is one of the few knights I have yet to convince myself to do that with - even with the face... I probably will eventually, but the nostalgia is very high... :)
  5. svede

    Kingdoms 2012?

    As much as want the standard non-licensed castle line in 2012, if they don't have it, I want at least to have something castle-related from which to get new pieces (and molds? ) - and then have castle back in 2013 since it is one of the 3 core themes for LEGO. :)
  6. svede

    2012 City sets

    Gotcha, that makes sense and is a really cool idea to add more versatility with less molds. Thanks for that image!
  7. svede

    2012 City sets

    I noticed this, too, and was hoping others might notice and comment as well in case I had it wrong, but it seems to be largely overlooked. Definitely looks like a new piece to me, though, and could be quite useful for greenery mocs - I am quite excited about this! :) EDIT: Also, I apologize if someone else already pointed this out (I didn't notice), but there are 2 versions of the new "brick wall" brick... look in this photo at the brick below the police sign and compare to the bricks used in the foundation: Thanks
  8. svede

    MOC: Trebuchet

    Supported. I wish LEGO would do more realistic siege weapons like this in castle sets or some sort of creator set. Thanks!
  9. svede

    Kingdoms 2012?

    Thanks for this link. In it, I saw this quote: So according to this, we can't even compare castle to pirate. Castle is one of the 3 core themes and wont take this same "hiatus". Am I reading this statement wrong? Thanks!
  10. svede

    New Lego 10223 Kingdoms Joust Exclusive

    So, maybe that was why he was going to the blacksmith - for new armor?
  11. svede

    Was this a deal?

    Hi All, I am pretty new here, this being my first post. :) I posted this over at classic-castle, too, but wanted to get as much advice as possible, so I figured I would post it here too. Forgive me if you saw it there. Also, I hope this is the correct forum for a post like this - please move if it is not. So, basically I wanted to share a deal I got and get your opinions on it since I am rather new to this. In the past couple months I have watched the Atlantis Gateway of the Squid and got 2 of them on sale for $30 at Target (usually $40). However, this isn't the real deal - but just to give some additional info. And to give some more background, the main thing I like about these sets (for castle/moc-building purposes) is that they have 2 of the 6x12 dark tan plate that is only in handful of sets other than store grand opening exclusives. Additionally, it has 3 4x6 tan plates and a fair number of dark bley pieces including 8 of the 1x8 dark bley bricks. I also like the 8 dark green weeds/spines. :) So, I decided to check a local kmart yesterday since I have heard about nice sales there but never seem to find them. Well, I found 7 of these sets there for $16 each ($112 total). Now you may call me crazy, but here is the way I was thinking about it. The squid warrior sells decent (seems to be usually $5-$7 on ebay and avg of $8.45 on bricklink) and the 2 diver minifigs are nice enough that I think I could probably make back at least $10-$12 per set. If that is the case I would be paying about $30-$40 for over 2300 lego pieces - seems decent to me. Am I being stupid or does this make sense to you guys? Then today I checked another kmart and they had 6 more sets, but for $24. So I only got 3. Should I have gotten the other 3 as well or should I have even gotten these? Any thoughts you can provide and advice for how to sell (i.e., bulk minifigs of the same type, should I do ebay vs bricklink, etc) would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!!