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  1. dxpert

    Designing a New Layout

    Great design, great use of the FxTrack system. Based on your layout design I believe you can fit everything in. The lower left corner has quite a bit going on with the water, dirt path and fields. You may want to have the water feeding the pond from the right instead?
  2. dxpert

    Power Functions Unloading Boxcar

    Great job, the design is very cool. More closeup pictures and videos would be appreciated
  3. dxpert

    Axle Bearings -best mod ever!

    Would you be willing to share the specific site that you got the batting’s from? Either through post or via private message? great idea, I’d very much like to do something similar. Nice work!
  4. @supertruper1988 could you share those LDD files?
  5. dxpert

    RC Railroad Crane

    Fantastic build! Great video. Well done.
  6. dxpert

    Long Term Modular Layout, Phase 1

    I'm going to guess that the blurred part of your picture is a CN locomotive. I'd be very interested in seeing it when you are done :) I think the black edges are a great improvement, they look very good. What size green plates are you using mostly on the top? I've been going through my collection and I don't have nearly enough green plates to build many modules. Would BrickLink be my best bet for purchasing more green plates?
  7. dxpert

    New layout attempt.

    You could add on another siding for more train parking.
  8. dxpert

    Train Set 60052 Battery Issues

    A good set of rechargeables works wonders for me!
  9. Fantastic labels! Thanks for sharing
  10. dxpert

    Long Term Modular Layout, Phase 1

    Awesome build. I had not heard of MILS, so I just did some research. I am now planning to do the same! I think the ties look fantastic, I have done them the same way. Looking forward to seeing more posts and progress.
  11. I've seen so many kickstarter campaigns not deliver, I sure hope this one does.
  12. Is this a firm direction change? Can you still buy cases?
  13. dxpert

    New locomotive on LEGO Ideas + new Guinness World Record

    Great train! I'd like to see it produced.
  14. dxpert

    Conrail GP40 building instructions

    Fantastic guide! Very detailed and very clear. Great build. I think that the switch is used to reverse the direction of the second truck, but I'm not positive. Can you confirm? Where can I download more guides like this one? Thanks.
  15. dxpert

    MOC - 60051 Club Car and Extended Car

    Great work on the extended cars! You have given me some great ideas to try out.