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  1. Yey, seems that all my major initial MOD lists have been all addressed (simple torsion bar solution by DugaldIC, Didumos69, HOG solution by jb70, 1->8 and 8->1 limiter by chox just now). By the time I get my own copy all these major issues will be gone :).
  2. Ah, the torsion bar idea from your Rugged Supercar. Good to know that this is an easy fix to the sagging front suspension :). One of my main MOD wishlist list ticked. Obviously TLG designers won't be allowed to use this technique as it stresses parts, but I am OK to sacrifice a few of and twisted axles to have better front suspension. Will keep watching this thread for other front suspension solutions.
  3. stevenhalim

    REVIEW: 10261 LEGO Creator Expert: Roller Coaster

    Interesting insights about this set and more from Jamie (just published by Zusammengebaut).
  4. Step one can't be done that soon. Need to ration my Lego budget (already used for the other 1 June release Roller Coaster). But I will get Chiron sometime soon. Meanwhile, my mod requests for early buyers who are more technically gifted: a. Find a way to put HOG somewhere in the car for playability :O. The front side seems much more complex than Porsche due to AWD. b. Is the front suspension (now with TWO springs each) really sag??, find a way to make it not sag :O. c. Ackermann steering? Is there enough space at crowded front suspension for this? I am aware that with AWD, we may not be able to have good turning radius anyway... d. Limit 8 reverse to just 1 reverse gear :O... I already give up motorising any big set even with direct drive bypassing gearbox (experience from 2 years ago and Chiron seems much heavier).
  5. stevenhalim

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    9 podcast episodes averaging 30m each, so at least 4.5 hours of listening time today if you want to listen to them all :O. This is much more than a few extra pages at the front of 42056 booklet. An interesting product reveal. Is it the first time a "designer video" (that usually lasts 3-5m) become a "designer podcast" that runs for ~4.5 hours :O?? PS: I have just finished the first episode and the last sentence was: "the best time to hear this podcast is when you are building your 42083"... well I don't have 42083 yet :O... nvm, will just playback these 9 podcast episodes when I have 42083 later.
  6. stevenhalim

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Thanks for the tips. I found it on iTunes. Listening now while waiting for the official reveal.
  7. stevenhalim

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Thanks This and your own reply afterwards. If my memory is correct, back in 2016 that 42056 Porsche also introduces the "Technic, Axle Connector 3L (that red driving ring that you said) that has now appear in many other 2017-2018 sets and that part actually shaped sequential gearbox design by MOCers in this forum 2016-2018, so actually Uwe did use something new for his Porsche gearbox design.
  8. stevenhalim

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Part 6211768 in yellow seems to be new (page 316). What is it?
  9. stevenhalim

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Lego Technic Singapore :O. So someone in this island already have it. Maybe I should check my local Lego shop this Friday/weekend :). Maybe time to change my display picture after getting this new set.
  10. The 360d viewer not working on my Chrome or Firefox. For those who have the same problem and wants to see them, you can use direct links at Jim's folder below, just replace the file number from number 091 sequentially to number 119. all the way down to
  11. stevenhalim

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Finally got a copy after waiting for 1.5 months, after watching "Hidden Figures" and "Apollo 13" movie, and reading 200 pages thick moon missions documentary book :O. Now just need to delay opening the box and prolong the build as slow as I can...
  12. @arshialQ, I have been trying to RC this and currently have this conclusion that 4 gear ratios, no matter how you configure it, are currently too much for the current Lego Technic system. On the lowest gear 1, most likely the torque is too much and something will likely break (the weakest link) in the drivetrain, usually cv joints, diffs, center diff (I feel the older diff is structurally weaker than the newer one). On the highest gear 4, most likely the speed is too much and torque is too low and the ~2kg model cannot move at all. In real life vehicle, people normally start with lowest gear, move the vehicle, and upshift when the vehicle has attained sufficient speeds. But that means you will need another servo to toggle the gear shift mechanism (additional IR receiver and additional controller, or you have to use SBrick). I have tried all that and currently not satisfied with the playability, so, still thinking.
  13. I am done with the build (non RC at this stage). I use (Porsche) orange as the secondary color as my car base is the sacrificed Porsche set, so of course I have orange color as the most available color during the build. I substitute (various red) parts that I don't have with black or LBG/DBG parts. Somehow manage to build this with my current sets without bricklinking a single part. Some connections are not as strong as the original but it "works" fine for my liking. Currently what I like the most from this build is the suspension system. Very low ride height like stock Porsche is like real supercar but it won't work on non-flat surface and stock Porsche cannot be rolled over your own finger. This one has ~2 studs ground clearance, anti-roll bar system (both axles) and torsion bar (rear only), the first Technic supercar that I build that has these combined features. In the attached picture, I am turning the front wheel (to the left) and the left front is over a bump (Porsche orange bag), the Ackermann steering effect is visible with the left front turning more than right front (and exaggerated due to some slack). As soon as it past the bump, all wheels quickly want to be flat on the ground again, restoring the ~2 studs ground clearance. The 4-speed gearbox seems to have the fewest number of total gears used to achieve 4 speeds :O (esp when compared with my attempt to motorized the Porsche last year) so I have a feeling I can put (real) motor(s) in place of the (fake) v8 engine and through the gearbox this time to drive the whole car. For steering, the natural placement of servo motor will be around the HoG section. I am also planning to put servo motor on the gear shift system too (sacrificing the right passenger seat) to see if RC gear change when this car moves is possible (or not). As the body is very closely integrated to the chassis, I will have to do major surgery to mod this to RC so let's see the results in the next few days.
  14. Thanks Didumos for the model and Blakbird, Busterhaus for the BI. Btw I got this message from PayPal when I tried to donate: "If you came to this page from another website, please return to that site (don't use your browser's Back button) and restart your activity." As I don't think I will buy official Technic set 2017, I treat this as my current (non official) flagship model of 2017 and a real modern version of 8880 :). I have cleared the build of the chassis and starting the body now. Currently struggling to substitute parts to make the body visually coherent with the parts that I already own (no budget for Bricklink...) I initially want to keep Paul's Scorpion CK-R built, but after halfway through the build of the chassis, I realised that I have to destroy it (only have 1 set of Porsche wheels and #23801 wheel hubs) AND also destroy many of my other built models to cannibalise mostly their DOG BONES (have 12, lacked 10 :( have to improvise with two #63869 and one (or two) #32184 to make it dog-bone like structure whenever possible) and #44809 (there are 16 blacks, 8 LBGs, 4 reds of these :O). The overall build experience so far is very positive. My first Technic supercar with anti roll bar. The ruggedness is real, survived abuse from my 3 years old boy during day time :). As it seems that nobody has tried (publicly) RC-ing this and I like RC cars, I may try RC-ing this Rugged Supercar and report when done.
  15. I am sad because I put high hopes on 40 years of Technic :(... For the first time since 2013, I probably will not buy any Technic set this year :(. Color scheme: I don't like the color scheme of the supposedly flagship 42070 and 42069... Unlike some of us in this forum, I don't like having small amount of parts in rare colors because I will have too many color vomit when I try to build other sets (that I cannot buy, as my budget is limited to buying 2-3 big flagships/year -- wife rule). So I am actually hoping for something big that either red/white... or orange (because of 42056). Function wise: 42069 does not look like it is RC and I have 42038 set... that 4 tracked wheels won't likely drive/steer well on flat surface that have minimum friction like my house floor (I already tried it with 42038). 42069 SHOULD have something like the RC tracked racer 42064 (that I built using 42055 BWE bag 1-2 parts + PF parts from other sets :O). That one works (very well) as the tracks are driven by motor. I see HOG on top of 42069, so likely it is meant to be played like 42038... manual... :( 42070 seems to have lots of PF functions. I already have 9398 so all terrain drive is not that new anymore. The red crane functions seems to be up/down, rotate left/right, and winch... it has appeared many times before: 42008 has it (but no rotate), 42009 has it, 42038 simple crane has it. Outrigger system. Again looks standard with many tried versions in the past: 42009 outriggers (2 mode), 42043 outrigger (only extend, manual second step), etc. Is it because I have so many prior Technic flagships and sets between 2013-2016 (and especially last year's 42054-42055-42056) that I don't feel this year's version that attractive anymore :(.... law of diminishing return perhaps? For the 3 sets-combined-into car chassis, I have built Paul Boratko's recent version of 8860 I agree that it is a very nice set for 40th anniversary but since I already have enough ~95% parts to build that (based on 42057/61/63 parts list), I will not likely buy the 3 separate small sets either and will just hunt for building instruction for it when it is available... If there is no hidden 42067 or secret 42071... year 2017 will be the year I switch to Modular Building (on its 10th anniversary) as I am considering to switch from All Technic since 2013 to buy 10255 Assembly Square (or maybe older modulars) in 2017 :O.