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  1. Wah clever easy fix jb70 :). Thanks. I will apply this to my Bugatti soon (will take some time as I need to disassemble quite a few pieces around that area). Perhaps put it in your Pimp up my Bugatti version 1.2 (if you decide to add more features later after your latest door mod).
  2. Yes, the paddle shifter in your pimped-up version is the same as original 42083. It is quite hard to change the setup of knob gears so that the knob gear that feeds to gearbox rotates to the other direction because of structural bracing around central console. I don't own a real car, but when I play car video games, pushing right paddle is for shift up and pushing left paddle for shift down. Push right paddle (instead of pull) to shift up will feel unnatural :). Yeah the gear indicator + shifter is more convenient. But one day if I have free time and strong will, I may want to mirror the gearbox so that 8->1 becomes 1->8 to make this paddle shifter works like it should. At least now I know that I didn't built jb70 pimped-up version wrongly. Thanks :).
  3. Yeah I understand this. My question is why pressing right paddle (towards driver seat, which also simultaneously push away the left paddle in this model) causes a "gear down" action (engines moves faster when model pushed at constant speed along the floor). (and the reverse for pressing left paddle). Isn't in real car, pressing right paddle should be "gear UP/plus" and pressing left paddle should be "gear DOWN/-"? I just tested it again on the currently build Bugatti with jb70 pimp up version. When I press the right paddle towards driver seat 8+ times (until blocked), I am expecting the car to be at 8th gear (engines moves slowest when model pushed at constant speed along the floor)... but no... the engine moves at the fastest rate... So is this a bug or I misunderstand/wrongly built something
  4. @jb70 (and others who contributed so far). I have build the pimp up my Bugatti and I found it more playable than the original version as the slack is less (of course). Thanks. One quick question is about the paddle shifter setup. I have built everything as per your pimp up version and notice that pulling the right lever towards the driver is actually a downshift action (W16 engine moves faster) whereas pulling left lever towards the driver is actually a gearshift action (W16 engine moves slower). Isn't that the reverse of a real car? Right paddle is a + and Left paddle is a -? Is there a quick fix or should I try to mirror the gearbox so that 8->1 becomes 1->8?
  5. Yey, seems that all my major initial MOD lists have been all addressed (simple torsion bar solution by DugaldIC, Didumos69, HOG solution by jb70, 1->8 and 8->1 limiter by chox just now). By the time I get my own copy all these major issues will be gone :).
  6. Ah, the torsion bar idea from your Rugged Supercar. Good to know that this is an easy fix to the sagging front suspension :). One of my main MOD wishlist list ticked. Obviously TLG designers won't be allowed to use this technique as it stresses parts, but I am OK to sacrifice a few of and twisted axles to have better front suspension. Will keep watching this thread for other front suspension solutions.
  7. stevenhalim

    REVIEW: 10261 LEGO Creator Expert: Roller Coaster

    Interesting insights about this set and more from Jamie (just published by Zusammengebaut).
  8. Step one can't be done that soon. Need to ration my Lego budget (already used for the other 1 June release Roller Coaster). But I will get Chiron sometime soon. Meanwhile, my mod requests for early buyers who are more technically gifted: a. Find a way to put HOG somewhere in the car for playability :O. The front side seems much more complex than Porsche due to AWD. b. Is the front suspension (now with TWO springs each) really sag??, find a way to make it not sag :O. c. Ackermann steering? Is there enough space at crowded front suspension for this? I am aware that with AWD, we may not be able to have good turning radius anyway... d. Limit 8 reverse to just 1 reverse gear :O... I already give up motorising any big set even with direct drive bypassing gearbox (experience from 2 years ago and Chiron seems much heavier).
  9. stevenhalim

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    9 podcast episodes averaging 30m each, so at least 4.5 hours of listening time today if you want to listen to them all :O. This is much more than a few extra pages at the front of 42056 booklet. An interesting product reveal. Is it the first time a "designer video" (that usually lasts 3-5m) become a "designer podcast" that runs for ~4.5 hours :O?? PS: I have just finished the first episode and the last sentence was: "the best time to hear this podcast is when you are building your 42083"... well I don't have 42083 yet :O... nvm, will just playback these 9 podcast episodes when I have 42083 later.
  10. stevenhalim

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Thanks for the tips. I found it on iTunes. Listening now while waiting for the official reveal.
  11. stevenhalim

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Thanks This and your own reply afterwards. If my memory is correct, back in 2016 that 42056 Porsche also introduces the "Technic, Axle Connector 3L (that red driving ring that you said) that has now appear in many other 2017-2018 sets and that part actually shaped sequential gearbox design by MOCers in this forum 2016-2018, so actually Uwe did use something new for his Porsche gearbox design.
  12. stevenhalim

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Part 6211768 in yellow seems to be new (page 316). What is it?
  13. stevenhalim

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Lego Technic Singapore :O. So someone in this island already have it. Maybe I should check my local Lego shop this Friday/weekend :). Maybe time to change my display picture after getting this new set.
  14. The 360d viewer not working on my Chrome or Firefox. For those who have the same problem and wants to see them, you can use direct links at Jim's folder below, just replace the file number from number 091 sequentially to number 119. all the way down to
  15. stevenhalim

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Finally got a copy after waiting for 1.5 months, after watching "Hidden Figures" and "Apollo 13" movie, and reading 200 pages thick moon missions documentary book :O. Now just need to delay opening the box and prolong the build as slow as I can...