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  1. I am new to LDD, so please forgive me if this is obvious. I've done a search but couldn't find the answer. I have placed a tile on the board and now I'm trying to place a second tile that is upside down on top of it, but it doesn't seem to be possible. Has anyone achieved this or know how to?
  2. augen

    UK Sales

    Picked up #79100 Kraang Lab Escape for £3 from Asda last night. It was on a clearance shelf full of toys that hadn't sold in the sale.
  3. I have real mixed feelings about this series, but with a few alterations all the minifigures could be enhanced to add something new to existing themes. With a different head, the Swashbuckler would make a great Errol Flynn. Also can't help but think that the designer is a big Baywatch fan with our very own Mitch and CJ now. It's also good to see the continued use of short sleeves, which make some figures look more realistic to me.
  4. 72 minifignick (3 votes) 79 Legoman11 (1 vote) 90 viracocha (1 vote) 144 moctown (2 votes) 180 kritch (1 vote) 235 Cara (1 vote)
  5. augen

    Steam Castle Falls

    This is a phenomenal MOC - the additional of the birds' heads from the Chima sets remind me of reading Perdido Street Station.
  6. augen

    UK Sales

    Argos have also got some good half price deals if they're in stock locally. I just reserved these. Heavy Lift Helicopter @ £17.49 Excavator Transport @£12.49 They have some other good deals here.
  7. augen

    UK Sales

    There are a couple of sets at half price plus 15% discount for using code FL72 at Debenhams. Stephanies's Soccer Practice @ £5 (£4.25 inc. discount) Wakz' Pack Tracker @ £15 (£12.75 inc. discount)
  8. augen

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome to Eurobricks Kez. It's great to have more people from the UK.
  9. augen

    MOC: Small Train Station

    I really like how you've done the side of the platform, looks great.
  10. 1. castor-troy - 1 2. cimddwc - 1 14. alex54 - 1 36. Bernd - 1 37. jirikone - 1
  11. 15. Oky - 2 24. Bernd - 1 10. LegoJalex - 1 18. L@go - 1
  12. 2. lisqr - 2 12. moctown - 2 7. kit fisto - 1
  13. Very good review, thank you. I also found problems with stability and have had to repair the main building several times. Overall though, of all the sets that I have bought recently, this is one of my favourites. I especially love the colour combinations in the dragon.
  14. augen

    Hiya from Newcastle, UK

    Welcome to Eurobricks. It's cool that both you and your partner both take an interest.