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  1. the_vertical_man

    Dark Energy

    This looks absolutely stunning. Also, great use of that Star Wars droid piece.
  2. the_vertical_man

    [MOC] Quad vs. Minifigure Mech Suit

    There is a slight problem where the studs next to the minifigure helmet appear to clip through it, but LDD has not registered it as an incorrect placement.
  3. the_vertical_man

    [MOC] Quad vs. Minifigure Mech Suit

    Ah, yes. That would probably be a better aesthetic touch. Noted! And thanks for replying!
  4. the_vertical_man

    [MOC] Quad vs. Minifigure Mech Suit

    Hello there! This is yet another small LDD build I put together, featuring a four-wheeler facing off against a small minifigure mech suit. Feel free to check out the below pictures. Here is the full profile of the build, with the pilot facing off against the machine gun of the vehicle. A view from behind the car, showing the front of the flying suit. Front of the car: And lastly, the minifigure in a close-up: Thanks for viewing and feel free to comment!
  5. the_vertical_man

    [MOC] Lance Ship BRY-798

    Good usage of those old Knights' Kingdom/Exo-Force arm linkers as the cannons.
  6. the_vertical_man

    The Shadow Builder [MOC]

    Looks like something out of the movie. It looks great and functions well.
  7. the_vertical_man

    [WIP] Pre-SHIPtember Build

    I like the streamlined design. I'm biased to my favorite color, so green is the most pleasing to me.
  8. the_vertical_man

    [moc] Blacktron scout bike

    It has a unique look to itself. Good work!
  9. the_vertical_man

    NCS Fighter LL971

    Very great shaping! It's well put together. The detail on the engine is especially impressive. The retro colors as well as the smooth design are awesome.
  10. the_vertical_man

    [MOC] Fly with style

    Amusing story, and a well-designed speeder to go with it.
  11. the_vertical_man

    Nindroid Mecha

    Very nicely proportioned and it stays true to the Ninjago theme. Good work!
  12. the_vertical_man

    [LDD MOC] Silent Striker

    I didn't base it off of anything, but I see the resemblance. Thank you!
  13. the_vertical_man

    [LDD MOC] Silent Striker

    Hello! This is just a little something-something I made in LDD. Didn't take too long and probably isn't the most impressive thing, but it's a cute little ship. Here it is, head-on view: Side view, which shows off the wings: Back view; here are the thrusters/engine: And an overhead shot, so you can see the whole thing: Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the build c: Feel free to comment and critique and such. It's the first build I've posted here so feel free to speak your mind.
  14. the_vertical_man

    UCS Invisible Hand

    The attention to detail is incredible. Stuff like the baby MTT solidifies that. It may not be up to scale to its opposite, but what an amazing construction it is.
  15. the_vertical_man

    [MOC] The Iron Force - IDSMOR2

    I'm unsure as to what this contest is, but your build simply outshines your opponents in every manner. I must concur with Mark, that courtyard design is ingenious. The cliff design is truly a marvel.