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    Building a spaceship halp.

    Thanks guys! :D I will work on organizing box by box lol, trying to get pieces of similar function(rectangles, slopes, transparents, etc) in boxes and whatnot. I have an entire box of instructions, and I've figured out what I want to rebuild of my collection, as well as some ideas of my own creations too. My main issue is that I'm simply unsure of what I have and don't have lol.
  2. Booklovingbuilder

    Building a spaceship halp.

    Ah okay! Thank you for the suggestion! My main problem is that all my sets are small, from the mid-late nineties, and there is hardly a shared/duplicated part among them as far as I can tell. Would it help if I got organized to a degree? I've got five boxes full of miscellaneous parts with no rhyme or reason to them...
  3. Booklovingbuilder

    Building a spaceship halp.

    Alright, thank you! I am pretty darn bad at drawing, but I can certainly try. Any recommendations on how to make a build look less...blocky? I don't seem to have many curved pieces in my collection for wings and such...
  4. Booklovingbuilder

    Building a spaceship halp.

    Thanks for the help guys! Those are some good tips Spirit! I will use those :) And thanks Paddy, I'll watch some!
  5. Booklovingbuilder

    Building a spaceship halp.

    Hi folks! Booklovingbuilder here, and I am trying to build a lego spaceship(or perhaps mecha) out of a bunch of disparate Insectoids and UFO parts, the problem is... I simply lack building skill. I honestly don't know where to begin on a ship, what to start with, or even really what pieces are most useful. I'm trying for a somewhat simple fighter, with a moveable cockpit, wings, cannons, and an engine. I've seen tons of great ships here and elsewhere, I just have no idea how to actually BUILD something without instructions anymore. Anyone wanna help? Ideas, sample ships, literally anything would be beneficial. If there are certain sets that have been used a lot in MOCs, I'd gladly buy them. Thank you!
  6. Booklovingbuilder

    New here!

    Hi there Deraven! Thanks for all the great tips :) Oddly, my imagination is a tad stunted these days, hence the need for a model to build from or instructions, but the bulk wall sections and whatnot is a great suggestion! Someday I want to build a big castle with rooms and halls and stuff, but that may be years off. Any tips on the best Castle sets?
  7. Booklovingbuilder

    New here!

    Hey folks! New here! I'm BooklovingBuilder, loved LEGO as a kid but fell away from it as it "wasn't cool" after junior high, now getting back into it! I loved Castle as a kid, and still have a few old minifigs of the King, some knights, and random archers from various 90's sets. I was looking through an old LEGO ideas catalog #260 and found a massive Castle they built from Lord knows how many sets and it inspired me to really get back into Castle. So, where do I start? I want the big stuff, the huuuge castles and keeps, but where can I buy them for somewhat cheap? Has anyone here built the stuff from the idea books? Thanks!
  8. Booklovingbuilder

    Playable castle

    DO WANT. That is beautiful sir. Please, do more castles like that! Maybe put up some tutorial vids for us plebeian builders? DO WANT. That is beautiful sir. Please, do more castles like that! Maybe put up some tutorial vids for us plebeian builders?
  9. Booklovingbuilder

    [MOC] Skeletal Dragon

    Holy crackerjacks sir. I made an account literally just to comment! That's incredible. Teach me how to do this!