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  1. Nequmodiva

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I always liked that with the B-models they often explored vehicles that aren't popular enough to get their own A-model version. Some have mentioned that often there are better alternate models on rebrickable, but then Lego should have decreased prices, because many instructions on rebrickable have to be payed. Also there are sets that got no or very low attention from alternate builders.
  2. Nequmodiva

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Hey, I made a 9396 VTOL alternate 6 years ago:
  3. 9: 10 33: 6 59: 4 20: 3 53: 2 41: 1
  4. Nequmodiva

    [MOC] 42108 Set Alternates

    The instructions for the harbour crane are ready. Available for free at rebrickable:
  5. A very good model again! I especially like the saddle. It shows how alternate building stimulates creativity, because when faced with an unlimited choice of bricks nobody would think of using the engine mount frame piece for that.
  6. I hope you will get well soon! And nice model!
  7. Nequmodiva

    [MOC] 42108 Set Alternates

    Thank you! Ok, here are two more. I'm not good at making photos of such big models. Thank you! The upper structure is not balanced on its own at maximum reach, though the base stabilizes it. Thank you! Yes I know about the wheels and was debating the tire usage during the build myself. I guess it's a personal preference, most of the time I have an odd feeling about wheel rims without tires.
  8. Nequmodiva

    [MOC] 42108 Set Alternates

    I had the same idea as Tomik, to build a harbour crane. Well no coincidence, I own 8053 too and also built the alternate back then. Plus I might have built other harbour cranes in the past. So I had to do it for 42108 as well, and here it is. No part is an exact copy of 8053-B, but I took a lot of inspiration from it, and the functions are basically the same. Including the container that can be grabbed. A notable improvement compared to 8053-B is the increased distance it can slide on the base, it always bugged me how it was limited by the support beams on the original. Also I had to give it a distinct horse head jib at the top, which 8053-B was unfortunately missing. I will make instructions for it, but with more than 1000 parts this might take some time. Plus I've got two instructions for alternates from other smaller sets nearly done that will be published before.
  9. That's also my setup. LDD runs much faster than studio on my computer and I'm way faster building with LDD. Then I import the LDD file into studio and export it as ldraw file. Some of the newer parts have a wrong orientation afterwards, but it's not that much to fix. Making the steps in MLCad is the most time consuming part of the process. That's why I'm glad MLCad runs really smooth on Linux with Wine, where I mostly work. The good thing about MLCAD + LPub3D is that you can have bend parts like cables, hoses and strings, that you can insert arrows, buffer exchanges, assembled parts etc. Since Technic models and instructions tend to be complex you need all of those things way more than when doing System instructions.
  10. Nequmodiva

    Grohl's Creations

    Very much appreciated! While video instructions are easy to follow I find a lot of time is spend pausing, unpausing and then waiting for the next step.
  11. Nequmodiva

    [TC16] EurobrX Martian Lander

    You can upload ldd files in mecabricks.
  12. Here is a photo I took when I built the model: I can't access the comments I wrote back then any more and the page is also not in the internet archive. So I wrote them down from memory again, along with the rest of my photos and the LDD files: I thought about making step by step instructions for the model back then, but because of the flaws it has, I rather did instructions for my forklift alternate and the SUV and trailer by Keep-on-bricking (the instructions are in the video).
  13. Nequmodiva

    Nequmodiva's Technic Alternates

    You are right. The back of the cab uses 13M beams, so there is a limit for lowering it without completely redesigning the model. But to lower it by one is possible. And it already looks better. Thanks!
  14. Nequmodiva

    Nequmodiva's Technic Alternates

    Here is an alternate of the 42093 Corvette: a dump truck. It has articulated steering, a V8 engine and the bed can be raised. More images and instructions on Rebrickable.
  15. Nequmodiva

    Alternate mocs from official LEGO Technic sets

    After a cooperation between Peteris and me there are now step by step instructions for the 42078 SUV & Trailer C-model available on Youtube