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  1. Nequmodiva

    [TC16] EurobrX Martian Lander

    You can upload ldd files in mecabricks.
  2. Here is a photo I took when I built the model: I can't access the comments I wrote back then any more and the page is also not in the internet archive. So I wrote them down from memory again, along with the rest of my photos and the LDD files: I thought about making step by step instructions for the model back then, but because of the flaws it has, I rather did instructions for my forklift alternate and the SUV and trailer by Keep-on-bricking (the instructions are in the video).
  3. Nequmodiva

    Nequmodiva's Technic Alternates

    You are right. The back of the cab uses 13M beams, so there is a limit for lowering it without completely redesigning the model. But to lower it by one is possible. And it already looks better. Thanks!
  4. Nequmodiva

    Nequmodiva's Technic Alternates

    Here is an alternate of the 42093 Corvette: a dump truck. It has articulated steering, a V8 engine and the bed can be raised. More images and instructions on Rebrickable.
  5. Nequmodiva

    Alternate mocs from official LEGO Technic sets

    After a cooperation between Peteris and me there are now step by step instructions for the 42078 SUV & Trailer C-model available on Youtube
  6. Nequmodiva

    [C-MODEL] 42075 - Dune Buggy

    Nice! Easily the best alternate I've seen from this set.
  7. Nequmodiva

    Nequmodiva's Technic Alternates

    Thanks for your comments! Here is my next alternate: an Airboat Racer made from 42074. The propeller in the back is driven by one of the front wheels. All gears from the original set are used here. It's inspired by similar Lego models like 8223 Hydrofoil, which was by the way my first Technic set as a child. Although I don't think hydrofoil is the right name for such a boat. Other similar vehicles include the boat from 31023 Yellow Racers. 42045 Hydroplane Racer however is a different kind of machine, as these are not driven by airborne propellers. So I named this one Airboat, because the propeller is clearly above the water surface. Unlike those airboats used to travel the swamps this one however is more of a racer.
  8. I've decided to make a topic for all my C-models/alternates from Technic sets. I've started doing alternates some years ago, but only about one year ago I learned how to make instructions with MLCad and LPub3D. Since then I managed to make instructions for all my older alternates too. Except for the two which already had photographic instructions. So while most of these alternates might not be new to you, many of the instructions certainly are. Since I was still learning during this year the quality of the instructions is varying. The first one I even remade later on. You can compare it: 42061 Forklift first instructions, 42061 Forklift improved instructions. The first version not even had submodels. Alternates with PDF instructions: 8032 Telehandler: 8046 Twin Propeller Seaplane: 8261 Helicopter: 9395 Spaceship: 9396 Deep Sea Exploration: (own topic) 9396 VTOL: 9396 Mini Chinook: 42053 Cherry Picker: (own topic) 42060 Mining Truck: 42061 Forklift: (own topic) 42064 Helicopter: 42074 Airboat Racer: 42078 Forklift: Alternates with photographic PDF instructions: 8051 Helicopter: 8067 Harbour Crane: (own topic) Models by other designers that I made instructions for: 42078 SUV and Trailer, instructions on Youtube
  9. Nequmodiva

    MLCad - highway rigs

    Oh right, I didn't know this part exists. Wasn't in any of my childhood sets.
  10. Nequmodiva

    MLCad - highway rigs

    What kind of length 6 white slope part is there on the roof? I think the clips holding the antennas collide with it?
  11. Maybe gofundme? If your project is successful, will the instructions be released for free or will only people who contributed a minimum receive them? If it fails, will instructions still be for sale or will the project be canceled?
  12. I didn't know you built it in LDD only. I thought you very just too lazy to makes photos . Why didn't you build it? Do you not own 42078? Then why did you design an alternate for it?
  13. 42079 built as an alternate of 42078 Mack Anthem: Rebrickable Modifications include openable doors and a four cylinder Mack style engine. And of course a different color schema.
  14. Nequmodiva

    42069 - C MODEL

    Yes with some bending the connector should come off, so it's not completely impossible. In the video you already bend it while inserting
  15. Nequmodiva

    42069 - C MODEL

    That's very nice. I prefer building from PDF so much more than building from video. (But video is still better than building from lxf.) Though I will probably not getting to test build this because I don't own 42069. Looking through the instructions I noticed one thing: on page 41, 2. picture, it will be hard getting the axle with stop out of that frame again.