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    The new 2016 Police Car

    Very nice looking car 10/10
  2. klonetrropa

    MOC/MOD - Main Street Palace Cinema, Godwins Hollow

    Gave me plenty of ideas for my cinema, nice work!
  3. klonetrropa

    Share Improvements on Original Sets to 'Complete' Them

    loving the red and green colour scheme. Need to put the finsihing touches to my Schooner and then i'll post pics
  4. klonetrropa

    Football shirts

    The Rooney figure looks just like him
  5. Hello eurobrick members, long time viewer here but finally took the plunge to join. I was always a lego fan growing up (pirates and space were my favourites). Got back into Lego a few years ago (im now 31) when i came across the box for my old skulls eye schnooer in my parents loft. Being a huge comic fan my attention now lays with the super heroes range and now i have great plans for a lego modular city filled with a huge battle between Marvel super heroes and the bad guys. Will be posting pics as my city and my collection grows and hopefully i will be building some of my classics and displaying them now my girlfriend has given me free reign over the spare bedroom!
  6. klonetrropa

    [MOC] Lars garage - help me Obi Wan Kenobi...

    Very cool, love the shape and angle of the thing! I was suspicious that Luke had no left arm but i spotted it finally.
  7. klonetrropa


    Very nice indeed, captured the exterior look perfectly, i agree with Greg maybe the bottom floor could be a couple of bricks higher but if your anything like me greys are usually hard to come by!
  8. klonetrropa

    Hello, I'm Cristian from Italy

    hello, seems like i am not the only new member today !
  9. klonetrropa

    [MOC] Dream House

    WOW !!!
  10. klonetrropa

    MOC: Kitchen Store (Modular Building)

    very cool! love the details on the front
  11. klonetrropa

    Train Station

    You will definitely get a vote from me! Very nice indeed
  12. klonetrropa

    Purist Superhero Figures

    MARVEL Mockingbird (cross between comic version and agents of shield), Wiccan and Hulkling and Domino (X-men)