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    [MOC] Modular Medieval Lighthouse

    Thanks! Now i have an idea for my new tower. Very nice.
  2. Valak

    [MOC] Darmanian Castle

    Nice details. I really like the tower and the entire settings. Good job.
  3. Valak

    MOC:Elf Tower

    Great use of the boats. Not so "Elves style", but lovely.
  4. Valak

    [MOC] Coltherstone Castle Stable

    Wonderful stable, full of details. The cleaning boy is so sad :D
  5. Hi! I come from Rome, in Italy. I love Lego Castle, Sci-fi and Pirate and every set that i could use to raise an army. I play BrikWars! with my friends and i'm looking for many ideas to improve my armies or MOCs. See you! V
  6. I have two armies not so big... Dragon Knights and a Sci-fi Dimensional Travel. My Dark Age ended recently. The next few days i'll post a picture of them.