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  1. Gouniaf

    [MOC] Speed Hover Bike concepts

    Sweet ! There are a lot of details. How many parts did it take to build this small gem ?
  2. This is the first Zeta-class shuttle MOC I see, and I'm not disappointed. The cockpit could be more accurate, but if your intention was to fit 4 minifigures, that's ok. If ever Lego releaes an official Zeta model, it wouldn't be very different from your own. Great job !
  3. Gouniaf

    [MOC] HammerHead Corvette

    I'm very excited to see it built, whever you choose to do the Rebels or the Rogue One version.
  4. Gouniaf

    [MOC] Blade Wing Starfighter

    Thanks ! This is actually simpler than what I thought
  5. Gouniaf

    [MOC] Blade Wing Starfighter

    I must approve Flandy, if that set was for sell, I would take one. I'm a huge B-Wing fan, and I love your interpretation of the prototype. Especially the rotating system for the two cockpits. Could you explain how you did that ? Thank you The best Blade-wing (and B-wing) I've seen so far, great job !
  6. Gouniaf

    [MOD] Republic TX-130 Saber Tank

    It's a good thing you add some play features. And these Imperial tank pilots fits very well on that MOC. Good job (one more time) !
  7. Gouniaf

    [MOC] Y-Tie advanced

    A few weeks ago I got myself the 75150 set, as I wanted to have the latest version of the A-Wing. I also built the Tie-advanced, although I'm not fond of Vader's ship. Then, I discovered Veynom's Y-Tie and I wanted to have my own. First, I've built a Y-Wing cockpit from spare parts, trying to get as close as possible from the incoming 75172 Rogue One's Y-Wing. After that, I removed some bricks from the Tie front part. A long Technic bar connect the both parts. It replaces the missile-launching bricks, beneath the Tie's cockpit. Then, I've rebuilt the top face of the Tie, replacing the hatch by the canopy, so one caracter can take place, as a passenger or a gunner for the Y-Wing's turret. I'm rather satisfied with my Ugly, but I think a few details could be improved. For example, the lack of landing gear (It's a recurrent issue with the original Tie-Advanded), and the turret's design, a bit too simple. Also, I wonder if I should replace the top canopy by the original hatch. What do you think ?
  8. Gouniaf

    [MOC] STAP

    The shape is really close to the source material. But it's a bit too bog next to the droid. Still a great (little) MOC
  9. Gouniaf

    [MOC] Incom Z-95 Headhunter

    You really get the good old expanded universe shape of the ship. Very nice job !
  10. Gouniaf

    Put Capt. Solo in the cargo hold

    Everything is good in your MOC, from the Slave 1 to the background. The little buildings add a lot to the scene. Good work !
  11. Gouniaf

    [MOC] Endor (Architecture Skylines)

    Very clever. I admire how you achieve a loyal representation of the buildings with few pieces, especialy the Ewoks'village. Your MOC must look good on a desk.
  12. Gouniaf

    [MOC] The Ultimate AT-AT Walker

    What can I say ? This is actually THE ultimate AT-AT every Lego Star Wars fan would love to have on its shelf. You did a wonderful job !
  13. Gouniaf

    [MOC] Maz Kanata's Castle on Takodana

    Wow, that is a great MOC ! I haven't seen any diorama of that scene before, that's original. It's also nice to stay close to the Lego design. I'm not a fan of the custom minfigures, but as there are not a lot og TFA minifigures yet, I can admit you used some.
  14. Gouniaf

    [MOC/WIP] Ebon Hawk

    The world needs more Ebon Hawkss. Yours starts very well. I'm pretty exited to see it done. Good luck in your project
  15. Gouniaf

    [MOC] Imperial Bastion on the planet Valrar

    This is every Imperial fan's dream !