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  1. JDude

    Laying the First Stone!

    Love the color scheme!
  2. JDude

    Murder at the Tavern

    Thanks for the idea! Also, what Snot techniques would you reccomend?
  3. JDude

    Murder at the Tavern

    Thanks all! I appreciate it!
  4. Murder at the Tavern http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=113128 | JDude | Nocturnus
  5. I'm going to be doing some builds describing the backstory for my Nocturnus character, Terrowin. That being said, this is my first of those builds and also my first real MOC. In his childhood, Terrowin was known as Winnie. His family was happy. His father was a mercanary and his mother took care of him. One night they were going to the local tavern for dinner. Little did they know, however, that a goblin mercenary wanted to buy Winnie's father out of business. First, the goblin decapitated Winnie's mother. Then, he stabbed Winnie's father in the back. "NO!" Winnie screamed. A guard tried to stop him, but the murderer got away. That day, Winnie swore he would avenge his parents. Here are some more pictures of the build. Thanks for looking! Comments and constructive criticism greatly appreciated!
  6. Thanks for all the welcomes everone. I just realized I forgot to say what side I'm on. I think I'm going to be independent for now, maybe team up when it benifits me, but be my own party for the most part. (Along with my undead hordes.)
  7. This seems pretty sweet. Might as well join. This is Terrowin. Born and raised human 500 years ago during Nocturnus' (somewhat) more peaceful times, Terrowin was a normal person, when, at 14 years old, both of his parents died while on an expidition for the current ruler. He found their bodies and started to train with the most powerful necromancer of the time. He learned how to raise the dead and various other magical abilites. He reanimated his parents and sought out to kill the current king and take the throne for himself to prevent people form dying. However, he will kill anyone in his path to get there. Powers: Necromancy, Jedi-ish reaction times, fireballs. Weaknesses: Although Very hard to kill in a full out fight, he sometimes will not detect someone sneaking aroun behind him. He also gets very emotional when someone he cares about dies.
  8. JDude

    Immovable Brick: Help!

    just get a tiny titanium crowbar... Doesn't everyone have those laying around?
  9. When buying parts on bricklink, is there any way to bunch of a specific type (ex. Red Roof pieces), or do I have to go through and pick the pieces and quantities individually?
  10. How about 75$ So sorry if this is way low, I'm still not used to prices quite yet.
  11. Wow, those are both great. One question though. How did you get the house to sit at an angle like that?
  12. JDude

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    How do you guys sort your legos? ATM I all my crap is unsorted, and the previous way i did it (color) did not work out great for me. Any ideas?
  13. JDude

    I need a few tips

    Oh okay, I get in now. Ill have to try that to see how it goes.
  14. JDude


    I love those trees. How did you do those?
  15. JDude

    I need a few tips

    What do you mean? That sounds confusing. Edit* Not the angle plates, the two studs thick thing.