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  1. Lexa

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Looking at the picture with the wheel, I would go for lime as colour for the Lambo.... which will be a perfect match for Lambo...as we won‘t get metallic green...
  2. There are sets in new grey or old grey out there, but I think, no mixed versions. I built two MIB-Sets, one each...
  3. Lexa

    [MOC] Mini Cooper

    Hi thank's for sharing the instruction... That's what came out tonight. Greetings Axel image by Axel, auf Flickr
  4. Lexa

    Vintage Train with Be 6/8 "Crocodile"

    late, but as promised..some quick shots IMG_0880 by Axel, auf Flickr IMG_0864 by Axel, auf Flickr IMG_0873 by Axel, auf Flickr IMG_0875 by Axel, auf Flickr Credits go to HoMa
  5. Lexa

    Vintage Train with Be 6/8 "Crocodile"

    I have to take some... at the moment it is standing on my desk giving me a smile everytime looking at it... Will post some quick shots later...
  6. Lexa

    Vintage Train with Be 6/8 "Crocodile"

    Hi yes , I build it. It looks fantastic, but it is still missing some dark green carriages like yours..
  7. Lexa

    Vintage Train with Be 6/8 "Crocodile"

    I kept my wanted list for....don't know...another colour? Yeah, it took quite a long time... but it is worth it...
  8. Lexa

    Vintage Train with Be 6/8 "Crocodile"

    Hello, good choice to build this beauty !! I could not resist either, so I build it Christmas 2016 after collecting parts the hole year round... And this is were I ended up... Kroko braun 3 by Axel, auf Flickr Kroko gruen 1 by Axel, auf Flickr Kroko doppelt 2 by Axel, auf Flickr Besides...the BR10 is another beauty worth building Greetings Axel
  9. Hi sometimes it takes time.... Here are some pictures of my Vespa's based on this instruction... Have fun Axel IMG_0128 by Axel, auf Flickr IMG_0110 by Axel, auf Flickr IMG_0128 by Axel, auf Flickr IMG_0139 by Axel, auf Flickr IMG_0139 by Axel, auf Flickr
  10. Hi I built my bus last week and looking at the front did not satisfied me. So I made some small changes with parts I had.... No big deal,but I'm happy with the look compared to the original. Greetings Lexa
  11. S*** was hoping for 11.... close is not enough
  12. Hi Sariel, those red soft axles in the Front, which length do they have? Thank you Lexa
  13. Lexa

    Model Team 5571

    I think you could be lucky to find a good one with box and instruction for less than 250€ here in Germany without being the last rubbish and discoulored and smelling like s**. Think about the time and money you need for cleaning and buying missing parts etc especially the crome parts. The more complete the better the deal. Prefer a really good one with instruction instead having a bad one with a ( bad) box... I was lucky to find a new/sealed one for 500€ last year ... Looking to some market place pages, there is only one for 250€ with box and instruction, that one sounds o.K.. Others start with 270€ without box... Good hunt Lexa
  14. Hi go to www.bricklink.com. There you can search for your set number in the catalogue and list all the inventory of that set. There are the part ID's and colour numbers you need for ordering. Bricklink itself is an marketplace for lego parts with shops all around the world, where you can order from. So you can place your orders here directly and not at lego.com. Cheers Lexa