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  1. This is the largest I have found:

    "At the LEGO House in Billund, Denmark, a team from Fairy Bricks organised the building of the largest every LEGO mosaic. Celebrating the history of the LEGO Group, the 2,585 baseplate mosaic features significant milestones in the company’s history. Classic minfiigures, the Friends mini-dolls, the wooden duck and Star Wars all made it onto the design.

    It took six days of building, two for LEGO employees and four for the general public, in which individuals built as many small plates of bricks as they liked, which the Fairy Bricks team then added to the larger design. Throughout the week, employees from the LEGO Group and visitors to the attraction got involved with clipping down bricks. The finished mosaic measured 12 by 14 metres and used over 600,000 bricks."

    (On picture Jan and Kev:)

    Is there a bigger one?


  2. hi guys, what is the largest LEGO mosaic?

    I;ve been reasearchign online, but can;t find definitive answer.
    I have it in my mind that Fairy Bricks (UK) and TLG hold the record, but can;t find it online

    I also found 80.48 meter square is held by The Toy Museum in Ohio, USA

    So, what is the bigest LEGO mosaic, size (sqr meters, or baseplates, or studs)?

  3. 3 hours ago, sporadic said:

    Yeah, totally makes sense.  Though, if you're trying to break a record, you might have a problem.  I just did a bit of googling and found this:

    Might need to go a tad bigger ;).  Though, despite what the article says, I don't think that is all Lego.  Guinness World records does list it ( interlocking-plastic-bricks diorama), but lists a Star Wars diorama (®-brick-diorama#:~:text=The display was a 3,4 ft 5 in) tall.) as the largest Lego diorama.  Only thing I can conclude is the LOTR one isn't 'all Lego', because it's way bigger than the Star Wars one.  So I'm not sure what to think.

    I don't know anything about records, really, but you got me curious and I wanted to share what I discovered.  Hope it helps.

    the Staer Wars one is done by frined from RLUG RoLug, from Romania, literary week or two ago :) Check their facebook page :)
    to actually make it bigger then theirs diorama only needs to be 18x18 :) which is 324 baseplates
    I was thinking of making 12x12 as a first thought, but second option was 40x8 (48x48) (that is more than 15 m long), for easier displey build


    Regarding LOTR one (not really LOTR but ok, "inspired by", but they put everything inside, on 0:10 you can clearly see Palace Cinema modular, with all modern stuff on it (lower right corner)) they are hugely blowing up their numbers. that surface they say they have is around 1326 baseplates.

    If they really used 150 million of pieces, than each baseplate would have 113.000 bricks.
    If the use only 1x1 plates to build everything (and they didn;t seen from video), as one baseplate has 48x48 studs = 2304 studs, it would mean the whole diorama would be lifted by 49 plates (which is little more trhan 16 cm high)

    I have A LOT of experience with dioramas, and I estimate 1/100 of what is mentioned was used, so around one and a half million bricks.

    Also, it is not all LEGO, and not all real lego, but copycat products (check on video 0:10 that statue is not LEGO)

    0:41 those flags are not original LEGO, but that is ok

    I still find the whole build impressive and like it, and even thought it could be that not everything is LEGO, this can be my Nemesis :D 1440 baseplates would be biggest fantasy castle diorama
    60x24 48x48
    that means my diorama needs to be by 22.8 m x  9 m

    It would cost me around 140.000 eur, and I would need 12-24 months to build it

  4. 2 hours ago, sporadic said:

    That's a really nice diorama.  Some really nice smaller builds in it.  The gothic cathedral, among other things, really caught my eye.  Nicely done.

    Oddly enough, in raw studdage, 144 48x48 baseplates (331776 total stud surface area) is quite comparable to 306 (51 x 6?) 32x32 baseplates (313344 studs).  I have a feeling neither is a true largest, but both are impressive.



    I have already did 12x12 dioramas, here is one of them:


    And 12x12 isn't set in stone - I can go wider and longer, but every row adds 12 more baseplates, which is a nice costs adding :) So I would like it to be the biggest one, but just barely :)

  5. 1 hour ago, durazno33 said:

    This display from my AFOL group had about 306 x 32by32 baseplates area. There were a number of us who put it together for the Fan Fusion 2023 in Phoenix. It is probably not the biggest ever but it was pretty big

    wow, tnx, it looks great :)
    306 32x32 is equivalent of 136 48x48 ((306/9)x4)

    Anyone knows a bigger one?

  6. 2 hours ago, MAB said:

    I imagine it would be a collaborative build at an event. Just the 144 48x48 baseplates are going to cost about 1000 Euro, assuming about 6 Euro a piece for second hand, and that is not considering shipping. To cover 48x48 studs in something interesting is likely to be at least 100 Euro, probably multiple 100s of Euros for buildings or forests. But it is not just the cost of the parts, but the need for a large space to display it. 

    the price and the exhibiting space are not the factor. What I need is the size of the largest fantasy diorama , or at least largest you or other AFOLs know

    But if you are interested, here is calculation: around 20.000 - 24.000 eur is what I have planed to set aside for this project. this includes almost 2m dragon in the middle, and up to 3m tall towers. Displeyd on events all around the Europe, starting from September. 12x12 with circle of 2 baseplates deep under the table, so 80 more (224 all together). when I do dioramas I count around 100 eur per baseplate to be good, 200 eur per baseplate to be amazing, this includes everything

  7. Hi, what is the largest LEGO fantasy diorama in the world? Largest by width and length, not height (so largest by the number of baseplates)

    What is the largest fantasy diorama that you know?

    I want to build one, and I need the data to know

    My plan was 12x12 48x48 baseplates, but I can change that


  8. On 2/21/2024 at 8:11 PM, Lyichir said:

    Well, for starters, the sections of the tower are designed to sit loosely on top of one another, so they'd need to be secured together much more firmly for that to work. I'm not sure how much of a difference reinforcing it with a metal bar through the middle would make—it's definitely designed to stand vertically and I doubt the designers ever considered mounting it horizontally when testing its stability.

    Where are you even hoping to mount it? I'm struggling to imagine a space where mounting it on the wall would take up less space than standing it up vertically, unless you plan to mount it high up above where people would no longer risk running into it.

    actually, I am building a spherical spaceship, and I wanted to mount 8 of towers in different directions

    But now when I;ve read your comments, I am going to scrap that idea

  9. 20 minutes ago, KlaasK said:

    This is great! You'd wish you could walk around there for a while :)

    Thank you, I've built several elfish looking dioramas, great for strolling, check this out:



    the best thing is - all these creation exist in the same time - and you can check them standing one near the other :)

  10. 11 hours ago, Khargeust said:

    It’s magnificent and enchanting! I love the myriad of colors that give very elven kind of vibes. Is your creation based on particular sources?

    thank you :)
    No, I just got lights for the Rivendell set, but the set was expensive, so I built one myself using bricks i have, trying to preserve the size of it, so I can fit lights in it - than I just started building around it :)

  11. This is 3.15m high tower made on a 1 48x48 baseplates, without any non-LEGO elements (excluding LED lights)

    This was a test run for 12m long (6m wide, 4m tall) Warhammer 40k ship I am building (in diferent colors:)

    It is almost impossible to tip the tower. You would need to hit it - and it would just bend where you hit it. Even the top is so secured, it can't fall of.

    I have a rule that none of my moduls is larger than 1 48x48 baseplate in surface, and taller than 60 cm - which means there are 5 modules here, and antenne on top.
    Also, rule for exhibits: if it doesn;t fit the closed box - it doesn;t go to event :) This rule was actually made by my fellow AFOLs from club, who had enough stress of carring my large stuff when helping me transport and setup :) This rule has made it possible for me to pack, transport, unpack and setup 2000 baseplates by my self in just a couple of days, as, while I build, I plan how it is fastes to be setup, with as little extra job as possible

    The 12 m Emperor class ship will be like that - two people setup, within 8 hours. It will be around 1-1.5 tons of weight, with 200 m of LED strip in it :)


    here are few pictures how it was setup, and person (180cm) for size

    In addition, I am attaching few pictures of support towers that go together with this creations, making it into 4x4 diorama :)
    The model is my greatest helper, also my 4 years old son Aleksandar, who is night and day in my studio and probably knows better then me which bricks I have :)


    I used NEXO knight minifigs as space marines, and I am especially proud of my death korps of Krieg soldiers and my battle sisters minifigs :)
    You can find more on my instagram page @Beokocka (link)

  12. This is my 4x4 (48x48) moc Rivendell


    More pictures and other LEGO related stuf can be found on my instagram profile @Beokocka (link)
    The model for size is my greatest little helper and also my 4 years old son, Aleksandar, future star of AFOL community, if he choose to go that way :) For now, he practically lives in my building studio :)

  13. Hi, I have a short question - how sturdy is Eifell tower set 10307 ?
    Can I mount it on the wall horizontaly, if I put metal bar trough the middle?

    I don;t have it, and I;ve never seen it in person, so I have no clue how sturdy it is, especially when rotated by 90 degrees angle



  14. 2 hours ago, Johnny1360 said:

    If all else fails just have them send you some pictures when they get there and then tell them what to fill your cups up with.

    can;t do that. I am buying lot of cups, I need to plan beforhand, to see what I can use that is on the wall, it iwll be couple of thousand eur order - can;t be thinking while he is standing there.

    I know the content of thw wall can change in the meantime, but most of it will stay, as my experience says

    I have gone trough EVERY single possible solution, PaB inventory is the only suitable, so please, if someone has info about link to site or Youtube contenct creator (there was one german speaking one, but I can;t find him), do send me the link here. tnx

  15. 3 minutes ago, Yperio_Bricks said:

    There is the pabfinder site, they have sections for all/most stores in Europe and North America. But Vienna SCS was last updated in December 22 while the other store in Vienna was last updated this April.

    Yes, that is what I meant when I said it was last updated in 2022

    Maybe there is some Youtuber that does content on this topic? or some other site?

  16. I have a friend that is willing to take a trip and buy me dozens of cups from PaB, LEGO® Store Vienna SCS, but I can;t find content of the wall online, and he can do only one trip, so I need to know the contgent in advance

    Is there a site with relativly up to date content of Pab in this store? I have found several sites, but they updated 2022 latest.

    Thank you

  17. man, this is one epic voyage :)

    Ok, I have some observations, being fromn the same country (de si, brate:), and having similar love for bricks, and I just made a LEGO studio, in a garage that is 14 m2, and have been building in it for few months. It is just first step, as workshop can never be made in a first step - there is always some ajustments, discarding things that sounded great but do not work, and adding things you need

    - I have noticed that I best work ("work" is when I have a deadline) with cold white lights (warm white and yellow lights (difference in Kelvins) make me sleepy - and when it is time to stop working, I have at least one light with one of those two colors, so it is easier to go home
    - I have six I believe 24W round ceeling LED panels - people say it is too much, bit I can honestly say I never had better lighting. And I put 2 by 2 on switch, so I can lower inbtensity if needed - but I never do, and in 99% of time when I build, day or night, I have all six of them turned on
    - ambience light is very important to me, so other then hymalayan lamp and lava lamp, I have blue LED strips behind most of surfaces (so they don;t shine in eyes). It is amazing for rest or quiet moment

    - I have 1 million of red, white and lbg 1x2 bricks and 10.000 of shades of purple, as well as a handfull of other colors - although the same type of brick, they can;t fit same containers. From my experiense, classers are not optimal solution, and mix of diferent size plastic containers work the best. I use transparent ones from Wobi House for most of my bricks that are not in mass quantities, Lidl black boxes for larger quantities, then Metro for larger and finally Curver "unbreakable" boxes for very large quantities of same brick. Truth be told I have one huge (I think 400 L) plastic barrel I use for extra large quantities (usually 2x4 brick). All of these containers can be storadged on a wall, and wall should be used top to bottom - the brick collection will grow with time, and even if there is free sapace, there are things to exhibit - exhibited things gather dust, unless in display

    Airflow, dust, smells
    - you have a window and a door - a perfect combination, so air can flow. For those who have only one entrance (door, usually), a large fan is a lifesaver, including for dust and smells
    - I have a rool that nothing exept legs touch the floor. Desks, shelves, everything is on legs - this makes cleaning easier. No carpets, nothing on the floor

    - I like playing loud music, and having aadult ctivities in my LEGO room that are loud. Sound proofing your LEGO room is a good idea - especially if LEGO room is part of the apartment, where partner or kids can hear you making noize with bricks - and bricks make a lot of noize, especialy when searching or when a box with them falls on floor :)

    In your case, I would put several "produzni kabl sa uzemljenjem" sockets on a cable with groundind (this can;t be the right word:) under the table, especially near PC (laptop), speciall detachable gear for taking photographs (easy to attach to the wall), the shelf with a metal tree, I would pull it up to the cealing - you can leave one shelf free for displaying), and near the PC, drawers under the table (Still on legs, it is one whole). Drawes should be shallow (first two) and deep (second two). Ideal for registars, papers, office material and similar. I have two lineups, and they are not enough. Wheels - every single thing that you can put on wheels, you should - for rearanging, dust cleaning and similar

    It is such an inspiration watching your jurney and it is amazing how much you have done with so little space. Truth be told, I would feel more cousy in your basement LEGO room then in apartment - somehow apartment is place where partner (now kid in my case) Are whole day, and having an "AFOL cave" to retreat sounds great :)
    I also love the effort you have put in this presentation :) shows you care about us, and that you are willing to share - a true feat of an AFOL :)
    for that mater, you inspired me to do the similar thing and take pictures and write (20 pages in my case, people will love it (heh:) "how to" regarding my experiences :)

    Hopefully I will be able to see your LEGO room live one day :)

  18. 9 hours ago, Diablo5 said:

    Great and amazing creations. I also like you other hobby. :D :D :D 

    thank you :) You live so close, come next time when we make Lugs United (hopefully 2022, if pandemic passes), every year there are fewe people from your country, and "hobby" enthusiasts are there too - every single one of them is an AFOL :) imagine that :)


    On 10/5/2021 at 4:18 PM, bobfily said:

    It looks amazing! And also, I am very glad that you touched upon the topic of ecology and water quality. This is really very important now for all of humanity, click here for info to make sure of this. In addition, now from everywhere, we hear the terrible news about man-made and natural disasters. It would be nice if more people thought about the future and tried to save it.

    the perspective changes once you have children :)
    I got a boy 2 years ago, and my focus shifted from "I want to have amazing time here" to "I want him to have amazing time here" and that also presumes clean enviroment as a prerequisite

    Speaking with kids on events on this subject is amazing on events (or at least was, before pandemic). Most of them are aware of the concept of ecology (most, if not all), and are more then ready to give their own , meaning throw trash in garbage, recycle and similar - one can;t ask more from kids

    But discussion with adults is oposite, adults are mostly suprised with the bad state of our climate, they have no clue (they heards something somewhere, but they didn;t think it was "that bad"), they never recycle, and they have "this is just one small plastic bottle, it won't be a difference if I throw it in the park" attitude.

    The only way we can make an impact is if we all make some contribution, even a minimal one. Me, for example, do not drive a car. Imagine that, I never drive a car. If 10% of population in Western cities who drive did this - what kind of impact would it have? Well, 10% less CO2 and other bad materials cars emit. Btw not using a car impacts the amount of profits I make, but having less profit for cleaner future is acceptable (check my next paragraph)

    This was my main point of disagreement with The LEGO Company, as I wished they focused at least as much on ecological issues as they do on social issues (an ecology focused set would be amazing, nature is awesome and can be great inspiration - but really focused on ecology, not something with a tree), as they tak and talk, but shelves are full of sets where bricks are packed in disposable plastic bags. I buy a lot of LEGO, and every week, amount of plastic bags I throw away is suprising, to say the least. The solution would be to recall all sets untill other way of packaging is developed, but that would hurt profits, and profits are more important then the future of our kids - and that is, by definition, evil, someone who puts money in front of wel being of a child. The LEGO Company is working on a way to remedy this, and that is commendable and a step in right direction

    On 8/3/2021 at 12:21 AM, Vindicare said:

    Looks cool! Quite the departure from the red castles I know you for. :tongue:

    I shifted to gray and white in last couple of years, take a look:

    On 8/1/2021 at 2:32 PM, Pinnacle said:

    Really amazing. 

    How do you clean your creations from dust en cobwebs?

    I like big building too, and I know how much dust and cobwebs this kind of buildings collect

    thank you for kind words :)
    I used to tell that the worst enemy of an AFOL is dust :)

    First, I never keep creations exhibited other then on events
    Second, on events, most of them are in displays, where they are protected from dust (and sticky fingers of adults and small fingers of kids who would like to touch, which would be fine, but mocs tend to break)

    But sometimes mocs are so big they don't fit inside displays. If they are flat, like mosaics, I use vacuum cleaner that has some kind of barier (female nylon sock does just fine). If I don;t have access to it (I usually do not), and creation was exhibited in a place where I don;t have displays, I use very strong hair dryer that is set on cold. I can go trough several baseplates in few swoops like that. It is interesting, almost nothing gets blown (when I build diorama, I build for transport, so there are no flimsy connections, and if there are, for beauty, I put them aside before blowing (like very tall trees and similar). Most dust goes on horisontal surfaces, meaning most is on the "ground" of diorama anyway

    Special note: I used to blow using just my mouth and lungs, but after tearing down 2000 m2 of event that was 3 months without display, I got really sick for a week, and I decided I needed an upgrade

    Sometimes the dust is there for so long it becomes sticky, or like you mentioned, there are spiderwebs involved and blowing air is not enough/ I use brushes then. First hair dryer thenbrush. I have several, from large, for wide surfaces, to very thin, to small places that bother me :)

    PAcking to protect from dust is something that is a must, but pack in boxes that open verticaly, check my post about custom made boxes (link)