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  1. in bed with the enemy ;)

  2. Hi ;)

    Could you please tell me your experiences with Steve's yellow 6x5 leaves, how similar they are to original lego, with grip, size, whole size, could they be bend, do they get broken if bended, do they get broken easily, smoothness and anything that comes to your mind?

    Thank you :)


    ps: you will be able to send pm after tenth post ;)

  3. D&D idea is a great one ;)

  4. Cartographer Balthasar! :)

    do not forget to sing in your hero to the Drow gladiator games! :)

  5. Lord Bacchus!

    do not forget to sing in your hero from the Trident to the Drow gladiator games! :)

    Pozdrav! :)

  6. :)

    google it, my friend ;)

    and then, I will go into details, if you have questions ;)

  7. Great idea :) but unfortunately, I don't have time :( But you can use any minifig that you would like :)

  8. Dear Abu Dun,

    Hi :) regarding how you like my Drow cities, maybe you could help me: do you live near Pick-a-Brick store?

    I would need some trans plates round 1x1 and/or cheese slopes (or plates 1x1) for water and lava, and pick-a-brick is the cheapest way to get them?

    It would help A LOT, because the closest PaB to me is in Germany, and trip would expensive

  9. tvoj prvi oficijelni dan ovde ;)

    jel to dovoljno da se popije neko pivo? :0)

  10. hi friend ;) how do you by bricks in Germany? :) are there shops where you could by let say 1000 cheese slopes? :)

    Ivan :)

  11. regarding series 6,

    dear friend, I can not find it on "the lego bin"

    could you direct me, or copy-paste the text, or just re-tell me? :)

    thank you

  12. is building ;)