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  1. well, that's the spirit! :) the point is not to go to war ourselves, but to make two fractions go to war, and then we swoop and take care of what's left :) ona more not-roll-playing note, I've been very bussy last three years. I think that there is a good amount of around 10.000 inifigs that are in all type of dioramas, mostly fantasy castle and steampunk pirates, but also in (you will laugh) Chima layout :) I will present in action part of forum when I get the time, but Chima is one of my new favorite themes - I don;t use sets, only minifigs, but you can do a lot of crazy stuff with that theme - can;t wait to show off my Ice Chima castles, here is a little preview: Regarding contest in Nocturnus, there is a proposition few posts up about showing fortifications (stone, wood, magic. fruit, whatever:) and representations of your fraction meeting with Drow - simple wignetes - we could do this Until I get the facts straight regarding how the contests are done now on EB, there will be no rewards - for now. But, a lot of great stuff is to come, so, we should use this oportunity to build something small and fast, but pretty and interesting :)
  2. Angeli

    Baldur's Gate

    Thank you :) Check Suldanesselar, it is three times more larger and two times higher :)
  3. Hi guys :) Can anybody link me to some good example of Captanin Hook's ship from Peter Pan cartoon moc? Even more examples would be good :) I am building something and I need inspiration :) Thank you Edit "Catain", not "vaptain" :) Anyway, this is what I found: link
  4. man, that's a lot of Fantasy Era trols :) now I am off to brickling with hope that I will find 130 of them for 2e per head :) Edit, nope, they are 5-10e per head. I asked my guys to start looking, and if I can get the price 50% ower, I will buy 100. They will look fantastic on large scale mocs We (Beokocka rlug) are making, as a colaborative effort, big Steampunk siege of Gondor diorama for September, and your orcs gave me a great idea how to make it even more grandios In any case, after photoshoot, we are going to send them to misbehave in Avalonia, just for fun :)
  5. Angeli


    here are fe more details This moc is one of my most favorite ones :) There are so many details, I am trying to find all and present to you :)
  6. Angeli

    Deserted Inn

    very nice, I love the texture :)
  7. Angeli

    War Has Returned

    fantastic moc, friend! :)
  8. Thank you :) btw, our mercenery troops are ready. We should send them as soon as possible to sharpen their skills on someone. Who do you reccomend? :) We calctulated losess no more then 35%. Don;t worry, they are only humans, easy to replace. Btw, this is one of four baseplates, totally the same. It is part of our lug's big community build :)
  9. Angeli

    The Forest Gate

    great moc, love the sky :)
  10. Angeli

    [MOC] Modular Medieval Lighthouse

    very nice, friend I love the "lonely" feeling that the moc leaves for it's characters :)
  11. Great, we will need to meet and talk about next steps It would be great fun to start building, so fortification (magic barrier, stone walls etc) and meeting vignette would be a good start to wake up the guild, if it needs wakening up :) I would suggest, conquering the smaller area, smaller lords and merchants etc, and then, when we have gathered our strength, we attack the big ones! Let's start from the south, as north will be fighting with this new threat; Let's leave that Spire alone for now, we will need someone to fight for the guild when time comes; if we stretch ourselves on two fronts, we will not succeed. The Drow will add few cities to the glory of Nocturnus: Baldurs-Gate, Candlekeep, Icewind-Dale, Sshamath, Suldanessellar and Trademeet That are six very big cities :) I will be posting an army of 1000 fully armored mercenaries in a day of two, that is enough to go and besiege someone :) But for now, let us show that we have strong walls and magic, and meeting between your sigfig and a Drow representative. The builds will add points to our guild, and are easy to build (vignette, 8x8 studs) On a special note, I will be organizing first contest very soon, I just have to consult with moderators and admins how it is done now before announcing anything. But know this, the prizes will be veeeeeeery nice :) You can refresh your memory with those two Drow organized events: Warrior Beauty contest and Drow gladiator games. They were a ton of fun :) But for now, let me get to know all of you that are still active trough this mini Nocturnus vignette mocing :) This will help me to know who is who, and after that, we are going to find a way to make Nocturnus the leading guild in Historica :) Drow rule supreme! ...and yes, Nocturnians also :) And LordDan, thank you, very useful info. Link me with those important topics, please :)
  12. Angeli


    few details:
  13. But it is open for conquer ;) It is time to add some action to those peace talking, easy going, good for nothing rest-of-Historians. It is time for Nocturnus to take its rightful place in the hierarchy of Historia. And the only way is by force. First, let us fortify our cities, and meet to talk about alliances. Then, we will talk about making Mitgardians and Avalonian fight, turning Khaliphions on our side, crushing what is left out of Avalonia-Mitguardia fight, then crush Khaliphians when they are alone. After that, we will choose the strongest tribe to rule Nocturnus. But, there is time for that :) And, shhhhh, not a word to other guilds :) --- For now, let us fortify. meet and discuss. Let's make a swarm moc, and in next seven days make a small example of fortification, and a vignette about our meeting - one tribe from Nocturnus meeting others, discussing how to take over Historia --- together, we are going to make this guild dominant! Drow rule supreme! ;) --- so, what do you say? Can we Nocturnians make two vignettes in a week, one presenting how we fortify our positions, including walls, blocking roads, rivers, search towers, magic barriers, etc, and other, showing two tribes of Nocturnus, meeting? It is ok to make an ambush of a fellow Nocturnian, it is our way, at the end. Or a feast, your choice. You can host a Drow, and for a Drow, you can use plain black head :) This is just for glory, no rewards, and it would also allow us to see who is active and who is who :) and it will bring points to our guild. So, shell we do it?
  14. Hi guys, I've been going trough the forum, and I have a Chima moc I want to present - but in what theme thread? I don't see any Chima in Special Lego themes subforum, nor anywhere else.. Am I missing the section? Please link me :) Tnx ;)
  15. Angeli

    Chima - what theme does it belong to?

    thanks whitefang ;)
  16. Angeli

    Baldur's Gate

    just have patience, Lord Vladivus :) I got this with time, not all at once. 1000 by 1000 bricks :) keep checking bricklink, from time to time there are really great deals regarding bricks :)
  17. Angeli

    Icewind Dale

    thank you, guys :) regarding round tower, I used simple tehnique of 1x2 brick and three 1x1 round plates (to mimic 1x1 round brick, as I didn't had any:)
  18. it is great to be home, guys :) Check out the new mocs, I will be posting two or three per day, until I have shown you all :) And now, let's go squish some Avalonian panices! (if that is still trendy, there are lot of topics to go trough that arized in last few years:)
  19. this looks fantastic, friend, especially with only few days to build
  20. Angeli

    Baldur's Gate

    Because red 1x2 where the cheapest bricks :) Actually, the red, blue and yellow. But, arches, slopes, inverted slopes etc were cheapest in red - so I bought a ton of bricks (10.000 pieces for 70e, new) and started building (it was in 2008). ...after few years, I added black, then white, then dark red, trans red, trans light blues, finally both gray colors, but red is still my "sign" color :)
  21. Angeli


    ah, a little Poetic freedom I love the "Baldur's Gate" serial, and all of the characters and city names are loosely based on that game, and on AD&D world :) ...there is a big tree house in the middle, on four 48x48 baseplates, though :) Although we call it "Kuldahar" :) damn :) I know :)
  22. Angeli

    Winter Village: Brewery

    oh, man, I love the beer glasses :)
  23. I heard one thing that people are whispering about - the Drow have returned. Is it true? I heard that they are meaner, darker, scarier and so large in numbers that the darkness itself moves away when they march, but they are so dark that it is darker then dark. And that is pretty dark :) Joking aside, hi guys ;) Long time no see ;) We are back, and we brought a whole machinery of bricks, minifigs, swords and sorcery with us, every strange thing we encountered during our exile For now, here are few mocs that were build for Nocturnus, but with no way of posting them: Icewind Dale Suldanessellar - just look at the size of this, 12x6 48x48 - this is how Nocturnians crush Avalonians, if it is still hipp :) (it is always fun to harras treehuggers and greenlovers:) Baldur's Gate So, in few words, what happened in last 3.5 years while Drow where in exile? :)
  24. Angeli

    Contest! The Frozen Beyond, Results are in!

    I am late, so this is not for prize, but for glory :) Icewind Dale ;) you can find more pictures on the topic here