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    Lugbulk problem

    Actually, Stash, I think Ana is in charge of Lugubulk at this moment - but that is besides a point: For Hexx question - as I understood, guys from one club asked guys from other club for lugbulk - which is not quite by the rules, but ok. The MAIN and most important rule is "do not resell lugbulk", so, I won't get into discussion - but the point is, it seems to me that both sides where doing something "bad", and in situations when both sides operate "outside of law", when scam happen, law does not protect you - in a way, I would feel lucky that I've got my money back On one hand, VAT has to be paid in every country, also shipping, customs, if applicable, and there are additional costs - cost of making papers (usually the delivery agency bills that to the recipient), costs of customs declaration and checking, cost of sanitary inspection, etc. You do get bill for everything, as a proof of transaction. Sometimes the receipt of the money is enough. What can you do in this kind of situations? Not much. You could contact TLG, but what can you say? "I tried to cheat you, but the guy who was helping me cheated me"? (I guess this happened, you where not part of RLUG and tried to get lugbulk all the same? Correct me if I misread your post) I would have two set of advices: 1) The cheapest schools in life are the ones that you pay with money Luckily you get your money back. Really, that is really a good thing, reading your post I was not expecting that 2) Do things by the book. TLG has some great programs, excellent support and nerves like steel, but they do snap sometimes, and people get removed from the family - but punishment should not be what is driving us to have good relationship with TLG, but the little gestures of good will that we constantly do to eachother - us, AFOL community represented trough RLUGs, and them, the Corporate, represented trough LCE team --- As I understand, only looses are with missed opportunities, which is not that bad (I know RLUGS that lost whole lugbulk money amounts to thieves or swindlers), so, at the end, loss of opportunity, and gain of experience. And opportunities will arise again, and experience stays :) Hope this helps. For me personally it helps with having strong-minded members inside the club, that make a wall and allow us to make mistakes while we work, as it is much easier to remedy this kind of situations when you are part of the group, and rarely is the whole group so without experience so they all get swindled by the swindler. Group is always stronger then individual, and you can find a whole bunch of benefits from being part of a good, strong network of friends that make a club for DwalinF question: There can be only one ambassador per club. But until this year there could have been one more person in charge for lugbulk So, first question have you solved your transport problem? If not, with delivery problem, you can do next: 1) ask your Community manager (I think it is Jan, right?) for "ok" to talk to Ana about cutting your order in few parts, and sending it - you said that you do get some smaller support packages. Please note that TLG could not have possibilities to help you in this way, but it does not hurt to ask. Little advice - keep your e-mails as short and as to the point as necessary. As long time ambassador, I needed years before I learned how to be short and consis, and to the point. Have your ambassador contact me on LAN, and we will go into the details of the problem 2) same step as before, except if the order can't be divided into smaller parcels - you can have it delivered somewhere else, outside your borders. Please have your ambassador to contact me privately for the rest. And please, let him/her do this over the LAN For your other questions, yes, there are lugbulk problems all the time that I know, and imagine how much I don't know, on the other hand, we have teams of people working to find solutions, both from our (AFOL) side and theirs (TLG). If there is a doubt ambassador is not doing something ok, members should contact TLG trough Regional Community manager (For Europe - Jan Beyer, please contact me with pm for e-mail. Again, I would suggest for a short, consis letter. If the ambassador is ok, but the club thinks some other person could ad benefits to the situation or resolve it, I suggest that your ambassador ask Regional Community manager to add this person to conversation by adding him/her as a recipient to the mailing list. This happens a lot when we work with TLG, when someone from finance, packaging, or some other department has to be part of conversation. on a personal note, great steampunk mocs ;) but my favorite is Graveyard watchman's house :)
  2. Hi guys ;) Remember Warrior beauty contest and Drow gladiator games (damn, I haven;t coded in years! :)) Well, we (the Drow) have something new for you For pr, we are making some event so people can have fun and be merry In truth, we are searching for The Champion we are going to corrupt and use for our evil plans, but we will not admit this openly :) Either way, it is going to be fun ;) What I liked about Drow Gladiator games is that I used 32 edged dice to find out who will win; and if the result was 28-27, then it would be a tight fight, winner passing trough the edge of his teeth, but if the result was 30-1, then it was something embarrassing, like the looser tripped over his cape ;) And every fight had a story: ******************************************************** ....VS.... Golden golem VS Ramzes 2:1 When those two combatants entered the sends of arena, they were at home. Sand. But the fight did not last long: Ramzes used some kind of oil and his blade burst in flames. With intent to melt down the gold of golem, but "golden golem" was just a name, and golem caught burning blade with his left hand, and knocked Ramzes with the other. He just turned, and left the arena. Great fighters, golems, but poor showmanship :) Golem to the next round! ....VS.... I've built an arena, and found piece of armor or something that gladiator had on the picture, and represented it in the arena like something lost during the fight, if the gladiator lost :) And we had some nifty prizes This month, we will make something similar, with some crazy prizes :D The idea will be that all can be part of the contest, and that it is easy to build for it - just a minifig. Maybe we will make Signing contest, or Bard fighting contest, or just another gladiator games, we will see But there will be some CRAZY rewards for the first place The winner will be chosen randomly, so everybody have the same chance, and all, including admins and moderators, can be part of the games (except one, who will oversee the dice process :) We will ask someone who has no interest in castle :EGO themes at all, someone from Star Wars, or something far fetched like that :) So, we have few days to find out what prizes the winner will get, and what type of contest to make, where minifig is enough (Special talents show, knitting contest, spelling contest under the full armor and war gear, Fashion designer of battle gear contest (purple your war gear" or something funny and interesting:) We will have witty comments, so I will encouraged you to leave few sentences of history or pretences or anything I will use later for the story and we will need contestants number that can be championshiped, so, "Power of two": 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 / 64 / 128 / 256 / 512 / 1024 / 2048 / 4098 / 8196 btw, if we do get to 8196 contestants, the prize will be new Death Star set:D What the hell, it will be if we get 1024 gladiators participating :D And the most important, although this is purely for fun and joy, prices will be such that the winner will be able to equip the whole smaller army I will provide the prizes, and maybe someone will jump in also ;) Let's give it a few days to talk about this, and then start with the contest! Drow rule supreme!
  3. :D " I read "If you don;t mind, I hope my troops won't EAT yours" :D With tendency to have extra large dragons in yours :) And my first thought: ... no problem, we must build Gargantuan" :)
  4. I think it is about time that Drow take their rightfull place as rulers of Historica Drow Rule supreme! :D Haven't said that in a few years ;)
  5. Angeli

    Angry Birds 2016 Rumors & Discussion

    can you link me to some angry bird mocs? Can;t seem to find any (I would prefer dioramas more then vignetes:)
  6. Angeli

    Guilds of Historica Posters

    this is fantastic, thank you :)
  7. Hi guys I;ve been away for some time give me few links to get into the story and new challenges and stuf that will follow, so I can get in with builds tnx ;) --- On a special note, there is something cooking in the Drow kithen, something interesting ;)
  8. And Drow will be joining you The real Drow, not those puppies we see waving Drow banners trough skirmishes - the real primordially Drow power ...we just need to make a party first. More info to come :)
  9. Angeli

    Tag Discussions

    Hi guys I am not sure what is a proper name for those small pictures under the nick and avatar, and I don't mean these: (btw, I think my ambassador badge is on the wronge place:) but the ones on the bottom, like: "These are examples of special tags " My question: is there a complete list (or partial) with all those special tags and what they are awarded for?
  10. the hand of the baby stucks in the minifig hand? genious :)
  11. Hi guys ;) I don't have time to go trough all 30 pages of suggestions, so maybe someone said something similar :) What I would like to see is chest armor - that leaves back for something's else, wings, quiver, etc - there is only one produce by TLG, and it is this one: Minifig, Armor Breastplate Item No: x190 The second thing I would like to see more are exotic fantasy castle armor, headgear, bodywear, etc - but in a way that we can combine them
  12. Angeli

    [Collaborative MOC] Wacky pirates

    lovely work, friend, great mocs :)
  13. Angeli

    Duplo on basic Lego?

    great suggestion, thanx guys :)
  14. Angeli

    Duplo on basic Lego?

    Hi guys, I have some duplo animals, and I would like to put them on basic bricks (studs). As the baseplate has only few plates, how is it easire to put them? if nothing goes I will put tiles and just one stud, and gravity will holde them, but I would like fot them to be firm grip, or as firm as we can do it :) Ideas?
  15. Angeli


    Hi guys :) I am usualy exclusive for the Historic subforum, but I don't know what is it in last few months, Ive, been posting into Disney with Fable and Sci Fi with Pandora, Chima with Frostbyte and Stempaunk with pirates - crazy few months for me ;) Now, I am here in action and adventures with this small diorama made for upcoming Lug's United exhibit (Belgrade, September) I tried to incorporate beautifull sets that the rlug got as support into a meaningfull dioara - with a twist: the whole exhibit will be in a darked room, so lights are essencial - take a look: and withouth lights: For more pictures visit here
  16. Hi guys :) A year after Frostbite, Ice Chima moc, I've decided to completely rebuild it :) I will leave first post for presentation, and add pictures as I build
  17. Angeli

    strange part

    hi guys, what is this part of? Iz it Lego? If yes, what is it? Tnx
  18. Angeli

    strange part

    found it:
  19. Angeli

    The Shameful Confessions Thread

    I dreamt I stole a bunch of minifig parts from a kid. My racionalisation was that the kid had full floor of Lego parts, he wouldn't even miss it, let alone be aware of I was so ashamed when I woke up...
  20. Angeli

    Frostbite II Blizzard

    little teaser: link to the movie
  21. Hi guys ;) Frostbyte is big Ice Chima diorama which is currently under total reconstruction (pimp up my Chima:) So, first we are going to talk about the old one, then, the new one ;) This mammoth diorama is my part of a project, officially first in the world, made as collaboration of two builders from two rlugs from different countries - Tony Tocaci from Brickenburg Asociatia, Transylvania, Romania and me, from Beokocka, Serbia The idea was made one great night in a pub, with a lot of beer :) "next year, let's make something together - my ice Chima fighting Tony's Blacktron guys" You can see results in the pictures below ;) First things first: the whole diorama was transported by tri guys and a girl 600 km from Belgrade, Serbia to Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in two cars :) And set up for 8 hours :) Here are few pictures of setting up: -- The first thing was Chima tank, made out of two Star Wars superstar destroyers sets :) We got them as part of our support, but the guys that were in charge of SW disregarded them, and they were languishing in some dark corner for a whole year, broken. So I confiscated them and Chimalized the - there is a saying in our club - you got something as a support and don't show it on exhibits? Be careful, or Angeli will chimalize it! But the end result was satisfied, so everyone was happy :) There are two chimalizes exo-suites working with big guns on the tank, and the tank, beside engines has two dozens of Vargas puling it :) --- We continued to set up around it, While Tony was putting his own Blacktrone base Round Chima Slime towers were particularly hard to transport - they are VERY sturdy, but if broken, hard to rebuild I must brag that one of those towers was part of the window dressing for one year permanent of Lego Certified shop :) With them, Chima Slime fraction was getting finished: So, we are trying to align everything, and of course, I've made few mistakes, and roof of one building is taking the space of the walls of another :) It is hard to build such a big diorama when it is bigger then any floor of any room in your house :) A lot of planning must be done "in head", and is something gets forgotten - you have to rebuild on exhibit. I could use 12 minions at this point :) So, we are putting mammoth factory and airport, and again, factory and fortress collide. But it can't be fixed, so - we just apart baseplates for that one stud I've got more, and pretend nothing happened :D So, after few hours, it is time for beer break :) And then, return to work :) And blacktron bad guys (look how black and dark they are, must be bad:) have used our beer break to invade us :) There are a lot of Chimalized sets, like this Delorean, and guys from my club really hate them :) At some point moc expert Mihai Marius Mihu landed a hand also, so, three lugs made a print on the moc :) We had a rule - while setting up, what you touch and break you have to fix. Girls loved this rule, and most of the buildings were "fixed" as my initial design was not satisfying enough :) With ice trees, we finished our setting up :) Very hard working eight hours, but very satisfying :) My favorite parts were flowers :) As a special tribute, I've met with one great builder totally by chance, mentioned Mihai Marius Mihu, and we decided to make something together - and thus is how the Faerie dragon was created (infamously known as Draconic Chicken:) ---------------------- Now, about the moc: Frostbyte is on 8x6 48x48 baseplates, it consists of three big units: Ice Chima, Santa's village and Chima Slime swamp Santa's Village: Santa's village is under siege! But no worries, the village is full of tough Santa's helpers :) Even Santa himself is one tough guy: Ice Chima Ice castle: Hallo Fred - Halo George! You can find more pictures here
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    yup, a lot of response from the crowd - the Tony's part of the build, big Blacktrone base, I haven;t displayed, as it is his half - here is one preview:
  23. Angeli

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    are we going to see any more minifigs from lotr or hobbit? I know the theme is out, but maybe in Dimensions or osmethink like this?
  24. Angeli

    Frostbite II Blizzard

    guys, take a lok at Frostbite 1, it is completly done :)