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    Love Castle

    So we continue to march over the lands of Historica, burning every city we came upon, enslaving everyone, making our armies larger We left many red Drow castles when we left, and many are ocupied now with unworthy creatures. We make easy deal of them. And then this - what fraction paint their castles and pink? Mitgardians? they wouldn;t care about the color. Puny Avalonians? All they care is about green and niceties. Kaliphilians? They like tall things, but no. That strange fifth fraction we heard trough wispers, Valrylians? Pink? Really? We care not. everyone will feel the chains and blades of Drow, our fires will burn until the center of of land Drow Rule supreme! Pink? Really? We will burn this castle just because of principle, it doe4sn;t mater it was originally Drow! Don't even send soldiers, send monsters! Hi guys :) This is my second 8x4 creations I wanted to share with you I got my hands on some pink bricks and they looked amazing when combined with red, so I built a castle to combine them The castle is 2.1m tall with few hundred minifigs in it. I especially like how minidols are incorporated, as they can wear minifig helmets, they fit nicely Like with every tall castle, my main issue was if visitors are going to reach over the display and break it, but it never happened, for any castle I also got a million (not literary) puppies in pbb box, and I waited for some happy diorama to use them - this was ideal Here are few pictures:
  2. Angeli


    as I kid, I loved Smurfs And while searching for a new IP for a new 1x2 diorama, I saw Smurfs minifigs made by (I think) Megablocks. Now, I am LEGO puritan, I don't even use amazing minifig accesories made by AFOLs - because I want, when visitor look at my creation, to know it is 100% original LEGO ...but then I saw those minifigs, and I loved them. I tried making Smurfs from original LEGO, but I needed hundred of them, and it was expencive, and not so good looking. I also contatced a friend who made that famous Smurfs diorama with custom made LEGO-like minifigs, but they were not selling, only giving as a present - but a handfull, and I needed hundred(s). Then I ordered those from internet, and incorporated them in LEGO diorama The rusult was so awesoem (to me, and visitors), that I was a step for doing it again with Minions, but I decided one sacrilige is enough for one lifetime :) And look at the miracle, the original LEGO Minions are coming this year (if not already out:) Here is my Smurf village:
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    Jurrasic Park

    Hi guys, We are making something new for our Lugs United exibit in September ;) Here is what we have so far :) So, what do you think? Btw, all of my mocs are always rich in colors (take a lok at Pandora I thouth we should leave it with no more colors added to the forest (just green, brown for trees and dark tan for leaves and mashrooms) There are four dinos missing, two old school stegosauruas and one old school triceratops, and one newer one that will go inside the base There will be added curvi lines to the edges (loosing square shape of moc), but that is that. Should we add more colors to the forest? Change something? Add something on the fences (lights?) tnx
  4. Angeli

    Dark dwarves

    Drow were bannished from the world of Historica. They fought, they burned, they made war a sport - and they lost. For years only stories about them were left, and here and there individual. And in the Underground of the Dark mountains, it is quiet. The Dark Dwarves become relaxed, not watching over the gates for dark armor of the Drow, and they began to have loud banquets, to establish their place in the Nocturnus - nobody cares about them, just few underground spieces ...and the long shadow of the Drow has not been seen in almost a decade, so why be complecent? Until it is too late. And you become a plaything in the Drow dungeon. But more on that in future builds Hi guys ;) Long time no see, almost a decade ;) well, less, but still, Drow are ready to return from the exile and start some conflict, take some lands, and rule supreme :) As start, here is a Dwarf outpost, somewhere under the (insert name, I forgot, and it is not so easy to find information anymore:) Nocturnus mountains, just being leisure and being on the open, as Drow were not a threat for so long ...well :) Until now :)
  5. Angeli

    Colossal Castle

    We don;t know the name of the island. We don;t know the fraction this city calls their own We don;t know the masters, the dreams or the desires of soldiers defending it But we know the cries of the beaten, plea for mercy, and smell of burning towers - and we have returned This island is just a stepping stone on our way to Nocturnus, where we will unite enslave all the warring fractions, and then march to the green and awefull West After a decade of gathering our strenght, stealing, buying or crafting new weapons and armor, after years of scouting the land that become complacent during our absence - we have returned Hunderds of wariors, bests, siege machinery, and new castles that we were building in silence And we are here to declare war to whole Historica, but first, let's mold Nocturnus into one big fist that will smash the others - let us take what is rightfully ours - power over dark land of Nocturnus! Drow are back ;) And we start big with this 8x4 48x48 diorama of Drow sacking an (I would think) Mitgardian outpost? They don;t build them as good as in the past :) This diorama is 2.1 m tall, it has several thousand minifigs in it, and my favorite detail are Schreder helmets (from Teenage Ninja Mutant Thurtles), as I got hundreds of them in a pbb box, anbd decided to use them sooner or later on Elvish army - they do look amazing with capes and quirrels or samurai armor I also had a lot of Chima saberthoot tiger banners that fit in nicely in diorama, as I had it for years without real oportunity to use them In truth, ever since my first exhibit I desired to make a diorama where a thousand soldiers would clash :) and even before, as a kid, my desire was to take all of my minifigs, firefighters, spacemen, pirates etc and put on them same helmet, armor, sword and shield and make them unified army Truth be told, for December 2021 I am planning 24x12 diorama with 10.000 unified soldiers trying to sack a 3m tall castle, but let's wait, as it could become LOTR diorama easily, depending on the mood and general feeling of the day I start building :) In the build itself, I wanted to wall it off from all sides, but reazlied that I need to keep one side open so visitors can see what is happening inside Also, I wanted two tall towers on front, but deadline was close, I was out of bricks, so I improvise with two gold areas. Those towers would have had strips led in them, and a broken gate Here are few pictures:
  6. Angeli

    GoH Book III

    wait, what? Nocturnus is no more? It can not be :) We have returned :) We will take what is rightfully ours - the rule over everything dark and evil - Drow rule supreme :D And in the mean time, find likeminded individuals to re-flame the glory of Nocturnus! I think you forgot how hazarderous and dangerous Drow can be, and we are here to flame those memories ;) Hey guys :) Nocturnus is no more? No problem, we will make the Nocturnus land alive again (well, "alive" is not the right word if we raise a lot of unded, but oh, semantics:) ) So what happened? I guess not much activity in the guild I remember when we started the first civil was in Nocturnus, trying to rule everything and everyone, but ah, we lost :) But we are back again, and with games and war we will try to make Nocturnus a powerhouse again :) Buidlign evel characters, dark and unfrielndly terrain and unfriendly houses, dark castles and similar can be a lot of fun, and I am sure there will be interest in taking that part of the story :) In adition, I plan to re-flame the old games, like Drow Gladitator Games (68 gladiators - and just look at the names of those builders:) and Drow Beauty Contest with all the (hopefully) nice rewards :) Next context will be up as soon as I clear with moderators what is what as I was away for so long, and how we should preceed, find some time and set aside some cool prizes, in the spirit of GoH :) In any case, Drow have returned, and we are ready for war and parties!
  7. Angeli

    Jurrasic Park

    not to open another topic, I have expanded on this creation, doubling it in size, from 2x2 to (now my standard) 2x4 48x48
  8. Angeli

    Faerie Dragon

    Hi guys Mihai Marius Mihu and me met one day on exhibit, and made Draconic Chicken during one day, during exhibit, with spare parts. Year later we met on the same event, and we made our chicken into a real dragon, Faerie Dragon also with scraps, during one day :) Easy to transport, very sturdy, it can fall from 40cm and only few things would break It survived plain ride to Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend :) It is completely Lego, it has lights, and she is a mother, look at the eggs hidden in the grass :)
  9. Angeli

    Faerie Dragon

    not to open another topic, I have expanded on this creation, adding a crystal castle and making it 1x4 diorama:
  10. Angeli


    I wanted to build on Duplo baseplates - they are the right size (48z48 in basic), and I had a ton of duplo animals - but I didn;t wanted for basic bricks to "swallow" the duplo, but I also didn;t wanted a duplo creation - I wanted a basic creation, built on duplo baseplates. And Africa svannah was my choice I have tried to cramp as many annimals as I could that could be found in Adrica, while leaving as many duplo studs visible as possible, as it really pops up umongst other creations, and it is important to diversify for visitors when creations are in question
  11. Angeli

    Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones is one of the ten best shows for me, one that I keep on my HDD, so it was natural choice for diorama :) But it was hard to build something and not spoil it for visitors :) I have choosen to present the Wall, made with magic and ice, and under it, Castle Black. You can find John Snow in the Black keep, sharping his sword, Sam reading surrounded with books and white direwollf eyeballing some chickens :). On the other side of the ice wall, whights are preparing to attack, riding on undead bears, stags, sbertooth tigers, mamooths (only thin gmissing are spiders large as hounds :) The whole diorama is 2x4, aprox 1m tall
  12. Angeli

    Game of Thrones

    well met, friend :) Part of a HUGE 3000 m2 exhibit, where 95% of creations are done by Beokocka crazy team :) to make things interesting, there is another exhibit 2500 m2 large with 100% our creations, and another one, but this one is measly small, 200 m2 :) and from my side I have poured in 20.000 minifigsand and around 1000 48x48 baseplates, around 1.5 tons of LEGO bricks :) - I don't know for the rest, but I think around 3 tons of LEGO altogether Imagine that :) I think we have on those three exhibits seven world records, six unnoficial and one Guinnes Book of Records official I think by 2025 I will (or we will) have enough funds to buy enough bricks to make the largest LEGO themed exhibit, not counting official LEGO exhibits, that they make with partners - and creativity is trough the roof, whole walls made into creations, water pumps, fire breathers, etc. I really hope it wil be one amazing show - and it is directed to AFOLs :) Thank you :) The issue is always what bricks I have more then what I can build with them :) I don;t consider myself an artist, my things are cool as I have many bricks, byt I find true art in creations of amazingly talented AFOLs who use only handfull of bricks - and create wonders :)
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    Celtic girl

    Celtic girl is 10x10 mosaic I made for events It was rebuild for a second time on Lugs United 2018 by bunch of AFOLs Mosaic is 10x10 48x48 It is so big that actually I have to cut it sometimes during events, as the whole thing can't fit the room. Here are few pictures:
  14. Hi :) Maybe I am late with the answer, but I hope it will help others with similar issues: to find LUG (LEGO User Group) in your region, use the LAN (LEGO Ambassador Network) community locator map (link)- just find your region, and you will see all (reckognized) clubs that are close, with contact of ambassadors, and usually a club site Next step would be to contact ambassador and ask about the info you desire, and you can also broswe trough site On a personal note, joining community can do amazing things for an AFOL - you meet a ton of adults with similar interest, you get included in project and activities, and you (possibly) get access to bricks (essecially trough reckognized or rogue LUGs - reckognized means TLG (The LEGO COmpany) has reckognized them as LEGO User Group and provides special oportunities to buy bricks (for example lugbulk, where you can choose certain amount of lots for very good prices, but know that prices are sensitive information and secured only for those who participate in program, good example from your country was Sheffild LUG (SLUG) who later merged with Fairy bricks, also reckognized community), and rogue means clubs who used to be reckognized and used to be involved, but lost reckognition, yet kept connections with CSRs managers,(Certified LEGO Store) sellers, re-sellers, dark-sellers, Networks around PaBs (Pick a Brick service in Original LEGO Stores) and other sources of bricks (when we are talking about bricks), and other communities (when we are talking about activity and socializing) (sadly my community is example of it, Beokocka) In any case, I wholeheartedly recommend joining community, as benefits are huge, and so many of diferent kind, especially when friendship and activities are in question
  15. Chima is one of my most favorite themes :) And although I am not fan of the sets (which are awesome, animal wehicles, super interesting for play), I am more fan of the minifigs - actually, leaking about Chima minifig was what got me banned here on Eurobricks, for years :) Actually, bullheadness, but nobody counts :) In any case, Chima is amazing, and with hundreds of minifigs I have got as a gift I decided to put them in fractions, for dioramas. In my world, all Chima (and animal costume minifigs, any antropomorfological animals) are divide into: - Chima Fire (lions, tigers everything that is tan, red orange and similar) - Chima Ice (saber tooth tigers, mammoths, bears, everything white, gray or blue) - Chima Slime (snakes, bugs, everything that crowls or has more then four legs, usually green, lime, purple) - Chima Borg (craws, skunks, black tigers, black apes, everything black) Each fraction has got it's own diorama, Chima Fire and Chima Slime on 2x2 48x48, Chima Ice on 12x4 48x48 and Chima Borg on 2x4 48x48 The first thing noticeable from this moc is lava that flows from a castle and spills on floor, with few lava monsters hanging there. Second is a tall castle, with army pouring out of it, third is a bridge over the flora, and forht is flora, spiky plants growing all around the castle. Beong done with trans neon orange bricks, it lights up with blue or black light (I love using blue as black kills all other colors)
  16. Angeli

    Hounted House

    thank you. Expanding on a set is always fun, as you don;t have to have a lot of bricks, and you can still have a lot of fun I am not a set collector, but this is how I do it - when I get a set, I build it using constructions, to learn from LEGO designers, as they have become crazy good in last decade, with amazing techniques that even today, with all the AFOLs out there still manage to suprise me with NPU, but once it is built, I eather give it to club member to do the same, then he/she gives it to another until the set returns to me (se we can all have the buildign experience, as bricks are SO expencive where I live, Serbia), or I dissasemble it never to be build again, as bricks are used in mocs Sometimes I upgrade it, like with Betmenomobile, delorean or SW superstar destroyers, I chimalized them and (made them into Chima vehicles) and everyone hates me from the club because of that :) But sometimes, the sit is so awesome that I simply can;t make it better, like the bug from Galaxy Squad: In any case, I suggest to everyone who has free time to take one set and improvise on it, and modify it in some crazy way, or to build around it and add thigns :)
  17. Hi :) I have been away for couple of years on bad behaviour, then I fliped and then I was again away for couple of yers because I was doing good things for AFOL community :) And now, with everything kind of slowing down, at least for me, I have time to share with you some of my creations I have built in last five years :) So let's begin with Hounted house :) The house is fully furnished: bedroom kitchen room of the madam playroom bathroom pantry Barbecue outside This set is amazing for creating enterier and yard, as it has a lot of free pace - I believe it was intended to be furnished :) I had so much fun, I added ghosts running on a site of Ghostbusters, leaving for good (they do carry their suitcases:) and I added a lot of things in the yard - I especially enjoyed making a scrapyard and mess inside, in a way that everything is connected For transport, I use my special custommade cardboard boxes (link - note that the site is non-profit with no adds or counters - it is site I made for AFOL support with few friends) 2x 48x48 x 10cm height, and one 32x32 x 30 cm This creation has been exhibited on LEGO themed events in Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Portugal - etc, so it is quite the world traveler:) Note that some things in the enterior are heavily inspired by other people;s creations, but it has been so long since I've built it that I don't remember who, as I was just browsing net for furniture. In any case, big thank you for the unknown AFOLs who isnpire us every day with their amazing creativity :)
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    kids love diorama when on events. It is so accepted, that we stopped putting "not real lego" remarks when talking about it (we love to interact with visitors on events). It was so well received that I even brought it on professional events, and nobody bet an eye, other thet it looks nice. This got me really thinking about possibility of actually combining LEGO with other things - not clonned products or cloned type of bricks, but clay, wood, plasteline, paper and similar, for artistic touch It is a pitty I am not much of an artist outside of the LEGO brick, so I can't experiment, but I have few people in club who are, and when this situation with pandemic tunes down, we will try to build something together, mixing our hobbies
  19. Angeli

    Game of Thrones

    thank you both :) the build is also done in a way that allows it to be disassembled and packed in boxes that are max 60cm high, so the towers are cut somewhere in the lower half, and they just "slide" in the premade holes made from other bricks:
  20. Angeli

    Chima Fire

    thank you, David :) wait until you see Chima Ice :D Actually, saber tooth tigers are my favorite minifigs from Chima, I think I have hundred of them, and I tried to customize each one to be diferent (impossible task :) I will post my Chima Ice creation during weekend and make link here I agree :) But you kind of have continuation with CMFs costumed minifigs, just change a head to plain colored head of the color of the mask (yellow for girafe, for instance). There are other anthropomorphic minifigs, like rocket racoon from Guardians of the galaxy or Nestle rabbit (link to bricklink) hehehe well, somebody is old scholl here on Eurobricks :) I can;t believe you remember :) Yes, and those are the same red bricks :) But I preoriented on white, and after white on dbg, so you can expect a LOT of new large scale creations for Drow in the future from me :)
  21. Angeli

    Celtic girl

    I actualy measured :) I needed 13 minutes per one 48x48 baseplate, but it was focused, work-like building My boys and girls needed around 30 minutes when building it relaxed, and when we had workshops, kids needed around 45 minutes, but they played abd run and laughed a lot :) So aproximatly 15 minutes per baseplate, or 4 per hour, as there are 100 of them (10x10), it is 25 hours of intense work for one person, or one hour for 25 persons In reality, 20 people can build it in four hours of relaxed and fun building Yes, the whole point was artistic touch. I have done other projects, but all were with pictures not of my choice - this is the first one I could actually choose (the amount of bricks is amazinlgy large - done with 2x2 bricks, it is (48*48)/4 = 576 2x2 bricks per baseplate, and for 100 baseplates it is 57.600 2x2 bricks I use only five colors because of practicality - you can have extra bricks for five lots, but if I used 20 colores, I would nee to have 4 times more extra bricks - and they are expencive As an aditional note, If I used 1x1 brick, the resolution of the picture would be 4 times better - but 1x1 bricks are just half cheaper then 2x2, meaning the whole mosaic would cost me double with it - so I lost on resolution, but I saved in finance As a personal note, I am not into mosaics, as one (usually) just follows instructions, but when it was built, the "wow" efect was... amazing. The feeling of watching something so large buitl with your own hands, that looks so good - really fills you up with awe :) I would recommend it to every community who has resources, it really brings members together, when making it together
  22. Angeli

    HELP! ! !

    I know :) It is unique one I got from GoH, and here it is: And thank you :)
  23. Angeli

    HELP! ! !

    Hi :) Why would you like to delete account? As this option doesn't exist (and rightly so, as posts should always stay, so discussion can be followed), if we know why you want to delete account maybe we can help you to achieve what you desire around deletion. For instance, you can always remove all of your posts by editing them, delete your avatar and petition admins or moderators to change your name, also deleting all other information, by hand, line by line - but why would you like to do that? If you desire t omake new account, just do so, and do not use the old one (but this is also needless, as you can modify the account you already have) If you desire to go out of LEGO, first, this never happens, you'll be back :) And second and more serious, your account can wait for you if or when you decide to return If you are angry at someone or something, discussion solves everything If you made mistake while making this profile, I think most of the things admins can fix If your partner has figured out you are spending way to much time on forum and demanded that the profile be deleted, well, tough :) not much to do here, exept pointing put htat, out of all the horrible and adult oriented and dark places on internet, this is pretty good one to spend time. If he or she thinks you will stop buying LEGO if you stop being on forum - well :) he/she will be suprised :) Nothing else comes to mind, as a reason for deleting :) Joking aside, you can delete all the content, but I strongly reccomend that you do not do that. For anything else, moderators or admins can assist
  24. Angeli

    Little Robots

    I bet there aren't many of you who heard about LEGO theme named "Little Robots" - they were local only in UK, and only (if I am not mistaken) for one summer So, while reasearching for new theme for my 1x2 diorama I sumbelet on the minifigs, loved them, and incorporated them into my "Little Robots" diorama Everything here moves :) every single gear you see spins or moves in some way, there are several motors in the base, and the big hands on the right are Akiyuki GBC famous design. Ofcourse, moving [parts are not recomended for long term exhibits, and I tend to participate in those too, so many of the interesting details can't be seen. Still, the uniqueness of design and usually unseen minifigs give the creation that special "something" needed to refresh what we offer to visitors here you can see a test run for some of the movement: