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  1. Sorrelon

    Anyone have any luck making a flail?

    You can try using 48729 or the new 22484 to attach the ball to the chain. Alternatively, you can try using the fishing rod part 93229 instead. Using that part alone isn't a good idea, but you can simply hide it by wrapping it around the chain, using its bar (it has a 1L bar, which is the shortest one Lego produces) part to attach the ball to the chain, then connect the 1x1 round stud end of the 93229 on top of the other end of the chain, then connect them to a longer bar.
  2. Sorrelon

    [MOC] Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A

    This is awesome, great job! Wings look amazing, and that video really show your mechas capabilities to the fullest!
  3. Sorrelon

    [MOC]The Magic Swan Geese

    Beautiful landscape! I like how you used different tree techniques in the same build.
  4. Sorrelon

    Life in Nordheim

    This is truly wonderful! Everything is full of life, streets and buildings are nicely textured, and all of the separate builds are added to the final build perfectly!
  5. Sorrelon

    Lord Vorn of the Black Spire

    Another servant of the Black Spire? Sleep with both eyes open, servant of the drow, and watch your back after every step. Who knows, perhaps you might meet with the sharp end of a blade when you take a wrong turn at a dark corner. Sweet vignette, I love your introduction build. Interesting character too. Am I wrong in getting a necromancer vibe from your character?
  6. Sorrelon

    MOC: Modular corner building

    Looks awesome! The building itself is lovely, and I think colours look beautiful as well. I guess the main reason of people complaining about colours is the abrupt change of colours when your MOC is placed together with other buildings on the each side of your MOC. It looks rather good together with the Brick Bank, which also has white colour on the second floor. If you place it between Brick Bank and Parisian Restaurant (or Green Grocer) instead of placing it between Brick Bank and Pet Shop, I believe the colours of buildings might suit each other much better. As for casinos, I have no problem with having Lego casinos myself. But, I don't think Lego will ever release an official casino (modular or not), mostly because if they do, someone will bring it to the court by accusing Lego of influencing children and encouraging them to gamble. By the way, is your MOC accurate to it's real life counterpart height-wise? I think it can use an extra floor, although it'd probably put it on the same height as the Town Hall or Palace Cinema, perhaps even higher.
  7. They are relasing really nice Ninjago sets recently. This last Sky Pirates subtheme of Ninjago has lots of useful parts for both Castle and Pirates builds. Also, Temple of Airjitzu is golden for anyone who builds historical Japanese buildings. Well, I remember that they've declared Ninjago an evergreen theme like City, Technic, Castle etc., so that's probably why they are both out at the same time.
  8. Sorrelon

    The retaking of Eolas

    Good work, the stonework looks great, and so are the other details. Looks like a busy day, both for workers and soldiers who guard them. Keep those spears sharp and crossbows ready, hopefully, your workers will finish the fortifications on time. My character (whom I have not introduced to the Guilds yet) would've been glad to help too, but things went foul in his last contract and he has a (not so) little problem with law in Kaliphlin at the moment. But, despite his somewhat notorious career choice, he hates the drow as much as the next Avalonian, so you have but to ask when the drow comes knocking!
  9. Sorrelon

    The Black Rat Inn

    Nice pub with shelves full of spirits strong and light alike. I like how you used hinge plates as ordinary 1x4 plates and used their hinge parts to add texture to walls. I also like the story. I don't know how good is Remington in brawling, but given his current condition, he might make lots of gold in those silent brawls.
  10. Sorrelon

    [MOC] Expanding the MMV

    Much better! Giving Magic Shop a sign like Tavern, Blacksmith and Stables of the original set is better. And crossed axes on the Armor Shop definitely looks much better than placing the lion carving right above the door! Tarot cards as decoration is alsoa nice touch. I'd say, your Magic Shop officially works as a fortune teller too!
  11. Sorrelon

    [MOC] Expanding the MMV

    Great work! I liked them both, they fit MMV very well. For some reason, Magic Shop reminds me of Legend of Zelda games. Bars on the Armor Shop is a nice detail too! However, I think placing the lion carving for the Armor Shop and magic scroll sign for the Magic Shop right above the doors might give them a more shop-like look.
  12. I expect it to be a collaboration between dwarven and goblin engineers. And for the sake of making it super cheesy (a.k.a. more Nexo-ish ) , the vehicle should be operated by being thrown to the low orbit by a supercharged catapult, then once it reaches the preferred altitude, engines start to keep it aloft.
  13. I just died a little inside... Now I feel terrible even bringing up the topic!
  14. Nexo Historica anyone?
  15. I've asked a similar question in the general discussion thread a while ago. If you are familiar with Lord of the Rings, I'd say all the stuff there are the limit of technology in Historica too. Catapults, ballistae, rails and vagons for dwarven mines, crude elevators and gate opening/closing mechanisms, windmills and watermills, bellows, black oil (ask Kaliphlinites for more detail), and even black powder (not gunpowder, something like Saruman prepared and has a limited use, not for making cannons and guns) are what you can expect to see in Historica. But, gyrocopters and mortars like in Warcraft 3, or an army of mass produced dwarven automatons like in The Elder Scrolls series are a not allowed, as much as I'd love to see Drow torn apart by a legion of steampunk automatons. Except for Algus, that is! It's still one of my fav Nocturnus builds!