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  1. Velut Umbra

    Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    Oh boy.... this doesn't look good.... Especially the Genie and Hook Could this be the worst series to date?
  2. Oh I didn't know we already have news about this series. Banana Suit Guy sounds interesting but I think he will look odd for being a yellow minifigure wearing a yellow costume. I guess it will look like the Annoying Orange: a banana with a face randomly there. Spooky Boy: I expect the Spooky Girl's twin So I don't think he will be based on the Adams Family character. Maybe the barista hairpiece would work for him. Snow Queen: Sounds interesting. I don't know what to expect for her. 2 queens in a row it's an odd idea, IMO Secret Agent: No idea. Maybe a "Men in Black" styled character? Babysitter: Again, no idea. Maybe is going to be a guy to avoid the young mother confusion. Devil Costume: I didnt see this coming. Most surprising character in the CMF line so far
  3. Velut Umbra

    Minifigures Series 16 Guessing Game

    1. Monster Bride 2. Firefigther 3. Zulu Warrior 4. Boy Scout 5. Clown Girl 6. Snowman 7. Witch Doctor 8. Movie Director 9. Rag Doll 10. Pilgrim 11. Egyptian God 12. Jungle Girl 13. Lion Suit Guy 14. Policewoman 15. Statue 16. Alien Emperor
  4. That would be awesome! I hope the Scary Knight and the Winged Warrior will be both males
  5. I thought the Minifigures would be already revealed by now But it seems it will be on Dec 1st 48 hours to go
  6. Velut Umbra

    The Hugging Thread

    Yes. It's pathetic. Is she everything you have in you life?? There are people around the world suffering of war, disease, hunger, poverty, crime, corruption.... and yet, they keep fighting If you want to kill yourself just because a woman doesn't want you, then do it: kill yourself. You don't deserve being alive. You don't appreciate it enough. You don't even care about the pain you will cause to your family.
  7. Velut Umbra

    LEGO Halloween - Mad Science

    This is so funny! Great job
  8. Velut Umbra

    Nexo Knights - Poll

    Agree. This is definitely a Castle theme. Even one of the designers confirmed it
  9. The Satyr sounds awesome! Can't wait to see pics The Shark Guy is an odd choice, IMO. I'm sure I'll look great, though Tribal woman could be really nice.
  10. Velut Umbra

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    These Force Awakens sets look really good!
  11. Velut Umbra

    Lego Minifigures Series 15 Guessing Game

    1. Saloon Bartender 2. Flight Attendant 3. Pirate 4. Cameraman 5. Evil Genie 6. Street Juggler 7. Dentist 8. Swiss Guard 9. City Mayor 10. Backpacker 11. Clown Girl 12. Tribal Girl 13. Astronaut 14. With Doctor 15. Queen of Hearts 16. Dalmatian Suit Guy
  12. Velut Umbra

    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    Really disappointed with this
  13. Velut Umbra

    Nexo Knights 2016

    What a bummer! But I guess it was expectable since a TV show was first mentioned
  14. Velut Umbra

    Disney Princess 2016 Rumors and Discussion

    Agree. I'd like to see Mulan and more Merida sets