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  1. Technirus

    Question about 42039 24 Race Car

    I would be surpised if TLG accidentally put one extra beam in the box, as they wheigh the piece bags very carefully three times before shipping. Especially such a heavy brick should habe been noticed by the control system. I think you really missed out the beam during the build process. You can try looking looking for pins that stand out or asymetrically placed beams, otherwise you will most likely need to compare your car with the instructions :c Good luck and a warm welcome to EB! \(*o*)/
  2. I would choose option B, because you then have the possibility of gearing the motors up. If you chose option A, the two hard-coupled XL motors geared up would put a lot more stress on the gears because of the higher torgue, which is never good.
  3. A type of log picker crane would make sense to me
  4. Technirus

    RC modding

    I will be posting them along with my other models at the end of the month, as I'm currently on holidays.
  5. Technirus

    RC modding

    If You enjoy building chassis more than designing body designs, this is one of the best building styles for you: Buying Lego sets and making them remote-controlled. I have modded almost every Lego set I got over the last couple of years and made some guidlines for the best possible outcome. PLEASE NOTE: This are the guidlines I like to use. Other people might have different and I totally respect theirs. That's the best part about Lego: Everyone can build how they want, and it should always stay like that. I just thought I'd share my guidlines, as they may inspire some to also mod official Lego sets. ✴Do not change the look. Your only goal should be to make the model remote-controlled, not improving the appereance. ✴Always hide electric components. This is the statement that bothers me thr most: "I'll simply put the motor outside the body because I can't find any space inside". That way you not only wreck the model's looks, but also fail at the challenge of fitting everything inside. ✴Make reasonable changes. Before you mod a function, figure out if it will be convenient to operate. For example, it would not make sense to remote control a gearbox' motor, but having to switch the gears manually. ✴Do not add or remove any functions. The final outcome should still feel like the original model, just remote-controlled. If you follow this guidlines, your result should be a fun to play with, nice looking model. You succedeed, when the following conversation happens when showing your model to another Lego fan: A: " Look what I built" B: "Oh, nice, you got the xxx set' A: "Yes, I even made it remote-controlled, " B: "What?! How did you fit all that stuff in there? O_o" If you now feel like modding a Lego set, I've prepared some tips and set recommendations for you: ✔Make a plan: Think about where to put what component before building anything. Also have a second plan, as it often turns out something wont work the way you thought. (I often make plans before even owning the set by looking at the instructions) ✔Lights are a nice, but simple addition. You sometimes have to change the way they are mounted, but it pays off. ✔If you run out of space, remove the fake engine, it doesn't hurt that much. ✔Wires need more space than you think, so keep some room for them. (Especially when using lot of Leds) ✔A common setup is the following: Steering & driving RC, lights & gearbox' motor attached to switches. ✔Mid-range sets are the easiest to mod because they have the most space unused. ✔Assemble the set yourself, because you get a better understanding of how things work and what you can remove. I highly recommend the 42008 service truck and the 42006 excavator for modding, as they both have plenty of space left. I modded both of them, so feel free to ask me for help if you're stuck, I would be honored to help you out! Personally, I really enjoy RC modding Lego sets, and I hope this post inspires some of you to try it out too. I would love to hear about your ways of doing it! Greetings, Technirus
  6. Technirus

    Hello from Austria!

    My Name is Aaron and I'm from Vienna. I startend playing with Duplo at age of three, then skipped Lego City and got right into Lego Technic when I was six. Since then I have built all kinds of Models, MOCS and MODS. I especially enjoy modding RC capabilities into Lego Models without changing the looks of them. One of my big future projects is a Mindstorms robot arm with an Android app as control. Besides Lego as hobby, I play Cello, go horse-riding and I code various applications. I am really looking forward to some great times in EB!