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  1. So I've felt inspired and decided to get back into making custom minifigure designs. Joaquin Phoenix's Joker More to come!
  2. xmattwhitex

    Matt's Decals

    Added new decals based on characters from the Final Fantasy series
  3. xmattwhitex

    Matt's Decals

    A while back I posted my first decal of the new Joker from the upcoming Suicide Squad film. I've spent a bit of my free time tweaking that first attempt and making some more. I'll probably add to this topic as I create them. Any feedback/criticism would be great. Enjoy! Suicide Squad (2016) The Joker Harley Quinn Final Fantasy Series Terra (Final Fantasy VI) Cloud (Final Fantasy VII) Squall (Final Fantasy VIII) Zidane (Final Fantasy IX) TV Shows Ash (Ash VS Evil Dead)
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    Matt's Decals

    Updated Harley with flesh coloured legs and also some belt printing. Added Ash from Ash vs The Evil Dead.
  5. xmattwhitex

    Decal: Jared Leto's Joker - Grey Suit

    Improved the head a little to add those joker teeth to that joker smile:
  6. Just signed up today to post this. Decided to make a decal for Jared Leto's Joker as he's appeared in a few leaked photos from the film. This is my first ever attempt at making a decal so enjoy and feedback would be awesome :)