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    MOC - Peter Parker's bathroom

    Wow, this is amazing!! Others have pointed out so many amazing details, but my favorite would have to be how you placed the legs to give the illusion of sitting down. This entire MOC is absolutely brilliant. As a massive Spidey fan there's so much to like here.
  2. BBBeavarr

    MOC: Toa Deleva

    This is awesome! I've been trying (without success) to make a split-in-half figure, but this completely hits the nail on the head. The backstory is awesome too.
  3. BBBeavarr

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Wow, can't wait to see this "OKTO PROTECTORS GUIDE"!! Really, Amazon. Proofread your descriptions.
  4. I think I'm the only person in the world who likes Fant4stic... Was it the best superhero movie? Not even close, but I didn't think it deserved the hate it got. It was just incredibly and clumsily mishandled. Anyways, great review. I might pick this one up if only for the Beetle fig.
  5. BBBeavarr

    [MOC] CCBS Matoran/Turaga with Mata Heads

    Pretty simple, but that's the point. ;) Very clever yet obvious way to attach a Mata head to CCBS parts! I'm not too much of a fan of the studs though; would it look better with plates?
  6. 2004-5 were fine, but my favorite years were 2006-2007 all the way. 2006 was the point at which Lego really started getting creative with the builds. The piraka were creepily adorable, and the Inika were completely rad. I also have a HUGE love for the Mahri, as they were the only lineup for which I ever got all of the characters. I loved how each Mahri character had elements in common, but they were all so different. Lego really fell off the wagon in 2009. The Glatorian builds were decent at best, but the story devolved and ground to a halt, and the whole theme just felt like it lost something. It seemed like Lego got really lazy in the shooter department because they just held on to the Thornax launcher pieces for years - all the way into Hero Factory. And I think we can all agree that the Stars figures were a terrible way to end.
  7. BBBeavarr

    Constraction custom parts

    Oh gosh. I need that torso bone NOW. NOW!!
  8. BBBeavarr

    2016 Action Figure Wishlist

    I get your point, but at the same time I'd love to see a villain who has real depth to their character; something where you can care about them. I mean, you still understand that they're evil, but it seems that every villain ever in Bionicle was just a bad 'ol guy who worked for Makuta - which is somewhat one-dimensional. Conversely, I'd also like to see a hero that you don't like. It would really shake things up in the action figure world. The chemistry between the toa teams is always too good; there's never any conflict. Conflict is mainly why people love the Avengers: because it shows that they're not invincible all-powerful beings - they're actually characters, who think the way we do. But as you said, these things are marketed primarily toward kids, so Lego isn't likely to change things.
  9. BBBeavarr

    Anyone else this picky?

    I have a malformed piece, and there's no way I'm going to let Lego have it back.
  10. BBBeavarr

    The Mordagogg

    This... is utterly insane. Great use of a Kraata for the tip of the tail!
  11. Dang, that dragon has the most impressive set of Lego whiskers I've ever seen.
  12. BBBeavarr

    [MOC] Mini tanks from WW1 and WW2

    These are the world's most adorable and cuddly tanks.
  13. BBBeavarr

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I'm still holding out hope that Gen-2 isn't a complete re-do, and that the Gen-1 heroes are gonna show up using the Vahi or something.
  14. BBBeavarr

    Easter Island

    That is incredible work. The use of the blasters as statue heads is genius, and that boat is jaw-dropping. Fabulous MOC!!
  15. BBBeavarr

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Yeah, I've had breaking issues with pre-07 parts; it's just that the lime green joints in particular were horrid. Cooling problems would definitely do that. I've been very impressed with the joints on my CCBS pieces; they're very robust and sturdy. And actually, now that you mention it, I have had a bunch of glatorian fists break. Fortunately I don't tend to disassemble many of my sets, so the majority of my pieces are intact. I do have a problem though on one of my MOCs with a lack of friction in the leg. Gotta replace those... Gonna take me a little while to learn all of the color types, lol.