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  1. I love the nod to the Air Cav guy from "Apocalypse Now"!
  2. garrettgjg

    [MOC] Fictional MBT

    I actually really like the use of the black minifig head to make the barrel shroud for the main cannon, very clever and simple to achieve the desired look!
  3. I manage 5 chemical facilities across the US, and cluttered is exactly the way these places look! Your "tank farm" is spot on, really well done!
  4. Fair enough! Based on some of the judging points on builds I feel are WAY above my level I just thought maybe I wasn't going to be up to par haha. I think I would be interested in pursuing Bolintia or Refnor. I haven't seen any past builds for Bolintia, so is it basically a blank slate of a country right now? Also, Refnor had someone playing in Phase I, does their work carry over to phase II or was that wiped clean with the 'restart'?
  5. garrettgjg

    Stormholme Castle

    I am blown away by the sheer size of this MOC!!!!! The use of colors in your vegetation really brings it to life despite all of the dark stone elements of the buildings! Even the bits of purple vegetation seem to blend perfectly and don't clash or detract at all! Well done!
  6. garrettgjg

    AoM: Farm Build 1: Healer's Farm House

    I enjoy the way you used the binocular pieces to make the chimney stack, its always neat to see people use seemingly specific purposed parts to accomplish something completely different!
  7. garrettgjg

    City Gate

    I actually really enjoy the way you created the tree in the far corner opposite the gate building, the white trunk with the 1x2 cylinders looks simplistic at first, but it does a really solid job of looking like an Ash tree or a white oak, giving more variety than the typical brown trunks that make up a lot of landscape builds! Great Job!
  8. Thanks for the response gentlemen! I have read up on the phase II start point, and the latest campaign (is that right?) scenario seemed really interesting, like a ghost recon wildlands/narcos vibe for the brick nations :). I'm flirting with the idea of signing up, but I hesitate for two reasons; 1. I have four kids that eat up a lot of my time 2. I'm a crap builder Outside of those hesitations the game seems really fun! I was looking over the open countries for if I did sign up... trying to find one that might match my small brick collection environment-wise, and the military figures I've already bashed together. I'd hate to blunder into a soviet-esque country that is supposed to be using cold war Era equipment when all of my guys are kitted up like Tier 1 operators and high end PMC's lol.
  9. I've been lurking here for a while and check in from time to time, I'm curious where these separate stories about the individual nations are located? All I can find on the country index thread is the map and a list of currently open/assigned countries?
  10. I was trying to puzzle out how you had managed that, the seam between the track skirts and the main body were too seamless to be anything but pins, I should have realized :). Nice work!
  11. garrettgjg

    Show us your Armies and Minifigs!

    @paintballman I guess I must just be stuck in my ways, but I think the yellow heads look 10x better and have more variety than the new pale flesh tones they use in licensed themes :). @TheBeeze getting strong Chuck Norris vibes from The Expendables from your first minifigure pictured!
  12. garrettgjg

    GI Joe USS FLAGG Aircraft carrier

    Having played with the plastic toy as a child, let me say well done man! A faithful and masterful recreation in lego of a childhood classic!
  13. I really like the methods you used for the side skirting, very clean and effective lines that really make the build pop!