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  1. Looking really good, can't wait to build one of my own!
  2. I've got to say that from what I have seen at exhibitions, the kids love to see the Emerald Night going around because it what they recognize as a train, and they all beg their parents to get them the 'steam train'. I think the biggest trouble with this concept is the price point, but if LEGO were to release a smaller steamer with a cargo centre or perhaps a train station included, for a similar price to the Emerald Night, I could see more kids receiving a set like that. Unfortunately a train alone is not much of a drawcard, as you need track and cargo/passengers before imiginative play can really happen. So fingers crossed that LEGO makes something along those lines, with at least a loop or track and something for the train to interact with...
  3. Unfortunately that is the limit of the compatibility out of the box..... Of course someone very clever may be able to modify the recievers and transmitter to work both ways, though I haven't heard of anyone doing that yet.....
  4. Ahh, of course, a simple solution! Thanks for your help, it's all fixed
  5. I think I probably got some of the colours a little mixed, as I was building from instructions that were far from clear. Therefore some of the colours may be wrong. It should be close though. I've probably modernized the colours a bit, using medium stone grey instead of old grey, etc. I'm not completely sure what the right colours are:wacko:, so if someone sets me straight I can fix it
  6. 4514 - Cargo Crane - Theme: World City As far as I could tell, my only problems are some of the colours have been replaced, and the decals/minifigure faces are not available. Here is the lxf file: 4514.lxf Edit: Have fixed the colours, and refreshed the thumbnail and the lxf file Thanks Calabar for your help
  7. mred

    Maersk Madness Voting

    Thanks Brickster for creating this little challenge, it was a lot of fun, and even though I only had about half an hour to put it all together, I did have about 6 hours of driving to think about it, and I'm pleased with the result, especially for my first entry into any competition on here. I did end up voting for Woolie, mostly because of the amount of atmosphere in that particular entry, it was really very well done!
  8. mred

    Maersk Madness Winners Announced!

    Well, I haven't had much time, but here is my entry: News just in, from the LEGO police chopper...... Sherrifs have called for police backup after an unusual cargo was being loaded onto a train. Closer inspection by detectives found that a group of criminals, including a witch, a cannibal, a MAD scientist, and Dracula, had loaded containers full of Mexicans, Mimes, Artists and Sumos, and were trying to ship them to their secret hideout. Only time will tell what these criminal masterminds had in mind!
  9. mred

    Maersk Madness Winners Announced!

    Ah, I'd love to be involved in this, but I'm down the coast at the moment and won't get home until late on the 29th..... Any chance I could have a slight homework extension?
  10. Absolutely love it :) And looking forward to the rest of the set too :) Looks great!
  11. First diesel but featuring a pantograph I know what you mean
  12. I don't know if I can entirely agree with that, as the non conducting tracks make other layouts more possible, and besides that, in real life, not all tracks conduct power. What I will say is this: Yes, the current PF system could do with some work, especially when it is used in a large area such as at a LEGO expo, or a train show. But having the PF system also means a lot less wiring, and therefore the ability to pretty much set up anywhere. In my opinion, the biggest downfall of PF is that there just aren't enough channels, and there isn't an easy way to make them only listen to your transmitter, rather than all that are on the same channel. If that could be fixed, I'm sure IR repeaters could be installed throughout a layout, and that would completely solve the transmission problems of PF. So I for one am not about to demand that the 9v system gets re-introduced, particularly as I don't own any anyway. Having two systems running is just asking for trouble, particularly if people are not aware of the differences, so I think LEGO should stick with PF track only. While that may sound selfish, I don't believe it is, because not relying on conductive rails has given us those <some would say useless> flex tracks, which greatly enhances the possibilities of previously unbuildable curves and layouts. In my opinion, these have actually increased the practicle apllications as a working model railroad system. I'm sure I am not the only one who feels this way either.....
  13. I agree 100% with you brickie and The Brickster, and I'd like to add that realism isn't everything, entertainment value is a big part of any model. Something mass produced, while it is possible for it to be beautifully done, can never be as unique as someone's MOC of a loco or scene, built from the ground up, and as a result, they are usually not as engaging. I have found people usually love to see the details that have been achieved, rather than just been painted on or molded in. As well as that, what could be more enjoyable than a train set that can crash and be rebuilt relatively easily, which provides endless possibilities of scenery and different ways of doing things? Surely LEGO has that over other model systems, you are limited only by your own imagination and patience, and the few LEGO track pieces. Speaking of track, LEGO track is more versatile than it at first would seem, even from a purist point of view. In my opinion, the biggest problem LEGO rail themed models have compared to other models is the size, LEGO tend to be quite a bit larger and heavier, which makes making a full scene a little more difficult, but also very rewarding too LEGO wins every time in my books!
  14. mred

    MOC: Custom Monorail

    Thanks spzero for your kind words. You are right of course, monorail parts are very expensive, and often are not in the best condition either. I have been very lucky in my aquisition of two sets, I doubt I will get much more, as other things become priorities, but at least I have two monorails now, and a semi-decent amount of track
  15. mred

    MOC: Custom Monorail

    Well, I've finally built it, and I would say it is about 99% finished. I just need to add passengers. I had to make a few modifications along the way, mostly to strengthen the body, and then so that the bottom didn't interfere with monorail controls. So, at long last, here are some photos: Navigating a slope Going around the bend On a turn Clearance under raised track Looking along the monorail Closer view