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  1. coffeefund

    LEGO Chip Shop

    I like the range of food that your shop offers. Fish and chips is my favourite.
  2. coffeefund

    Modular Corner Neighborhood

    Nicely designed buildings! Would go well with the official modulars I'm sure.
  3. I like the expansive square!
  4. coffeefund

    [MOC] Art Nouveau styled Townhouses

    I like the bike shop and the Kinder surprise one. Unusual yet pleasant combination of colours!
  5. coffeefund

    Swimming Pool

    I can imagine it as a rooftop swimming pool :)
  6. coffeefund

    MOC Modular Construction Site

    The crane modular certainly looks nice especially placed alongside the other buildings of yours. Great design!
  7. coffeefund

    Shell, Shell, Shell!

    Nice mod! Why are the Octan minifigs in handcuffs?
  8. coffeefund

    MOC: Octan One LMP Race Car

    Your car looks really nice!
  9. coffeefund

    Cunctator's city

    Wow, that's definitely a great city!
  10. coffeefund

    Swing Ride

    I like your city very much! Wish I had that much space in my flat... The river looks a bit empty now, time for some boats!
  11. coffeefund

    [MOD] Lego Creator Corner Deli...

    Can't wait to see your update!
  12. coffeefund

    [MOC] decrepit house

    I didn't notice the FILTH facade until I saw Gongoro's reply! It blends into the building so naturally!
  13. coffeefund

    [MOC] Townhouse

    That's an amazing design. I like the piano the most!
  14. coffeefund

    MOC - city vehicles

    I like the cars. You have inspired me to build my own city cars!