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  1. Hi there, A few days ago my file touristarea22.lxf was working fine however since late Tuesday afternoon (5 Nov) my laptop had a battery issue and a drive C: one as well. Thus when that was all said and done, everything was back to normal except for this file. I opened the file through my files on windows 8 or 10. Right clicked open and up came LDD. Then... LDD wouldn't load the file and it says 'unable to load file - parsing of the file was aborted due to an error in the file'. I don't have internet access on my computer at all so I'm typing this with my cell/mobile phone right now. Also the file touristarea22.lxf is 1,313 KB. I'm trying to upload that on here and I'm only allowed to upload to 10.24 kb. Is there any way this can be solved. Thank you for your kind help I greatlyappreciate it
  2. So I can finish off the tram that I posted in the pic lol.
  3. harvey2015

    hi from the uk

    Welcome to Eurobricks Neil, glad to have you here, welcome from USA and hope you have a great time :)
  4. Hello Darats, I've clearly understood this is for LGEO, not LDD
  5. Hello Darats, I'd like part #18980, #18646, and #18973 for the next LDD update. Thank you
  6. harvey2015

    Hey y'all!

    Thank you everyone for the warm wishes, I greatly appreciate it :)
  7. What about the winshield part as well as 2 of the curved plates on the tram part of the city square set? I am making the same tram inspired by the city square set, just with a few differences and a completely different livery. The main differences are the the orange lights which would flash whenever the tram picks up/drops off passengers. They would often be on the outside of the black tile piece (which shows the tram line # and destination). I got that inspiration from this: http://www.myweb.net.au/mottram/trams/cand/cand77.jpg The tram lights are at the bottom, but I found it better to be placed beside the destination board.
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    Hey y'all!

    Thank you everyone for the warm wishes, I greatly appreciate it! :)
  9. harvey2015

    Hey y'all!

    I am studying finance (I switched out of civil engineering).
  10. harvey2015

    Hey y'all!

    Hey y'all!! (the Southern USA way of saying everyone, lol) :) I'm Harvey Lorenzo, and I'm currently 19 years old (will turn 20 in October). I am from Middlesboro, Kentucky, USA. I was playing with Lego's from 1999-1st half 2013, and since 2013 I am in college. I still play with the Lego's I have owned since 1999, and continue to use Lego Digital Designer (my first LDD year was 2011). I also like all sorts of different vehicles. When I'm not in school or playing with Lego's, I'm likely to watch action shows, reality shows - primarily 'Big Brother' & 'Amazing Race', and sitcoms - primarily 'Friends', 'Big Bang Theory', 'Modern Family', 'Mike & Molly', '2 Broke Girls', 'Parks & Recreation', 'Rules of Engagement'. Thank you for accepting me to Eurobricks everyone. Have a great day! :) Harvey