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  1. Entry for Ballerina: Swan Tower The minifigure can be rotated by the grey knob More in Flickr
  2. Entry for Cat. B contest: Title: Monday blue vs Friday Hi! Minifigure: Zombie business man I use Zombie business man and Disco Diva to show the contrast of the two different life scene between Monday and Friday. The Zombie business man is so pale and walking dead alike that I think it fits perfectly to the Monday blue scene. With tons of work, computer blue screen of death and your boss watching over you, it's not an uncommon scene of work life :D Have a happy Friday night. Enjoy! Flickr link:
  3. BabyC

    [MOC] Coruscant Hi-Rise,

    Cool build, love the greebles and the interiors, good work!
  4. BabyC

    [MOC] Luggabeast

    Thanks for the suggestion! I think putting an animal within an armor is possible, but the size of the build could be too large for minifig scale. Agree with you that it will not be easy, Perhaps I may try another go at another time! It would be much easier to just put one or two "Friends" mini animal in the compartment to make sure there are animals inside <LOL> Yeah, I also realized the cleanliness of the model. Not sure the brown and blue combination will look like an armor I would assume it is a brand new MOC with brand new armor on brand new mission for the moment ;)
  5. BabyC

    [MOC] Luggabeast

    Thanks, yeah, I think that will be in near future :D
  6. BabyC

    [MOC] Luggabeast

    With many of the vehicles has been released in the Force Awaken series, I haven't find the Luggabeast available yet. Not sure if TLG will make this, but I think the Luggabeast has pretty cool steam punk look so I have decided to build my own. The Luggabeast has higher loading capacity then normal land speeder. The MOC is base on the below photo found in the net LUGGABEAST Head can move forward and backward The head currently is a no brainer, might consider adding later :D backpack Thanks for watching
  7. BabyC

    Hello from Hong Kong

    Nice to meet you! I used to live Canada too, a beautiful country! It seemed Lego in Canada is more expensive than US and you can get a Lego set from a Drug Store :D Hi incomplet, nice to meet you! Hi coffeefund, nice to meet you in EB! Thanks and nice to meet you!
  8. Hello, I am BabyC from Hong Kong. I'm back to playing Lego about 2 years ago when I saw the great design of recent Lego License and Creator sets. I love seeing Lego Fans MOCs and I also make some of my own creations in my spare time. I also found the LDD section very impressive as there are so many great models available in computer format which helps parts searching so much easier.