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  1. CITY: Extremely random photos from Lego City!

    You just spilled your secret energy source to build all those amazing MOCs: chocolate chip cookies and milk!
  2. REVIEW: 8803 LEGO Minifigures Series 3

    I went shopping today and thought while I'm at it, why not try to use that new dot system. When I printed out the legend I thought there really were black dots on the packages. Boy was I mistaken. I spent about half an hour (at least it felt like that much) in the toys store trying to find out which packages I need. All in all I bought 17 packages. Result: 3x Cyborg 2x Sumo Wrestler No Indian Chief No Fisherman A little bit dissapointing but still.
  3. REVIEW: The Fight for the Dagger

    Thank you. Could you maybe tell me if it could be put together with this bar?
  4. REVIEW: The Fight for the Dagger

    Quick question. Is the cover about 5 studs wide?
  5. TOWN: New Mannum Town Centre

    Definitely pub
  6. CC-Styled Inspiration Pics

    As far as I am concerned any building that has a particular facade can be turned into a LEGO modular building. For example: I want to build a modular butcher shop. Take the first butcher shop that comes to mind. Something nearby, from a movie or even a well-known building. For me that would be Satriale's Meat Market from the TV series The Sopranos. after a short google research: There you go. Simple and clean design but a lot of room for details. Dark Tan, Red and White color scheme maybe? And who says anything about modular building having to be multiple stories high. The possibilities are endless. Don't think too far. Keep it simple.
  7. MOD: Red Clam

    Here a few snapshots of the current status. Today the last of the large shipments from bricklink has arrived. After a cup of coffee I put myself to work. The brickwork came along quite nicely. Finished first floor. Unfortunately the whole construction isn't as stable as I hoped it would be. What can I say: LDD is a nice tool but it does not feature a structural analysis. Ground floor WIP Ground floor (exterior) Union workers enjoying a cold beer (table missing) bar section Ground floor + first floor Building next to the Green Grocer. This MOC ist still WIP as there are still a few things missing (2x1 silver grill plates, tables, TV sticker and of course the second floor) I hope you like what you saw as I will keep this thread updated. (could someone please change the title to MOC, thanks)
  8. LDD MOC: Edward Von Finkelstein

    This SITE has been helpful for me a couple of times.
  9. MOC: Villa Maison (modular building)

    Beautiful design. I can't wait to see the final result. I especially like the green line around the window sections.
  10. MOD: Red Clam

    Update: The bricks have been ordered a week ago and the first shipment has already arrived. For that, thanks to Brickshop Zeeland in the Netherlands. I am really excited about building my very first MOC. I already have a lot of new ideas floating around my head or already put down in LDD. My LEGO fever has been running high for the past few weeks. I'll be back for further updates soon.
  11. I am desperately trying to find out what the Bricklink description for this piece is: Could somebody please enlighten me? Thanks in advance.
  12. MOD: Red Clam

    Thanks again for the broad feedback. Since this is my first MOC that will make it into real brick, I have to ask a question to the pros out there regarding orders from bricklink. I am probably best of asking this in my own thread, I guess. I have put together my wanted list with the help of the LDD Manager (great piece of software by the way). Now I can scan through the different shops that have the pieces I want. Now to my question: When I placed my first order, will those pieces disappear from my wanted list or will they appear again when I scan through the next shop? I just want to prevent my self to order certain lots multiple times. I hope you can help me and thanks in advance.
  13. MOD: Red Clam

    Ups, I just realized it I called it a MOD instead of a MOC. Can somebody change that?
  14. MOD: Red Clam

    First of all thanks. Unfortunately I already tried to mix the different types of grey tones (old/new ones) with each other. No matter how I put them together it always looked a bit of.
  15. MOD: Red Clam

    Excuse the double posting but it is time for an update. The first floor is pretty much done. Overview: Bar section contains: a red version the refridgerator from 10197: Fire Brigade a TV in the upper right corner (probably going with THIS screen) two taps pouring tasty stout a hot dog maker and the top shelf with different types of liquors. Fancy some dart? This beautiful jukebox shamelessly ripped from sonicstarlights medieval type modular building. Props to him. and of course the seat section: